The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5: Entering An Lan (1)

The light was very dim.

The giant body of the Blood Tree Patriarch had blocked out most of the sunlight.

Bai Lian's "thin and long" body stood in front of the cave, and the cave without candle light was like being swallowed by the dark night——

It was very dark!


Keep falling.

Just as it was about to sink to the bottom, a rope suddenly dropped from above.


The crisp sound of the rope snapping back made An Lan come to her senses.


An Lan slowly raised her head as she curled up at the leader of the bed.

She saw the familiar yet strange face, and then came an unprecedented brilliant starry sky.

Starting from the ★ under the right eye, countless stars in the night sky begin to rotate in a clockwise direction.

An Lan reached out and tried to grab the rope.

She stretched, as if she had stretched into a damp place.

It's a well!

Well water!


The sound of the water shook.

The water rippled.

In that moment, the reflection on the water surface shattered into countless stars.

Finally, the whole Milky Way disappeared.


An Lan paused.

She remembered that Bai Lian had a [Field] similar to the Star River Fantasy Realm.

But, a mere Bai Lian, even up to now is just at the Transcendency Stage. How can her [Field] be able to affect her?

An Lan was puzzled.

She frowned slightly.

She probably really did tire out a little, both physically and mentally, with a drained, exhausted feeling.

Even though Bai Lian's movements were loud, she still wasn't able to detect the anomaly ahead of time.

She was able to know that Bai Lian had arrived, thanks to her having meddled with the magic array outside the cave a while ago.

Once Bai Lian stepped into the bamboo forest, she was immediately reminded.

At that time, An Lan had no intention of sitting up straight to show her "Master's Majesty".

She was giving a cold shoulder to all and blamed Bai Lian for it. Why should she care about Bai Lian's thoughts at this time?

She just sat down.

She can sit however she likes! It doesn't have anything to do with Bai Lian!

After all, she is Bai Lian's master.

If Bai Lian dared to be dissatisfied or express any opinion, then she would be against her master and disobedient, and would be subject to strict punishment from her master!

For example, give Bai Lian a few hard slaps on the butt from behind.

Or use her feet to press Bai Lian and then rub her on the ground repeatedly.

Or use her hands to pull...


Bai Lian's voice pulled An Lan back to reality from the "unimaginably terrifying punishment" she imagined.

She immediately pulled a face.

Anyway, she wasn't intending to give Bai Lian a good look.

"Why don't you celebrate with your Martial Sisters at Yunlu Peak? What do you want to do in this lonely little cave?"


This sentence made Bai Lian dizzy.

When did the master begin to like adding various adjectives and qualifiers in her speech?

In the past, she was always sparing with her words, as if every word she said would decrease her life span.

Wait a moment.

Bai Lian had a stern expression, now was not the time to respond to the master.

She had to take it seriously.

At least she must grasp the master's focus first.

Otherwise, if she had rashly acted and gone the wrong way, she would have angered her master and it wouldn't be so easy to turn back.

Remove the unnecessary details, and the master's intention is to...

Just as Bai Lian was deep in thought, the system suddenly popped up.

Is this not to believe my supreme wisdom?

Even while muttering to herself, Bai Lian still took the time to carefully look through the task.

[Task 1: What the master really wants to say is, "Why don't you celebrate at the top of Yunluo Peak? Why do you come to me?" (Reward: +1 Hard Skill)]

[Task 1: What the master really wants to say is, "Why don't you accompany your Martial Sisters? Why do you come to me?" (Reward: Light Skill +1)]


Bai Lian is not a fool.

When there wasn't anything to compare to, she noticed that her master's tone was off. Now that there is something to compare to, if she still chooses wrongly, then she could give up her idea of getting closer to her master.

Choose Task 2.

Just after the selection, the new task came out again.


It's getting more and more like a gal game!

Bai Lian's divine sense wandered through the three tasks.

[Task 1, "Master, I'm just going for a walk. Since you're not doing anything, I'm heading back to Yunluo Peak." (Reward: a low-grade Spirit Tool: Ruyi Golden Cane)]

[Task 2, "Master, how could we celebrate without you?" (Reward: Wind Spiritual Herb)]

[Task 3, "Master, you don't seem to be in a very good mood." (Reward: +1 Focus)]

Of course, Task 1 cannot be selected.

But Task 2 and Task 3 really made Bai Lian hesitate for a while.

Wind Spiritual Herb is worth more than 1 point of Focus, but in the long run, it's not as good.

Let's think of them as fifty-fifty.

Task 2 or Task 3?

Lead the master back to the celebration.

Or accompany the master in this cold and quiet place?

An Lan said impatiently, "What do you want to do after all? If you have something to do, hurry up. If you don't do it, go out from me. I need to rest."

This temper was like a sharp cattle horn, poking into Bai Lian.


Yes, yes.

Choose Task 3.

She can't let the master vent her anger on someone else.

As the eldest disciple of her master, she has the responsibility and obligation to accept her master's temper alone.

Come on!

She can take as much as she has.

Everyone says that Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is open-minded. She can endure her master's bad temper!

"Master, do you seem to be in a bad mood?"


An Lan immediately sneered.

You can see it.

But isn't it all your fault?

Yes, it's all your fault!

"Who said I'm in a bad mood? I'm in a good mood!" An Lan glared angrily at Bai Lian, holding her chest in both hands. "Rebel, you actually began to figure out your master's idea. Do you think that your cultivation base is very good after being promoted? I tell you, your master will always be your master!"

Ah, this...

Bai Lian opened her mouth.

In the system's eyes, isn't Task 3 the lowest risk? Why did the master mock her?

She was not angry.

She just thought An Lan was wrong.

Your master will always be your master?

Stop making noise.

I will turn you into my wife after a while!

Of course, Bai Lian had no intention of having a "fierce clash" with An Lan in this place.

She very abruptly changed the topic.

Rather than say it is harsh, it is more accurate to say it is strong-willed.

"Master, the New Year is coming again!"

"The Lantern Festival is only about a month away."

"Last year at this time, you and I were not in the Duxian sect, but this year is different."

Bai Lian's smile was like a little sunshine.

It doesn't burn, but it will give the person it wraps around a feeling of warmth.

In a flash, the cold and miserable little cave became a hot and humid steamer.

An Lan, who was like a little tiger baring its teeth and claws, gradually relaxed.

She stared at Bai Lian blankly.

So, it has been one year.

Bai Lian is still the same.

She is completely different.

Last year around this time, she first changed her mind, wanting to erase the word "death" from Bai Lian's body.

An Lan thought of last year's New Year's Eve.

At the last moment of New Year's Eve, as she looked at the empty bowl on the table in a daze, Bai Lian suddenly barged in from outside.

As usual today——