The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 7 Part 1

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Chapter 7: A Kiss From An Lan (2) (1)

One begets two, two begets three, and three gives rise to all things.

By evening, even the Mountain Guarding Magic Array of the Duxian sect had hung up large red lanterns to celebrate the new year.

The residents of the town at the foot of the mountain stared, wide-eyed, at the direction of the Duxian sect.

If they heard correctly, the loud sound was fireworks.


The night sky was clear.

At the top of the Qiongming Peak, everyone, including An Lan, sat in a circle. The table was full of dishes made by Bai Lian personally.

"Master, please!"

An Lan was somewhat uncomfortable.

She didn't know why either, but she instinctively resisted it all.

Her body was so tense that her buttocks didn't even reach the seat, as if relaxing would cause her to be pierced by something.

She was out of tune with the excitement.

She felt like a puppet under the gaze of those bright eyes, as if she were being toyed with by Bai Lian.

She wanted to run away multiple times, but when she saw Bai Lian's smiling face, she remembered the scene of Bai Lian being all alone for the past few years.


This time!


An Lan was annoyed.

This time she is not joking, next year she will certainly not come to this meaningless gathering again.

She is An Lan, she is the master of the Qiongming Peak, she is not the mascot of the Qiongming Peak!

An Lan forced herself to endure her physical and mental discomfort, and began to enjoy the New Year's Eve dinner with her disciples.

She thought this was probably the first time she had done something she didn't like for someone else.

[Because of Bai Lian.]

This dinner must be quite good.

Because those disciples kept praising Bai Lian's craftsmanship.

Look how happy they are laughing, as if they are experiencing the happiest thing in this world!

So An Lan also began to laugh.

Everybody be happy.


She actually didn't taste anything.

An Lan lowered her head.

She felt like she was chewing rice.

Just eat it.

The more she eats, the happier Bai Lian will be; when Bai Lian is happy, she feels at ease.

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With the idea of making Bai Lian feel happy, An Lan wolfed down several plates of dishes.

More! More!


Bai Lian stared at An Lan blankly.



She called.

Although she didn't know what happened, An Lan was chewing on a plate covered in oil stains as if it were a pancake.


The plate cracked on the spot.


An Lan chewed the broken pieces of the plate even more finely-crushed.

Seeing An Lan was about to swallow the plate, Bai Lian rushed over quickly.

Is that enough?

She grabbed An Lan's chin.

"Shifu, what are you doing, Shifu!"

An Lan finally regained her composure.

Five pairs of eyes were fixed firmly on her.

It's weird.

She slowly lowered her head and looked down at the plate which was already missing a piece.

An Lan was overwhelmed when she realized what she just did.

She had spent more than four hundred years creating a majestic image, yet it collapsed in a second!

It's over.

She's going to die!!!

At this time, Ling Xuan climbed up to the edge of the table and said seriously, "Master, eating a plate will make your stomach feel pain!"

Restart, my life!

An Lan raised her hand.

With one slap, she could wipe out the entire Duxian Sect from the East Divine Land.

However, she woke up in the nick of time. There was no need for such violence.

She changed the direction of her waving hand.

This palm is extraordinary!

A invisible power was mixed into the wind, and when the wind blew, the memories of An Lan eating a plate were all wiped away from their minds.

Bai Lian was also stunned for a moment, she felt something touching her.



An Lan let out a sigh of relief.

She hadn't done this in a long time and had almost forgotten she had this skill.

She is a Heavenly Lord!

She has the power to manipulate the river of time. Even though her strength has diminished greatly, modifying memories for her is still not much of a challenge.

An Lan calmly placed the platter she had repaired on the table.

"I'm full."

She said so.


Bai Lian shouted out.

"What's the matter?"

Suddenly, a new task option appeared in front of Bai Lian.

[Task 1: Ask the master why she wants to eat the dish (Reward: Six Water Divination Pill).]

[Task 2: Wish her a happy new year with a smile (Reward: +1 Soft Skill)]


Bai Lian was amazed by the reward of Task 1.

This is actually an extremely rare Medicinal Pill that can help people go through the Yin Fire Disaster and forcibly break through to the Soul Changing Stage!

Its price is not lower than an ordinary medium-grade Spirit Tool.

She understood.

She didn't dare to continue to explore An Lan's scars.

If An Lan is annoyed, she may kill everyone on the spot!

She smiled and said, "Happy New Year!"


An Lan breathed a sigh of relief in secret.

She almost thought that Bai Lian's memory had not been wiped out.

Don't frighten yourself!

An Lan also squeezed out a smile, "Happy New Year, too."

She turned to other disciples and said, "Don't worry about me. If you want to eat, continue to eat."


Xiao Jinse, who was in the middle of competing with Su Youwei for food, hurriedly nodded her head.

Ling Xuan then immediately lifted up the plate.

"Chicken legs are all mine!"

Yu Ying patted Ling Xuan on the back, "Eat slowly, no one will compete with you."

The most calm one is none other than the jade rabbit.

She can eat meat, but she prefers Spiritual Herbs.

After Bai Lian prepared a bunch of high-grade Spiritual Herbs for her, she shied away, and ate the grass silently by herself next to the table leg.

"Haw --"

As the jade rabbit ate, she hummed a happy and contented melody.

What a joyful New Year's Eve!

After sitting for a while, An Lan excused herself to take a walk to help digestion and ended up at the crooked neck tree.

Bai Lian didn't find any anomalies.

Even if she was watching An Lan all the time, she couldn't physically see into her heart.

At 11 pm.

The evening wind made the roof tiles creak and crackle.

Ling Xuan, who had walked over from the side, suddenly reached out and pulled Bai Lian's sleeve.

"Elder Martial Sister."

Bai Lian squatted down and said, "What's the matter?"

Ling Xuan came to Bai Lian and said, "I just saw Shifu hiding under the tree and eating watermelon alone."


An Lan likes to eat melons, watermelons, cucumbers, and cantaloupes.

On her hand was carved a red scythe mark. According to her character information in the game, it is actually a small world with an area no less than the Sand Region.

An Lan moved the small world from the space turbulence and turned it into her melon and fruit planting base.

If she were to take out all of the fruits and vegetables from the small world, it would be enough to bring down any country's fruit and vegetable market.


Hurry up and stop the Fifth Martial Sister.

All right, all right.

If you keep talking, a watermelon rind will be thrown at your head!

Bai Lian said, "You can play with other Elder Martial Sisters here. I'll go to the master's side to have a look."

"Well, Elder Martial Sister."

Ling Xuan nodded hurriedly.

At first, she wanted to ask her master why she was not in a good mood; however, the relationship between them was not very intimate, and she was still very young, so her master was likely to just give her a perfunctory answer and send her away.

After thinking it over, Ling Xuan thought that it would be most suitable to have Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian handle it.

Sometimes the Master is particularly willful, but as long as Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian speaks up, she will reluctantly obey Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian with a discontented face.

Ling Xuan thinks that the master is a strange person.

She feels that Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is more like a real master than her master.

"Without the presence of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, our Qiongming Peak might be closed down!"


Ling Xuan was in deep thought when Yu Ying shouted for her to come and set off fireworks together.

"The Fourth Elder Martial Sister, I'm coming."

She hurried past.


An Lan was sitting on a crooked neck tree.

The ground beneath her butt was already filled with watermelon rinds, but she was still quietly eating the watermelon.

Half an hour later, a familiar call echoed beneath her.



As if Bai Lian poked at An Lan from below, An Lan leaped up immediately, and the watermelon in her hand flew directly into the valley below.

"What are you doing down here?"

An Lan furrowed her brow and looked rather displeased.

Bai Lian's attention was completely elsewhere.

She has gotten this far without her master noticing. If she really reached up to poke her master, she might not be able to notice it.

There must be a problem.

Fortunately, the fifth Martial Sister observed carefully and discovered the problem.

She secretly relaxed.

Bai Lian wasn't in a hurry to respond to An Lan.

She lightly leaped next to An Lan.

Speaking below and speaking beside had a completely different atmosphere.


Here comes the problem!

An Lan is relatively light, so it is no problem for the crooked neck tree to carry her.

But when Bai Lian was also sitting on it, the crooked-necked tree was instantly snapped.

"Are you stupid?"

An Lan immediately levitated the branch that was about to fall with her mind.

She glared fiercely at Bai Lian with no trace of courtesy.


Forget it.

She doesn't want to be angry for such a small matter, let's talk about something important.


Bai Lian twisted her head and stared intently at An Lan.

This face is beautiful.

The most dazzling thing was An Lan's eyes, which were as brilliant as stars.

But what made Bai Lian feel warm was the little crescent-shaped Yin Fish and Yang Fish on the corners of An Lan's eyes.

The reason why her eyes were marked with a ★ is that An Lan had a similar mark on herself.

Seeing this, Bai Lian would feel that she and her master are tightly connected.

She is at this end, the master is at the other end, and there is a big bridge in between for communication.

Bai Lian asked, "I have wanted to ask since a long time ago. Don't you like such a busy environment?"

It's none of your business!

An Lan wanted to fight back fiercely against Bai Lian.

But in the end, she still took her words back.

She lowered her head and thought that Bai Lian had actually noticed her mood!

It can be seen that Bai Lian has been secretly watching her!


Actually An Lan doesn't like people walking into her without her permission, which is due to Yan Yue.

But considering that it was precisely because Bai Lian had been secretly observing her, which meant that Bai Lian cared about her, she put out the anger in her heart.

You can't have both fish and bear's paw!

Rather than being ignored by Bai Lian, she now prefers her constantly at her side.


One Bai Lian is enough.

"I hate a lot of people getting together," An Lan replied calmly.

Bai Lian didn't expect the master's answer to be so straightforward. At first, she had intended to act pitifully to soften the master up.

At first, An Lan had not thought to be so straightforward, but she then remembered that she could erase Bai Lian's memories and decided to take this opportunity to say what she wanted.

So after Bai Lian asked dumbfoundedly "why," An Lan quickly switched to her 'combat mode'.

It's buzzing.