The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 9 Part 1

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Chapter 9: Do It, Bai Lian! (1)

Quietly, Bai Lian walked away.

At first, she wanted to say goodbye to her master and Martial Sisters.

Considering that she still has several avatars left at the Qiongming Peak, there is no need to make a fuss.

At noon, Bai Lian drove the flying boat into the clouds.

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This ship is broken.

Slow, small and narrow.

Even at full power it would be hard to satisfy her needs.

Bai Lian has also considered getting a bigger and faster one.


She can't bear it!

That would cost a lot of money, wouldn't it?


She has been in the cultivation world for six years, and the resources spent on her are not even enough to develop a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator.

No way out.

She shrugged.

The "bastard" master failed both in her career and in her family. As the Eldest Martial Sister, she had to raise five children at the same time - four Martial Sisters and a jade rabbit.

She also thought about whether she should be more "cruel-hearted".

But she couldn't do it.

When the "children" cried, she came up to them willingly.

"Here you are! When you are full, go to cultivate! When you have become Immortal, don't forget to come back to support your poor old 'mother'!"

Bai Lian shook her head secretly.

Poverty, let her be careful!

She doesn't have to be too tight-fisted lately.

She "extracted" a bag of Immortal Spirit Stones and a bag of Spiritual Herbs from Yue Wuyang.

Putting these things in the Immortal World is nothing extraordinary, but to the people of the East Divine Land, they were like a sudden great fortune.

A pale white halo emitted from the low-grade Immortal Spirit Stone Bai Lian took out.

She can't change to a bigger and faster mount, but she can change the power source for her mount.

Don't underestimate it.

When Bai Lian inserted the Immortal Spirit Stone into the Cloud Chasing Boat, in an instant, she experienced a great burst of joy.

Da da da...

The originally slow-moving Cloud Chasing Boat suddenly surged forward as if it had taken some medicine.

This speed is almost five times faster than in the past.

Red clouds billowed.

As Bai Lian passed through the clouds, she felt so comfortable that she closed her eyes.

At this pace, she can reach the Tianji sect without a day's delay.

But there are drawbacks to doing it this way.

This ship is still not good.

Its original speed was not fast, relying on the Immortal Spirit Stone, it temporarily flew faster, but as time went by, it would eventually break down due to overload.

This method can't be used too many times, and the key is to enhance the Cloud Chasing Boat's core strength.


Bai Lian lay on the deck and watched the boat gallop across the sky. She sent a message to Xia Qingqing.

Xia Qingqing didn't reply.

After waiting for a while, Bai Lian sent another message to Zhao Haiya, but she still didn't get a response.

This is a bit unusual.

Bai Lian wrinkled her brows slightly.

She thought it over and among the people she knew, the most well-informed would have to be Yan Yue, the eldest princess, and Xuezhan.

But Xuezhan lives in the Snow Sea all year round, so she probably doesn't know much information about the East Divine Land.

"Ask them all."

Bai Lian didn't think too much.

That's a waste of brain cells.

The best way to overcome the difficulty in making choices is "I want them all!"

After sending inquiries to the three, Bai Lian had a sudden thought and sent a message to Si Yunshang.

The result is that although Si Yunchang was the last to receive the news, she was the first to respond.

[I thought you had forgotten about me.]

[If I don't contact you, will you not contact me?]

[You can consider it as me complaining.]


This is complaining.

Bai Lian scratched her head.

Under normal circumstances, she should comfort Si Yunshang at this moment.

But then the words that Si Yunshang sent made her dismiss such thoughts.

[I really liked the medicine you gave me. Whenever I close my eyes and use it, I feel like my soul is connected to you.]

[It's warm and cool]

[I can still hear the pleasant sound of the spring water gurgling.]


What medicine?

Bai Lian reacted quickly despite being dazed.

Damn it!

Isn't that the bottle of Secret Medicine that Si Yunshang snatched from her hand?

If Bai Lian hasn't gotten it wrong, then it is a Secret Medicine that can greatly increase its user's softness, sense of perception, and hunger.

"It also has the potential to slightly increase happiness."

In the game, this type of Secret Medicine is usually an auxiliary tool used by "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" to increase the fun when "solving problems".

Bai Lian really didn't know what to say in response to Si Yun Chang.

She regretted that she sent her the message.

But Si Yunshang didn't give her any chance at all.

[See you next time, if you don't mind me, I'd like to use it with you.]

"Ah, this..."

Miss Si, slow down! I feel dizzy!

[However, my cultivation base recently recovered to the Transcendency Stage, so the efficacy of this medicine has decreased a lot. You should have an effective one with you, right? Let's use that next time.]


Come on.

Bai Lian wiped the beads of sweat off her forehead with her hand.

Si Yunshang didn't say wrong, she indeed has a bottle of higher-grade Secret Medicine on her.

【Jade Oven Ice Mat】

This is the system reward when Hong Yi was doing something "naughty" while holding her hand.

Its value is comparable to a lower-quality Spirit Tool, and is also effective for Transcendency Stage cultivators.

But Bai Lian dared not tell Si Yunshang.

Si Yunshang is bolder than her!

After all, she has been alive for hundreds of years combined with her two lives, and she was raised in the Lingxu sect, a demon sect with no moral standards.

[Let's get down to business]

Si Yunshang relayed the news she heard to Bai Lian.

Xia Guiyuan disappeared three days ago.

He was having a "video call" with the Elders of the Tianji Sect through the jade slip at the time. While they were chatting, a black mist surged up from behind and swallowed him up directly.

It's scary anyway.

Those Elders were so frightened that they immediately sent people to investigate the missing sea area of Xia Guiyuan.

The result was naturally that nothing was found.

That patch of sea was calm and tranquil, not at all like it was dangerous.

The disappearance of the sect leader is a major event that shakes the foundation of the sect.

After a few Elders discussed it, they decided to temporarily seal the news. It was originally impossible for outsiders to know that Xia Guiyuan was missing.

[Someone had a change of heart and secretly spread the news.]

Si Yunshang said so.

Bai Lian understood clearly in her heart.

It is time to fight for power and profit.

Not everyone puts collective interests ahead of individual interests.

And making it so urgent makes her suspect that Xia Guiyuan's disappearance was premeditated.

[The current situation of the Tianji sect must be very bad. I'm not sure how other sects are deciding, but the Lingxu sect is planning to seize this opportunity and take a bite out of it.]

Bai Lian nodded.

The Tianji Sect is a righteous sect, and the Lingxu Sect is a Demon Sect.

Since a thousand years, there have been many frictions between these two sects.

In the past, the Tianji sect was strong and powerful, while the Lingxu sect was suppressed, they could only make some cursing noises but couldn't cause any substantial damage to the Tianji sect.

It's different now.

Seeing that the Tianji sect was going to have internal strife, it's impossible that the Lingxu sect wouldn't take the opportunity to stab the Tianji sect from behind.

[I won't make it hard for you, even though I can't stop the Lingxu sect, but I won't take part in this action.]


Bai Lian's heart felt warm.

She has not been in contact with Si Yunshang for very long.

But this Demon Woman, cold and hot from time to time, left a very deep impression on her.

Especially the unparalleled beauty she showed when she recovered her strength in the bamboo forest, was deeply engraved in Bai Lian's mind. Even if ten years have passed, a hundred years have passed . . . Bai Lian will still remember this moment from time to time.

If she hadn't gradually regarded her master and Martial Sisters as her family...

The moment Si Yunshang extended her hand to her, she would leave with Si Yunshang.