The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 9 Part 2

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Chapter 9: Do It, Bai Lian! (2)

[Thank you]

Bai Lian has temporarily put all her feelings into this simple phrase.

Not yet.

Now she has no qualification to fuss over these petty details.

Everything that the master worried about, was exactly what she worried about, especially after Yue Wuyang appeared, she felt even more pressed.

[You always perfunctory with me]


[Forget it, this is my own choice; I said it, I must grab back my Chen Lu with my own hands.]


If it were "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" in the game, she would certainly not be troubled by this.

But it wasn't her, so she was worried.

Bai Lian ended the conversation with Si Yunshang.

She lay on her back in the flying boat.

It was only a moment ago, yet she had a strange feeling as if centuries have passed.

Everything she's going through right now is completely different from what she experienced in the game.

For example, Si Yunshang, in the game she was merely a passing stranger with no backstory.

For example, the jade rabbit. She was not even considered a mascot in the game and after making only a few appearances, she was gone.

If the only pursuit is to change the game plot, so that she can live happily, then the goal has already been achieved.


People have desires.

When you accomplish a small goal, you will set a new big goal.

"Am I living for myself or for others?"

Bai Lian thinks this question is worth serious consideration.

But she has no answer.

Maybe she is too stupid.

She doesn't have much wisdom and always fusses over trivial matters all day.

She doesn't have unparalleled insight, so she has to spend multiple times more time than others to master a new spell. That is why she would ponder over spells related to everyday life, like "Straw Man Spell" or "Alarm Bell Spell".

She didn't have a talent to shock the world, before obtaining the system, her cultivation speed was unworthy of the name of the Elder Martial Sister of the Qiongming Peak. Without Tong Yao's praise, it is unknown how many people would mock her behind her back.

If there had been no system assistance, she might have been killed a long time ago given the many difficulties.

But because the system exists, even though she isn't a "protagonist", she still appears special.

"What is the meaning of my existence, the meaning of the existence of the system, or the meaning of the existence of the world?"

Bai Lian tried to trace the origins.

Perhaps only then can she understand her various doubts?

Before arriving in this world, she was just an otaku girl.

Her life was rather dull.

It was so boring that she even...

She even completely forgot what she did before that.


She only remembered that she liked to read novels and play games, and incidentally played "The Battle of the Gods".

"Why didn't I realize this before? Is it because I forgot it after too long, or was this memory accidentally erased by Shifu?"

Bai Lian looked up at the sky absentmindedly.

The clouds in the sky drift like white clothes.

In the end, it was the vibrations of the Jade Message Slip that woke her up.

Don't think if you can't think of it!

She has always been an optimistic person.

It doesn't matter if you don't understand.

Not everything has to be understood; no one in this world is exempt from suffering, and there are no true omniscient beings.

Just do it.

In the end, many things that you don't understand may eventually start to make sense after you do it.

She doesn't need to know who she is living for; she just needs to know that this is what she wants to do.


This is what she wants to do!

"Whether it's saving Si Yunshang, looking after the Martial Sisters, or getting closer to the master..."

Bai Lian smiled slightly.

She brought the Jade Message Slip up to her front.

The first message was from Xuezhan.

Xuezhan said she was not clear about the East Divine Land, then chatted with Bai Lian for a while, saying that her soul recovered well and her height had increased recently. She estimated that she would be taller than the "purple double ponytail fool" in no time.

Purple double ponytail fool?

Is she talking about Martial Sister Tong Yao?

Bai Lian didn't reply Xuezhan. Although Tong Yao always liked to spread rumours, her heart was not bad and her intentions were good.

Don't scold her.

If you feel annoyed, just go and report to Master Qin that she has been secretly drinking alone.

Then Bai Lian read the messages from Yan Yue and the eldest princess.

Yan Yue was totally out of the loop.

[What, Xia Guiyuan is missing? I haven't heard about it.]

Bai Lian smiled slightly.

If Gong Xuexin knew that she would become so lazy in the future, she might cry on the spot.

Upon second thought, Bai Lian felt that this was not bad either.

Yan Yue has already reached the peak of the Transcendency Stage; if she continues to cultivate hard, the chances of ascending to the Immortal World are extremely high.

But with her lazy personality, if she really had to go to the Immortal World without anyone protecting her, who knows what kind of misfortune she would face?

How good it is now.

The Blood Tree Patriarch dotes on her.

And if she is really in trouble, An Lan will also help her.

Afterwards, Bai Lian talked with the eldest princess.

The eldest princess has regained some of her former pride.

But Bai Lian could still feel that she was under a lot of pressure.


The eldest princess' brother despised her, and Xingluo Fortress also stopped supporting her; she is now very idle.

[I only listen to music every day and arrange flowers.]

Flower arrangement?

Bai Lian knew this well!

She immediately shared her experience with flower arrangement with the eldest princess and then recommended books that she had read to the eldest princess.

It's just to kill time anyway.

Bai Lian had not expected to get any useful information from the eldest princess, but in the end, she still got an unexpected gain.

[I unintentionally heard someone from the Shadow Guards saying that the Tianji sect has been closed and there has been no news from them for a day.]


Bai Lian was startled.

No wonder she didn't get a response to the message she sent to Xia Qingqing and Zhao Haiya.

It will be problematic if it goes like this.

Xia Guiyuan's disappearance is a big event, but it's not serious enough to completely close the sect.

She left an extra distraction.

She is likely to encounter danger after she arrives at the Tianji sect.

She could call her master to help her in the past.

But not now.

Yue Wuyang came to the East Divine Land to find her master, no matter what, she must not let Yue Wuyang know the identity of her master.

Through the dusk.

Through the night.

Through the dawn.

When the sunlight rose from the horizon, lighting up the world again, Bai Lian finally arrived near the Tianji Sect.

She didn't rush to the door to ask about the situation, but instead first created an avatar.

"Go, Bai Lian No. 7!"

This avatar is formed by the gathering of spirit Qi, containing some of her Divine Senses. Even if it is destroyed, Bai Lian can recover after a few minutes.

The morning wind blew on her face.

Her avatar arrived at the entrance of the Tianji Sect.

The Tianji Sect is located in a valley between two mountains.

There is no water in the valley, only fresh flowers and green grass spread along the two sides of the valley.

This is the mountain gate of the Tianji sect, very simple, like some unknown tourist spot.

Raising her head, the avatar only saw a stone gate that has gone through countless storms.

It is wrong to underestimate the Tianji sect because of this.

Just those words inscribed on the stone gate possess the power to suppress the Soul Changing Stage cultivators.

Bai Lian's avatar took a deep breath and then walked with heavy steps toward the mountain gate.

If there are no surprises, she will encounter obstacles when she touches the stone gate.

Maybe someone would come and stop her.

Maybe she would be blocked by the invisible film woven by the sect's Mountain Protection Magic Array.

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But Bai Lian miscalculated.

She went in directly.

There was no invisible barrier, and no one either.

She just stretched out and arrived in the valley.

Her avatar stood still, looking around and only seeing the flowers and grass in the morning full of energy and vigor, covered with white dew.

Is this the breath of life?

It's spring again.