The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 8 Part 2

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Chapter 8: The Taste of Bai Lian Is Really Great! (2)

She clasped her hands across her chest, looking down at Bai Lian with a stern expression.

"It's good if you like it. All right, I'm leaving."

With a voice, An Lan became a ray of light.

The light shot out from the crooked neck tree, piercing the darkness and the brilliant fireworks in the sky, before eventually settling into the forbidden area of the Qiongming Peak in the back hills.


Bai Lian quietly sighed in relief.

Although her master was small, the pressure he put on her was even heavier than that of a mountain.

If she kept staring at her master for a while longer, she might be exposed.

It's so good now.

Bai Lian looked up at the brilliant fireworks in the sky.

Sparkling like stars falling from the sky, bustling like flames attacking the city wall.

She vaguely understood why the master had done such an "extraordinary" thing.

Although the master was timid and awkward, she was able to freely change other people's memories.

What else is there to be afraid of?

But it is also uncertain.

Bai Lian decided that she must keep a close eye on her master at all times to prevent her from running away!

Just as she was thinking this, shouting came from behind her.

"Elder Martial Sister, let's set off fireworks!"

It was the fifth Martial Sister.

"Ok, ok."

Before leaving, Bai Lian took a quick glance at the branch where both she and her master had sat.

This is the big bridge connecting her and her master!

She decided that after the master stopped paying attention here, she would go to take down the "bridge" and keep it well.


Bai Lian's wish will eventually come to nothing.

She had just left when An Lan came back secretly.

The "girl" hid behind the crooked neck tree, looking around.

After making sure that no one could possibly find her, she broke off the branch.

"I can take it back to hang things. It's useful."

She successfully convinced herself!

After nodding lightly, An Lan reached out and touched her own lips.

It's still a little wet.

Half an hour ago, she used her lips to "imprint a seal" on Bai Lian's cheeks, proclaiming her "sovereignty" over Bai Lian.

It's just a kiss.

To be honest, An Lan didn't take it seriously at first.

She had secretly seen the novels that Bai Lian would read when she had nothing to do.

These stories are quite conventional.

Basically the story is about two heroines who go on an adventure together, and eventually end up together by coincidence.

Ignoring the "r18" content, the authors often used a lot of words to describe the scene of two heroines kissing.

They said that when kissing, you will feel like there was an electric current running through your wildly, you will feel that your legs are weak, and your mind will become blank...

An Lan just wanted to laugh.

How could there be such a big reaction?

After really taking the initiative to kiss Bai Lian, she was somewhat shaken.

That experience is really extraordinary!

She surprisingly had an urge to go further.

She had to say——

"It tastes good!"

She will definitely miss this feeling in the future, but she must restrain herself, which is good for herself and even better for Bai Lian.

Bai Lian already has enough death words on her body, she cannot add any new death words to Bai Lian's body.


An Lan turned and was about to return to the cave again.

When passing by Bai Lian's room, she suddenly noticed the painting hanging on the wall had changed.


That was a very strange picture.


In a room with a peculiar style, Bai Lian stood behind a wooden table in a professional skirt, with oval metal-framed glasses, her left hand holding a book and her right hand gripped a bamboo stick.

Meanwhile, she and the other four disciples plus a stupid jade rabbit were all sitting sloppily behind a small table below.

In the painting, Bai Lian looked majestic, An Lan held her face with one hand and played with a pen in her other hand, looking like a bad student who didn't pay attention in class.


The more An Lan looked, the more she felt something was wrong.

She doesn't really understand what the Bai Lian outfit means, but she knows roughly that it's a painting about the master teaching the students.

How dare she!

An Lan was furious.

Shouldn't she, as the master, be the one standing on the podium?

What does Bai Lian mean? Is she trying to revolt and then ride on her head?


An Lan immediately used her Divine Sense to profoundly transform the painting Bai Lian had worked hard on for months.

The teacher wearing the professional suit was replaced by her.

Bai Lian lowered her head and stretched out her right hand, waiting for the bamboo stick held up high by her to fall.

"That's just right!"

An Lan proudly left the lab after viewing her masterpiece.

As long as her strength is still greater than Bai Lian's, Bai Lian can never fight against her!


The fireworks lasted until late at night before disappearing into the night sky.

Bai Lian said goodbye to her Martial Sisters late at night and returned to her room.

She carefully sealed An Lan's gifts with her spirit Qi.

Of course, she doesn't want to put these cucumbers up for sale; aren't cucumbers just supposed to be eaten?

She just wanted to wait until her birthday to eat.

After finishing these tasks, Bai Lian went to the window.

It has been almost two hours since An Lan left, so she must have lost interest in watching her by now, right?

With this thought in mind, Bai Lian prepared to break off the branch from the crooked neck tree.

But she was confused after a while.

"Where is the branch?"

Where is that big and long branch?

Even Bai Lian couldn't find any broken traces on the crooked neck tree, as if no branches had ever grown there.

She never thought that this was something she got wrong herself.

She's looked at this crooked-necked tree thousands of times, it is impossible for her to forget what it looks like with her memory.

Bai Lian turned around.

When her gaze passed over the painting on the wall, she was struck speechless again.


Isn't that teacher standing behind the podium supposed to be her? How could it suddenly change to An Lan, and even worse, An Lan is hitting her?!

The paintings that she used to place in the room would "automatically" change position every three days.


The position of the paintings won't change anymore, but the people in the painting changed their positions and roles.

This is outrageous!

Are you role-playing?

Bai Lian silently nodded.

An Lan in her professional outfit looked increasingly awkward.


Master, do you really think that your flat body is suitable for this dress?

She quickly took out the brush, and with the assistance of her Divine Sense, she spent half an hour changing the painting back.


Bai Lian clapped her hands.

She had now understood who was behind all this.

But she didn't plan to question her master, as her master would not admit it anyway, so she just assumed the answer for herself.

After much ado, the New Year has arrived.

This is the sixth year since Bai Lian came into this world.

As all the "stars" returned to their proper positions, everything was back on track.

The first day of the New Year.

Early in the morning, Bai Lian came out of her room. Following the custom of her hometown, she gave each Martial Sister a big red envelope.

After having breakfast, Bai Lian took the Martial Sisters to visit other peaks to celebrate the New Year.

Coming and going, everyone in the Duxian sect knew her Martial Sisters.

Bai Lian was delighted at the prospect.

The Qiongming Peak is not only hers, but also the Qiongming Peak of her Master and Martial Sisters.

She hoped that one day the Qiongming Peak would become the first peak of the Duxian sect, so that no one would say that her master was too lazy.

On the second day.

Bai Lian took her Martial Sisters to visit friendly sects such as Biluo sect.

On the third day.

Bai Lian and her Martial Sisters were playing cards.

On the fourth day.

They kept playing cards.

On the fifth day.

"I can't continue playing cards!"

Bai Lian drove all the Martial Sisters to cultivate, and then created a new avatar.

Four Bai Lians sat in a circle and played mahjong in the evening.

On the sixth day.

They continued playing mahjong.

On the seventh day.


All right.

Bai Lian actually wanted to keep playing mahjong.

Don't underestimate this mahjong game.

In fact, it's a method of cultivation!

After this period of cultivation, Bai Lian can now control nine avatars without being drained.

Although these avatars are not very smart, each one has a cultivation base at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage.

Once Bai Lian's soul strength advances further, they will be able to compete with cultivators at the early stage of the Soul Changing Stage.

On the seventh day, Bai Lian had just set up the mahjong table when a piece of bad news suddenly came to her ears.

"Have you heard that the Tianji sect's sect leader Xia Guiyuan is missing?!"

"Ah, a strong man at the Migration Stage is missing?"

"What was he doing before he disappeared?"

"I'm not sure. It seems that he was looking for something in the boundless sea, then he suddenly disappeared. The Tianji sect is leaderless. This is going to cause trouble!"

Xia Guiyuan.

Bai Lian could vaguely remember the happiness on his face when he mentioned that Xia Qingqing had awoken a special bloodline.

He was lost on the way to finding the Immortal Evergreen Vine for Xia Qingqing. If Xia Qingqing receives this news, she will be very saddened.

"Should I go to comfort her?"

Last time the Duxian sect was attacked, Xia Qingqing did a lot to help.


After a moment of hesitation, Bai Lian made up her mind.

It wouldn't take long to go back and forth, so she would definitely be back before the Lantern Festival.