The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: A Kiss From An Lan (1)

After leaving her cave, An Lan had been tailing Bai Lian.

Of course.

She didn't want to do anything immoral to Bai Lian.

She is a well-known person, how could she do something "bad" when Bai Lian is awake?

An Lan was just thinking about a very serious question.

What should she give Bai Lian when her birthday comes?

The answer to this question is not so easy.

An Lan is really not good at this, after all, in the past, it was always others giving her gifts.

If it wasn't for Bai Lian, she wouldn't have put in the effort.


If I have some time to think about this, why don't I eat a few more melons?

"How troublesome!"

An Lan, lying on the bed, couldn't help but turn over.

Looking at Bai Lian's swaying posture as she walked, her thoughts gradually drifted away.

Why don't she also send Bai Lian some clothes?

[Wrapped tightly in love from the master, from head to toe, regardless of the high or low, both inside and out, all are filled with the master's breath.]


That's it...

At that moment, as Bai Lian's progression, the figures of Xiao Jinse and others suddenly appeared in An Lan's sight.


No, no.

An Lan got up and immediately dismissed the thought she had just had.

She remembered that Bai Lian's Martial Sisters had also given Bai Lian clothes before. As her master, how could she do the same thing?

That's too humiliating.

She is a master. She is full of authority. What she wants to do must be something that others have never done before!


Why doesn't she send Bai Lian a black bodysuit?

Pooh, pooh, pooh.

Although it may feel very tempting, isn't that still just clothing?

An Lan shook her head repeatedly.

Before long, her attention was drawn away by the quarrel between her fifth disciple and the little Saintess.

Everyone is inert.

Thinking is too tiring for An Lan, it's simpler to just stay in the dark and eat melons!

An Lan's mouth curled up when she heard that her fifth disciple beat the little saintess to cry.

"Don't look down on my disciple!"

In order to prove herself not to be a worthless master, and also to demonstrate her great natural talent in teaching her disciple, An Lan devoted unparalleled effort towards Ling Xuan.

Within these three short months, she had helped Ling Xuan improve her physical fitness five times.

It is very difficult to find a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator with a body purer than Ling Xuan's in the East Divine Land.

In order to hone Ling Xuan's combat skills, An Lan half-threatened and half-seduced the jade rabbit into becoming Ling Xuan's sparring partner.

After enduring hundreds of consecutive, sweat-drenched and panting battles, even a pig can learn some tricks, let alone naturally gifted Ling Xuan.

Apart from battle, An Lan often took Ling Xuan to the herb baths.

Ling Xuan's body cannot contain spirit Qi, but when facing those precious medicinal ingredients, she is like a huge gluttonous beast, and she can eat as much as she gets.

Even the jade rabbit, who loves to eat grass, had to submit to Ling Xuan in regard to this.

After all, it is just a jade rabbit, how can it endure the same amount of hardship as Ling Xuan?

But An Lan is still very measured.

She had other methods that could help Ling Xuan become stronger, but these methods may damage her body. She would never try to do such things in front of Bai Lian.

Ling Xuan is only ten years old. The key task at this stage is to lay a solid foundation. These methods can only destroy her future and cause endless harm.

"One day Bai Lian will know how powerful her master is and beg for my mercy!"

An Lan smiled proudly.


She now has no interest in thinking about gifts anymore.

There is nothing to worry about.

It's still more than a month until Bai Lian's birthday.

"It's not too late to think about it after the Lantern Festival!"

An Lan pulled out two big watermelons from her hug.

She nibbled at the watermelons in a pleasant mood.

Bai Lian said that she would take care of all the arrangements herself, and to her esteemed master it was enough to just sit back and enjoy Bai Lian's service.

She cared for Little Bai Lian in the Past World, now it's Little Bai Lian's turn to care for her.

When you think about it, this kind of life is also very good.


After the ceremony had concluded, Bai Lian finally got some free time.

She has to do every day to urge her Martial Sisters to cultivate hard, and then...

Then there is no next.

After working overtime to draw the family photo and replace the original paintings on the wall, Bai Lian found that there was nothing she could do now.

The Qiongming Peak has only 7 people.

There weren't so many things she needed to care about.

Not to mention that all these jobs were taken over by the second Martial Sister.

"I wish I had a computer."

Bai Lian, leaning against the window, yawned.

There are not enough recreational activities that can be enjoyed by someone alone in the cultivation world.

At this moment, she had a bit of nostalgia for the busy days not long ago.

Although it was a little hard, it made her feel full!

Although this kind of fulfillment is passively endured, it is far less joyful than actively embracing it.

But it's also more interesting than sitting idly watching the scenery.

And because there were people around her at that time, she could trigger a new task and get skill point rewards every once in a while.

Just like playing games, as long as there are rewards, the players will want to complete the tasks.

Bai Lian hadn't been bored for too long.

Since there is nothing to do, let me do some cultivation like the Martial Sisters!

With the aim of improving her proficiency in the True Secret of 500 Million Dharma Bodies, she tried her best to create a new avatar.

This avatar consumed a lot of energy.

After creating it, she was dizzy, her hands were weak and her waist ached. It was like she had a bad cold. She couldn't lift her up and down a little. The avatar pushed her down with a gentle push.

But after playing with this avatar for two days, Bai Lian gradually got used to it.

She became lively again and relied on her intelligence, she easily defeated this stupid avatar formed by the spirit Qi.

"No one in this world knows gobang better than me!"

The fourth day.

After taking a deep breath, Bai Lian conjured up a new avatar.

This time she was almost tortured and fainted directly.

However, after going through the vehemently jarring initial shock, she gritted her teeth and persisted.

She understood.

Doing this is the same as wearing cloth shoes. You can't stop wearing shoes because they are tight and pinch your feet.

Because nothing will change.

You have to be brave and put your foot in.

As time goes by, the shoes will naturally become loose.

To bear this temporary pain is to enjoy more happiness in the future.


Bai Lian and her two avatars have been playing mahjong for four days.

Just like last time, after a lot of hard work, Bai Lian became more and more spirited, while the two avatars became increasingly listless, looking like they had been completely drained by her.

While taking care of her Martial Sisters, she can also play mahjong with her avatars!

Bai Lian's ultimate goal is to be able to hold a grand football match with twenty-two players and a hundred thousand spectators just by herself!


Dreams belong to dreams.

Reality returns to reality.

Before she had a chance to achieve her goal, the New Year has come.

She decided to enjoy this period of time with her master. She didn't want to play with her avatars now!

Bai Lian immediately dispersed those two avatars.

The lifespan of a cultivator is long, even only at the Foundation Establishment Stage, a cultivator can live for more than 200 years, so generally, cultivators don't have much interest in the Lunar New Year.

They preferred to spend more time cultivating.

But this year, the Duxian sect is not quite the same.

Perhaps the festive atmosphere of the success of the Blood Tree Patriarch's Guafeng Disaster has not completely dissipated.

On New Year's Eve, the Qiongming Peak was decorated with lanterns.

Tong Yao also imitated them, leading her Younger Martial Brothers and Martial Sisters to decorate their peak with joy.