The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 7 Part 2

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Chapter 7: A Kiss From An Lan (2) (2)

"Hate is hate. Although for some reason, it is instinctive hate!"

The cause may lie in the part of memory she lost, but An Lan doesn't intend to talk about it.

She just wanted to tell Bai Lian that she was unhappy and why she was unhappy.

"If I didn't see that you were going to cry, do you think I would promise you? What kind of New Year's dinner? A group of people gathered together to make me have a headache? I was not even in the mood to eat!"

"I don't like to eat greasy food, especially fatty meat. I just feel sick at the sight of it. Next time... no next time!"


When An Lan was speaking, the crooked branch that she was sitting on slowly flew up into the air.

It was just like a magic wand of a magical girl.

A transparent cover enveloped her and Bai Lian.

People outside cannot see her and Bai Lian, nor can they hear the voices of her and Bai Lian.


In this "world" that was doomed to be erased a while later, only she and Bai Lian were left.

The moonlight caressed Bai Lian's face like flowing water, making her as enchanting as porcelain.

An Lan was still competing with Bai Lian.

"Do you think I'm really happy when I laugh? Joke, if I hadn't seen you prepare for this meal for a long time, I wouldn't eat a mouthful."

"What are you looking at? Do you think I am smaller than you, and you can ride on my head? I can become bigger than this continent now!"


Bai Lian felt hurt.

But this was not because An Lan blamed her.

She made the bullets that shot at her heart herself.

"Sorry, master, I shouldn't let you do what you don't like."

She understood why An Lan would eat the plate.

The master must have been very uneasy at that time, so uneasy that she could not even distinguish the taste of plates and normal food.

But the master still bore all silently.

If Bai Lian didn't worry that the awkward master would hide away, she would have pounced on her directly now.

Then go another way!

Bai Lian, possessing a Water-type Spirit Root, is practically unparalleled in terms of controlling the amount of water.

In the blink of an eye, a thin film of water appeared in her eyes.

She didn't really want to cry.

She just pretended that she would cry at any moment.


An Lan gradually lost her voice.

She had to admit that Bai Lian's crying face was very inappropriate, but...

She couldn't refuse at all!

An Lan turned away sullenly, "You... just know your mistakes. I'm not unreasonable. I'll forgive you for your mistakes this time. If you dare to do it again, then I can only teach you a lesson!"


Bai Lian bowed her head in agreement.

None of them spoke for a moment.

An Lan threw all her negative feelings out of her mind at once, and now she only felt comfortable.

Although she was not physically close to Bai Lian, she could almost feel the heat radiating from Bai Lian's body through the wooden stick on which they were sitting.

This experience is very unusual.

If she really touched Bai Lian's body, she would only feel a corpse-like coldness.

That's too boring.

At that moment, Bai Lian suddenly fished out a lot of red pillar-shaped objects from her chest.

They are the fireworks that she originally planned to set off with her master and Martial Sisters.

"Master, let's set off fireworks!"

Bai Lian said excitedly.

"What's interesting about this kind of thing?"

An Lan sighed softly.

Although she said so, she picked up a firework that was about the same size as her waist and took it away.

Ignited it.


Little sparks appeared.

A moment later.

Amidst the booming and rolling smokes, the red firework flew into the sky as if wanting to fly into the moon. Finally, it exploded into a brilliant flower of light in the sky.

This was a signal.

With this as a beginning, one flower after another firework bloomed in the night sky.

Red, blue, yellow, green...

The atmosphere of the New Year's Eve was pushed to its peak at this moment.

The sky was shining.

The earth was cheering.

Amid the cacophony of noise, Bai Lian noticed her master moving towards her.


Eh Eh...

Does this mean something has to happen here?!

Bai Lian was suspicious and uncertain, feeling a little anxious. Suddenly, several things were tucked into her arms.

She looked down.

A cucumber, a watermelon, and a cantaloupe.


Ah, this...

Bai Lian was stunned.

An Lan's voice drifted slowly from the side.

It seemed a little uneasy.

"This is a return gift." An Lan said, "I've been thinking for a long time but I didn't know what to give you on your birthday. This is my favorite thing, and I planted it myself. Don't dislike it. If you dislike it, I have nothing else to give you."


But Bai Lian's heart still felt warm.

It's not the gift that matters, it's the thought that counts!

This is a fruit grown by the master herself. It's enough!

An Lan was waiting for Bai Lian's response.

She really had thought about what gift she should give Bai Lian for a long time.

If Bai Lian expressed her disapproval, she would immediately take back what she had given and wipe Bai Lian's memory of.

Bai Lian's answer pleased her very much.

"I like everything that Shifu gives me."

I'm glad you like it.

An Lan nodded.

She gazed up at the brilliant fireworks in the sky.

It's time.

An Lan raised her hand. But before wiping away Bai Lian's memory of the thing that happened before she received the gift, her heart moved and she suddenly came closer to Bai Lian.

She came fast and furious, like an arrow, until it touched Bai Lian's cheek and stopped.

At that moment.

The warm and tender touch turned into an electrical current that spread throughout Bai Lian's body.


Suddenly a heart-shaped firework burst in the sky.

As if it was celebrating for her.

"Ah ah -"

The new year is coming.

Bai Lian's mind crashed in the sky thousands of meters above.

If this is the Master's Memory Disappearance Technique, then she just wants to say--

"Please do it more times!"