The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 5 Part 2

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Chapter 5: Entering An Lan (2)

An Lan still remembered the expression on Bai Lian's face when she found her.

Bai Lian looked grateful, as if a burden had been lifted, with a hint of "just as I thought" in it.

Speaking of Bai Lian, this sly fox has been secretly admiring her since a long time ago!

How could it be that the two outfits Bai Lian gave her as a birthday present were all in styles and colors that she liked?

How could Bai Lian realize her mood was so bad just after leaving the Qiongming Peak?

An Lan lowered her head slightly.

Bai Lian is much taller than her, so it's impossible to make out her eyesight from this angle.

I'm sorry.

She should not have blamed Bai Lian just now.

Bai Lian didn't do any crashing toward her, instead, she secretly "crashed into" Bai Lian.

And that was not Bai Lian who was at fault, it was all her own fault.

If it weren't for her wanting to see how Bai Lian fought against her "Death", Bai Lian wouldn't have any Martial Sister.

If Bai Lian didn't have any Martial Sister, she wouldn't get angry over small things.

Although An Lan was now aware of her mistakes in a timely manner, she still couldn't make a definite apology to Bai Lian.

How could the master apologize to her disciple?

She doesn't want it.

Although her body is shorter than Bai Lian, her identity is higher than Bai Lian!

How could the Heavenly Lord kneel before her own disciples? It's impossible!

But she is not unreasonable.

An Lan decided to compensate Bai Lian in other aspects.

Teach Bai Lian new spells?

No way.

Bai Lian is too stupid.

She has been studying for nearly a year, yet still hasn't been able to get the hang of Thousands of Flowers. Teaching her new spells is of no use this time.

But I can give Bai Lian something.

An Lan was planning to reach into her chest pocket to get something.

But the moment her fingers pressed against her chest, she stopped again.

The first month of the lunar year is approaching.

If she remembers correctly, Bai Lian's birthday is the 28th of January.


So be it, An Lan decided to give Bai Lian something on her birthday.


Seeing An Lan not responding, Bai Lian couldn't help but call out again.


An Lan regained consciousness.

"I prepared fireworks."


"My cooking is better than last year."


"So is the tea ceremony."


"The town at the foot of the mountain is several times busier than before this year."

An Lan curled her mouth and said, "Then what?"


Bai Lian stepped forward and knelt on An Lan's bed board, leaning her upper body forward, only about a foot away from An Lan.

Watch carefully!

At this distance, the warmth she exhaled spread gently across An Lan's chest.

At this distance, the master couldn't avoid her wish, right?

An Lan's body trembled when she smelled the fragrance.


Too close!

She raised her hand to push Bai Lian away.

Bai Lian said, "I want to spend the holiday with you!"

I see, I see, but why are you so close?

An Lan pressed her hand against Bai Lian's collarbone.



But Bai Lian was not impressed.

She furrowed her brows slightly, seeming to be immersed in deep sadness.

She knows.

Her master is a woman with a cold appearance and a hot heart.

She also knows.

Her master likes her disciples.

She said, "Shifu, I have been to the Qiongming Peak for six years. Six years is not long. But in these six years, I have never had a holiday with you except last year's New Year's Eve. I am always alone. Shifu, at least this year's New Year, can you stay at the Qiongming Peak with us?"


Bai Lian's words were very direct.

An Lan didn't find any room to muddle through.

The same was true last New Year's Eve.

Bai Lian suddenly grabbed her hand, leaving her no room to maneuver.

Back then, Bai Lian was very tough, but this time she looked pitiful.


She is always alone and she looks like she needs someone to take care of her.

After all, she is only a child!

An Lan remembered the little Bai Lian she had slowly nurtured in the Past World, and also remembered the words the little Bai Lian said to her.

"She needs you more."


Sigh, it seems that there's nothing I can do about you. Let me take care of you.

An Lan stood back and snorted coldly, "Who said I would leave the Duxian sect recently? This is obviously a rumor!"

Bai Lian understood.

Her master agreed!

If the master truly wanted to refuse, she would never say such an awkward batch of words.

"Master, I will arrange everything."

An Lan waved her hand and said, "Just this time? Huh?"

She suddenly froze.

She seemed to say the same thing before Bai Lian took her away last time?


Before An Lan could figure it out, Bai Lian said, "The Lantern Festival is the same. I'm ready. Shifu, you just need to enjoy it."


Enjoy it? An Lan felt that this was not right.

Bai Lian was just washing her feet for her, but then Bai Lian started licking her toes!

That couldn't be explained by the word "accident".

Although it was wrong for her to suddenly stiffen her body and press her toes against Bai Lian's lips, Bai Lian clearly could have not stuck out her tongue, but still did it.

If this is not a pervert, what is it?

At that time, she should have given Bai Lian a beat.

Scold her loudly to set her straight and draw a line between this kind of deviant behavior.

It's a pity that her mind was a blank and she completely forgot this incident.

She must keep it in mind.

This must not happen again this year!

"You can do it yourself." An Lan replied to Bai Lian.

Bai Lian smiled and said, "Master, do you still have any discomfort? Let me press it for you."

No, no, get out, get out!

An Lan immediately began to drive Bai Lian away.

What are you doing?

Now, whenever she sees Bai Lian, she remembers the electric current that shot through her toe when Bai Lian licked it.

If she took another look at Bai Lian, she couldn't guarantee that she wouldn't push Bai Lian to the ground and beat her hard in extreme anger.

The effect would be so terrible. She cannot do such a thing.

In the end, Bai Lian didn't persist.

The master is already very impatient, if she continues to stay in the cave, the master may want to beat her.


Bai Lian was extremely grateful that she discovered her master's abnormality in the first moment.


The problem seems a bit troublesome.

From the system's tasks, the master was angry because she saw her hugging her Martial Sisters.

Was it because Shifu felt jealous?


Bai Lian took a deep breath of cool air.

No way, no way.

This was a devastating blow to her dream of living a peaceful life with her Martial Sisters and master in the mountains, away from all distractions!