The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 8 Part 1

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Chapter 8: The Taste of Bai Lian Is Really Great! (1)

Bai Lian doesn't know how to describe her current feelings.

In short, it is very chaotic.

Her heart lake was originally very calm, only a little ripple called emotion was stirred up.

Just as she was savoring the warmth of this moment, An Lan's unexpected action completely confounded her.

It's quite sudden.

Before she was ready to accept it all, An Lan was like transforming herself into a large wooden hammer and, in a rude and unreasonable way, smashed it right onto her heart.

Like thunder!!


That was the sound of the hammer passing through the air and hitting its target.

The sound harmoniously blended with the sudden explosion of aerial fireworks.

In that moment, it was as if someone had thrown a deep-water bomb into the depths of Bai Lian's heart.

After the roar, a hundred emotions erupted there.

The waves were surging!

In the blink of an eye, the huge waves engulfed Bai Lian.

"This this this..."

Bai Lian couldn't say a complete word.

Bai Lian was extremely surprised by An Lan's behavior.

She was stumped.




Half an hour later, while the fireworks were still blossoming in the sky, An Lan left Bai Lian and returned to the other end of the stick.

Her face looked calm, but it was just a facade.

She can proudly tell Bai Lian, "Your master is your master," in the field of facial expression control.

An Lan felt completely unruffled.

What does she need to feel afraid of?

Anyway, after she used the spell, Bai Lian would not remember any of this.

Don't mention giving Bai Lian a kiss, it's ok even if she does something worse to Bai Lian!


Sure enough, forget it.

She was afraid that Bai Lian would be scared.


Bai Lian is now so confused!

Moreover, An Lan couldn't pass her own psychological barrier.

She shouldn't be exchanging thoughts and feelings with Bai Lian at this time and place.

Pursuing momentary pleasure can only bring far-reaching pain.

It's like turning a dead volcano into a live one.

When the volcano erupted, neither she nor Bai Lian who was sitting next to her could escape.

An Lan knows.

Although she always scolds her arch-enemy as if she doesn't take her seriously, deep down inside she is still rational.

Even if she regained all her strength, she still couldn't defeat her arch-enemy.

Of course, under fair circumstances, that arch-enemy could not possibly have won against her.

After all, their relationship used to be so good.

They would excitedly shout back-to-back "I will fight evil with my life!"

In the process of growing up, they already know each other very well.

Strengths, weaknesses, and trump cards...

They know everything about each other!

It was precisely due to this understanding of her arch-enemy that An Lan felt anxious.

So far, she has not found any hope of a turnaround.

If there is too much entanglement between Bai Lian and her at this time, when calamity arrives, she will suffer double the pain.

This isn't what An Lan wanted.

Pain, a portion is enough to fill the stomach.

She thinks it would be nice to keep the same distance from Bai Lian as before.

"This is really the time!"

After squeezing her eyes shut, An Lan placed her palm lightly against Bai Lian's chest.

Bai Lian turned her head back and still looked a bit dazed.

Actually, she was considering taking this chance to fiercely retaliate against her master, to make her master realize that her disciple was not a meek sheep!

Even if she did "that" with her master now, her master would act as if nothing happened afterward.

But in the moment that her eyes met with An Lan, Bai Lian suddenly calmed down.

She saw sorrow, she saw worry, and she also saw a hint of a smile in the eyes.

She remembered the gift her master gave her.

If two lovers long endure, why worry about time's passing?

Bai Lian had a faint smile on her face.

She is Bai Lian, she is not the Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian from the game!

Her goal is to do good deeds with her master rather than do bad things.

Be it so.

Bai Lian waited calmly for her master's next move.

An Lan started talking.

This is both said to Bai Lian, and also to herself.

"I will erase part of your memory, and when you wake up, you will only remember that I sent you a birthday gift."

Bai Lian slightly opened her mouth.

She hadn't actually intended to speak, but An Lan pressed her lips together with her index finger.

It's the flavor of orange!

"Don't say anything, don't ask anything. The past is over. If you have a chance in the future, you will understand why I did it."

Anyways, the memory will fade away, so An Lan naturally says what she wants.


Bai Lian felt a warm current flowing from An Lan's palm, like a hand caressing her tenderly.

Here we go.

Last time, An Lan was not able to erase her memory, but Bai Lian cannot guarantee the same will happen this time.

Because she doesn't understand the principle.

Who knows if it was An Lan's spell that had a bug, or if the system helped her?

Damn this stupid system.

Except for coming out to explain that it has no bug and publish tasks, it won't say anything to her.

You damn system, come on, explain this to me!

All right.

Bai Lian had called out several times but still didn't receive a reply from the system.

No way out.

Let me face it and "fight" with the master.


Bai Lian suddenly grabbed An Lan's hand, gently pressing it against her own chest.

An Lan's body trembled slightly in response to the soft, cushioned touch.

Don't move!


She looked into Bai Lian's eyes.

Bai Lian's expression was extremely serious.

"I will definitely recall this dream tonight!"

An Lan stunned for a moment.

She felt something strange in her heart.

But then she became tough again.

"Do you know who I am? The memory that I erased will never be recovered!"

She clenched her fist tightly against Bai Lian, holding it so rigidly.

Increase her strength.


In a moment, countless thoughts surged out and when they condensed together, they actually took shape.

On this star-filled night, the town was lit up with fireworks.

The "bang bang" sound in Bai Lian's ear became increasingly low and the colorful sky in front of her also had a thick white coating.

Just as the white coating was about to completely obscure her eyes, a drop of cold water suddenly flew in from the front, patting down on her lips.

Bai Lian stuck out her tongue and licked it.




The next moment.

[White] washed Bai Lian's face like a wave.

She sunk, sinking into a blank world.

Empty empty empty empty empty...

Bai Lian couldn't see anything and hear anything.

She felt a flurry of heart.

This must be An Lan's spell, her memory can't really be erased, can it?

Fortunately, this situation didn't last too long.

It had been about ten seconds, and Bai Lian heard her own heartbeat.

Bang bang!

Right afterwards, her senses of smell, taste, touch, and sight all returned to her.

Bai Lian discovered that she was standing under a bent-necked tree.

She was carrying the cucumber, watermelon, and cantaloupe that An Lan gave her.

The evening breeze blew, rustling the leaves.

She raised her head, and even though the branch of the crooked neck tree hadn't broken, An Lan still sat upon it.

When she looked over, An Lan said without expression, "You can handle the gift as you like. If there is nothing else, I will go back first."

She kept her eyes fixed on Bai Lian as she said this.



Bai Lian discovered that her memory was still there.

She was quite sure that the images that had flashed in her mind were not illusions.


Bai Lian cheered in her heart.

How can she forget this "dream" with her master?

However, there was nothing out of the ordinary on her face, and this couldn't be let known to the master or else she might jump down from the tree and violently brainwash her!

Bai Lian nodded towards An Lan and then a naturally beaming smile appeared on her face.

She said, "Thank you for your birthday gift. I like it very much!"

I love the fruits that my master grows with her own hands, and I love her kisses even more!

An Lan nodded in agreement.