The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 4 Part 2

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Chapter 4: Falling in Love With Bai Lian at First Sight, Never to Part (2)

Finally, she ignored everyone around Bai Lian and only saw Bai Lian's swaying figure in her eyes.


Compared to her older sister, Bai Lian is indeed whiter, bigger and straighter.

The voice of the former saintess sounded in her ears, "That is Bai Lian's fifth Martial Sister, Ling Xuan, I heard she was a prodigy who couldn't take the cultivation path."


The little girl was lacking in interest.

The former saintess was surprised.

She never expected this reaction.

Typically, her younger sister would definitely say, "Genius? Compared to me?"

Even without saying it, she would ask curiously, "A genius who cannot take the cultivation path?"

The former saintess looked in the direction where her sister was looking at.

There stands...

Got it!

"White Emperor Bai Lian has gone far away."

The voice of the former saintess sounded sour.


The little girl didn't recognize it at all.

She just felt a little melancholy.

If Bai Lian was an "ordinary person", then she still has a chance of catching up with Bai Lian.

But Bai Lian is a reincarnated Immortal Emperor. When she grows to the current level of Bai Lian, Bai Lian may have already risen to the Immortal World.

Why is this?

The little girl's eyes fell on Ling Xuan again.


Although she is not as good as Bai Lian, she is much better than Bai Lian's Martial Sister. That silly bun-headed girl has no cultivation base at all.


The former saintess opened her mouth slightly.

She shouldn't seem to be committed to changing her sister's opinion of Bai Lian.


Whose sister you are?! Why do you so care about Bai Lian?


Many sects came to the Duxian sect to attend the ceremony this time. The Tianji sect came with the highest standard.

As the sect leader, Xia Guiyuan personally led the team to come.

But in the crowd of the Tianji Sect, Bai Lian didn't find Xia Qingqing and Zhao Haiya.

Last time when she was in danger, Xia Qingqing took the risk of coming to her rescue. This time, everything is calm and peaceful. Why isn't Xia Qingqing coming?

Xia Guiyuan explained, "Qingqing is in closed-door training. Haiyan said he wants to refine his heart in the mortal world. I haven't seen him for several months, I don't know if he still remembers me as his master!"

This statement seems to carry a sense of criticism, but when Xia Guiyuan said it, his face could not hide his smile.


It seems these powerful people all have some degree of 'tsundere' in them.

"I can't learn from them."

Bai Lian thought so.

She's not straightforward; she's very roundabout.

But in terms of emotions, she is a warrior ready to charge with a spear in her hand.


This choice does not exist.

The worst outcome is nothing but a setback on the path of advancement.

In the game, Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's indeed bad, but her 'spirit' of sacrificing her own life to do bad things encouraged Bai Lian a lot.

If she didn't fear scaring her master away, she would go confess to her now!

Despite many concerns, once she seized the opportunity, she would launch a straight attack on her master without hesitation.

After saying goodbye to Xia Guiyuan, Bai Lian finally found a seat and sat down.

In a moment, the red clouds rolled, the colorful clouds spanned the sky and the clamorous voices on Yunluo Peak slowly subsided.

The Blood Tree Patriarch, as the protagonist, officially made his entrance.

The breeze was blowing.

The Blood Tree Patriarch slowly closed his eyes, beginning to guide the Guafeng Disaster to arrive.

Around his body, the disciples of the Duxian Sect activated the pre-arranged magic array.

The white light, like a pillar, rose up into the sky.

Power surged from all directions to form towering walls that sheltered the Blood Tree Patriarch.

When a light, green halo emanated from the stout trunk of the Blood Tree Patriarch, many people who had been sitting in their seats stood up.

Here comes the Guafeng Disaster!

This wind is not a southeast, northwest, or soft breeze.

It was born from the Tao, a threshold that must be encountered on the path of pursuing the Tao. Only by crossing this threshold could one qualify to enter the Tao.

The people of top sects such as Yaochi Holy Mountain and Thousand Sword City remain calm. They have already mastered a set of methods to deal with the Guafeng Disaster, but those less powerful sects are different.

They came here to attend the ceremony not just to make connections with the Duxian sect, but also because it was a rare experience.

Under normal circumstances, would a cultivator allow strangers to watch him while he undergoes his Guafeng Disaster?

Today's gains may help them break through to the Transmigration Stage in the future!

Until now, Jue Yunzi and the others had been very nervous.

They didn't know if they had done opening the ceremony correctly.

Doing so could certainly enhance the prestige of the Duxian sect, but if someone misbehaves at this time and they fail to stop it in time, the Blood Tree Patriarch would be in trouble, and even worse, could die directly.

For this reason, Jue Yunzi held several meetings.

What finally made him resolve was the Blood Tree Patriarch himself.

"Do it!"

Simply two words revealed an irrefutable determination.

Jue Yunzi fell silent for a long time.

During this period, An Lan stepped out to be the first one to support the Blood Tree Patriarch.

"Let's do it, I'm watching. If the Blood Tree Patriarch is hurt by someone, I'll take off my head and give it to you."



Finally, Jue Yunzi responded.

However, he had no intention of letting An Lan take off her own head; he was the sect leader of the Duxian sect and all responsibilities would be borne by him alone!

It should be okay, right?

At this time, Jue Yunzi was anxiously observing every person at the scene.

Yan Yue was also worried.

Although she knew from the Future Mirror that the Blood Tree Patriarch would not encounter unfortunate events, her deep affection for the Blood Tree Patriarch made her restless.

It must be OK!

She clenched her fists.

Seeing that no one around was paying attention to her, she turned her head and sneakily took a few glances at Bai Lian in the distance.

Bai Lian looked calm with a smile on her face, as if nothing can escape her control.

Suddenly, Yan Yue's heart calmed down. With Bai Lian here, what did she have to be afraid of?

That's good.

It feels good to have someone to lean on!

Yan Yue secretly glanced at An Lan who was standing beside her.


She used to be quite close to An Lan, but now An Lan has become her "bane".

No way out.

An Lan taught her many things and was very caring, so she was grateful to An Lan. However, An Lan's presence seriously impeded her from getting closer to Bai Lian.

An Lan always showed up at critical moments when she tried to get closer to Bai Lian.

Although Yan Yue was annoyed, she found out afterward that it was something she could bear.

What she was really afraid of was another thing——

When Yan Yue thinks of the possibility of An Lan becoming her "mother-in-law", she finds the world very terrifying.

"Yan Yue, come quickly to show respect to your mother-in-law!"

"Yan Yue, give me a foot massage!"

"Wow, Yan Yue, you dared to sleep in!"

There is no more terrifying horror game than this, for sure!

She must think of a way to prevent An Lan from becoming her mother-in-law!


Yan Yue's brain is not particularly flexible; she has been thinking for more than ten days, but still cannot come up with an effective solution.

It wouldn't be right to encourage Bai Lian to rebel against the Duxian sect, right?

Before talking about whether or not Bai Lian can do it, Yan Yue herself is a member of the Duxian sect and is even very likely to be the reincarnated Gong Xuexin, the founder of the Duxian Sect. How can she do such a thing for herself?

Should she find a way to kick An Lan out of the Duxian sect?

When this thought resurfaced in her mind, An Lan suddenly turned back.


Yan Yue was scared and quickly dismissed the thought.