The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 11 Chapter 1 Part 1

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Chapter 1: An Lan's Past (1)

Exhaustion came flooding in like a tidal wave.

Bai Lian was unable to resist; she was swallowed up in a gulp.

From head to toe.

From body to soul.

From the past to the present.

From being to nothingness.

They all fell into the deep cave in one go.


Bai Lian looked around.

It was very dark here, she couldn't see anything, not even her own hands.

She dug down again.


There is nothing at all.

But Bai Lian didn't feel afraid, wrapped tightly she only felt warmth, it was just like coming back home.

She likes this feeling.

It feels exactly the same as when she rested her head on her master's shoulder.


There is also an inexplicable sense of fulfillment.

"When I warm others, others also warm me."

You need to know that heat is transferable!

When there is severe friction between two people, both of them will get burned.

In that moment, thousands of emotions arose in Bai Lian's heart.

She saw a dim firelight flickering in the darkness.

The fire light pierced deeply into the dark abyss, although it was weak, it was like a steel pin, firmly fixed!

"The fire of the soul?"

Bai Lian muttered to herself.

Actually, before this, she had already been in doubt.

Only because circumstances have changed so much, she has no heart to think through carefully.

Now that she has calmed down, she finally has time to address this issue.

[Why can't my soul be lit up?]

This is very unreasonable!

When a cultivator is fighting, burning his blood and offering a part of his soul for power is as normal as can be.

If she had successfully ignited her soul at that time, she would not have to risk swallowing a second Immortal Spirit Stone.

Afterward, though she would feel depressed for a long time, she didn't have to worry about it affecting her soul, since she got the Spiritual Herbs that Yue Wuyang gave her.

But the accident happened like this.

[My soul is not combustible!]

Bai Lian took a deep breath of cool air.


This is too unreasonable!

For this, she almost fell into the abyss of death.

This is not a small problem.

She has a big problem.


"I can't do anything!"

Even the master doesn't understand what's going on. What can she, a rookie who has only cultivated for six years, do?

She can't do anything.

Just as Bai Lian was about to give up, the distant Soul Fire suddenly flew towards her.

She wanted to hide, but could not escape; eventually, the blaze followed up along her clothes and set her alight.


Burning, burning up?

The change came too suddenly.

Can you imagine how shocked people would be if a nonflammable object suddenly became flammable?

Bai Lian only knew that she had stopped thinking at this moment.

Before her eyes burned not flames, but life!

She saw the yellowed paper burned into a charred hole.

Through that hole, she saw An Lan come right up to her cheek.

" For you, I even broke my favorite cup."


" Sorry, no matter what I said, I shouldn't have hit you."


" I'll take it that you've forgiven me."


The corners of Bai Lian's mouth lifted with a faint smile.

I forgive you.

Because you are my master.


To be exact, I haven't been angry.

Because you are my master.

Bai Lian's eyes softened, just like An Lan's.

She wished this moment of stillness could last forever.

Ten years, one hundred years, one thousand years...

No need for such an unforgettable story; a plain, simple one can still be savored for a long time.

Accompanied by a clattering sound, Bai Lian found herself being carried on the back by An Lan.

They continued to fly forward.

It's just very slow.

Under her feet was a glistening sea and above her was a brilliant starry sky.

A Different World, the Same Scenery.

Feeling the warmness coming from her master's back, Bai Lian's eyes slowly moved away.

The stars in the night sky were so bright.

Speaking of it, tomorrow is the Lantern Festival.

Bai Lian originally thought that she wouldn't be able to make it to the grand event.

"That's good."

The master's cup was broken, so let's get her a new one.

The aesthetics of the cup is secondary; it must be sturdy, or else the powerful master will break it in no time.

However, she can't just give it directly, that would be too stupid.

She has to find a good excuse first.

Otherwise, if her master finds out that she eavesdropped on the things she said, she would certainly be beaten hard.

Well, let's do it.

Bai Lian wrote down the things she needed to do when she returned to the Duxian sect tomorrow in her notebook.

But as she wrote, she was confused.

What the hell?

The master, who had been quietly rising towards the other side of the sea, suddenly stretched her hand into her clothes!


Bai Lian held her head.


She saw An Lan's delicate, frail hand gently lifting up her skirt.


Move up.

Finally, a few warmth fell suddenly on her stomach as if they were candle wax.

Press and hold.


The little finger was teasing lightly like a mischievous brush.

Bai Lian was sweating profusely.

What what what...

What are you doing?!

If she could control her body now, she would be laughing uneasily while twisting her body at the same time.

"Ha ha ha."

No way, it's too itchy!

In short, this situation is far from ideal.

What did the master suddenly reach out and tickle her?

Stop making noise.

Does the master even have such a twisted sense of humor?


A flash of light passed through Bai Lian's mind.

Could it be that the master suddenly feel interested in her body?


Bai Lian had to admit that she was indeed devoted to learning.

But she worked hard to study in order to guide her master who is still an ignorant and shallow girl, so that her master can become a more mature and meaningful woman.

Once the master did it in advance, she would be completely beneath the master from then on and all her previous efforts would be in vain.

This is not the future that Bai Lian wants!

In her dream of the future, she is the one who guides the direction.


She could only watch helplessly as her master's fingers pressed and rubbed her stomach, completely powerless to resist her master.

Fucked up.

Fortunately, An Lan didn't have the idea of going further.

After twenty or so seconds, she suddenly withdrew her hand.


Bai Lian took a deep breath.

She now only felt a warmth in her stomach, as if something had been drawn there.

But she couldn't see anything with her naked eye.

"It's hot!"

Suddenly, Bai Lian, who was in the dark, screamed.

She hurriedly slapped at the flames on her body to disperse them.

Just now, she was so focused on looking at her master that she forgot she was on fire.

It took her half a day before the fire on her was put out.

Bai Lian pouted her lips.

Her soul was wounded again, a wave of fatigue came over her yet not enough to make her sleep again.

But she began to secretly complain about An Lan.

If it wasn't for the master, how could she have been burned by the fire!

This is the master's fault!


[Time: The 14th night of January]

[Place: The boundless sea]


[ Note: I will revenge when I have the chance.]


Be it so.

Bai Lian calmed down and looked through the narrow window at the scenery in An Lan's eyes.

The sea swelled.

The rustling sound complemented the ever-growing quietness of this world.

This night was still long.