The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 4 Part 1

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Chapter 4: Falling in Love With Bai Lian at First Sight, Never to Part (1)

Three days passed in a flash.

In the hustle and bustle akin to the New Year, the day for the Blood Tree Patriarch to pass his Guafeng Disaster has finally come.

Bai Lian finally has some time to rest.

In reality, she hasn't really done anything major.

In a nutshell, it's having a meeting, directing the Younger Martial Brothers and Martial Sisters to work, consulting with the elders as well as representing the Duxian Sect to greet the cultivators visiting.

It sounds very fragmented.

It's just these little things piling up, cramming Bai Lian full and leaving no room for her to take a rest.

Don't think about anything else, just get it done!

In the end, if it weren't for the alternating days and nights, Bai Lian would almost have lost track of time.


Bai Lian tapped her forehead forcefully.

Her head was still a bit dizzy, just like being shaken on the turbulent boat for several days.

Come on.

Bai Lian shook her head secretly.

Even if we haven't experienced it in our own lives, we should have seen similar scenes in our everyday life.

Human energy is ultimately limited; if you take care of one thing, you may not be able to take care of the other, unless you surpass humanity!

So say.

What? The sect leader of the Duxian sect? I don't want to be it at all!

Dealing with all these odds and ends has made her dizzy, if really she was the sect leader, how could she handle it?

In the end, she wouldn't even have time to get closer to the master!

"Elder Martial Sister."

At that moment, the call from the Second Martial Sister snapped Bai Lian back to reality.

The sky in the distance was already covered with festive red.

On the peaks, some rode a crane, while others floated in midair. These were visitors to witness the Blood Tree Patriarch's Guafeng Disaster.

"Let's go."

Bai Lian waved.

Led by her, with An Lan excluded, the six members of the Qiongming Peak lined up neatly and flew towards Yunluo Peak Conference Hall.

Today's ceremony was very lively.

The four great sects sent two representatives each.

The people of Thousand Sword City are not very familiar with Bai Lian, and the Elder Chen Fuchang has not been caring about worldly affairs since he went into seclusion.

The leader of the Yaochi Holy Mountain is the saintess sisters whom Bai Lian met a few times in Heluo last time.

The former saintess had a calm demeanor, and from afar she saw Bai Lian and smiled, nodding in greeting.

The former saintess's younger sister was still hiding behind her elder sister, her gaze never leaving Bai Lian.

Does it look like she is staring hard at me?

However, she didn't do anything else apart from that.

The little girl's dissatisfaction with Bai Lian disappeared after she saw Bai Lian's hand-to-hand combat with Nishang.

Her sister is right.

Bai Lian is a very gentle person.

She looked really mean, but when she was about to defeat Nishang, she was extremely "gentlemanly."

The little girl doesn't think she is the kind of troublemaker. She has no reason to continue to be hostile to Bai Lian.

"The saintess, long time no see."

Bai Lian, who passed in front of the seats of the people of Yaochi Holy Mountain, greeted them.


The little girl was startled by Bai Lian's sudden action.

She She...

She actually greeted me with the formal title of "Saintess"?!


As the Saintess of Yaochi Holy Mountain, she could not tarnish the prestige of the sect.

"Bai Bai Bai..."

The little girl replied quickly.

But due to being too nervous, she shouted the name for half a day without finishing.

She had to change her words because she was so angry that she was almost out of breath.

She remembered that Bai Lian was the Elder Martial Sister of the Duxian Sect.

"Elder Elder Elder..."

Due to tension, the little girl stammered directly.

Ah ↑ ↗ Ah →


Her face immediately turned bright red, like she had had too much wine.

It's over.

She had lost the face of Yaochi Holy Mountain!

The little girl was ashamed.

She always tried to follow in her sister's footsteps, but she never quite caught up.

At that moment, a soft palm gently rested on her head.



The young girl looked up and found that the one making the affectionate gesture was Bai Lian.

Beat all.

She didn't make any evasive moves.

Bai Lian smiled and said, "Compared to our last meeting, it seems that your cultivation base has increased a lot."

Her voice, like a clear spring, filled the young girl's heart.

In fact, she neededn't do so.

But... the system had published the task.

[Task 1: Walk straight past the Saintess (Reward: +2 Focus)]

[Task 2: Distract the saintess with words of praise (Reward: +1 Soft Skill).]

Both tasks have no risk and it is obviously more cost-effective to choose Task 1.

But Bai Lian is a good person.

So she chose Task 2.

A little more Focus, a little less Focus, makes little difference for her now.

The words of Bai Lian made the trembling little girl quickly calm down.

Bai Lian is right.

She has changed!

The last time she saw Bai Lian, she had just broken through to the Foundation Establishment Stage. Now she has reached the later-stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage. Her speed of cultivation is already amazing.

The little girl raised her head solemnly and spoke.

"You're not bad either!"

Just as she had finished speaking, the former saintess tapped her bottom lightly.

Good manners!

The former saintess smiled and said, "White Emperor Bai Lian, my sister is a straightforward and quick-witted person...."

Bai Lian nodded gently.

Although it was just a passing encounter, she understood from her own experience.

This little saintess is a simple-minded person!

They exchanged pleasantries for a moment, then Bai Lian and her Martial Sisters headed to the area where the Qiongming Peak disciples were assigned.

Ling Xuan was the last one to finish.

When she passed by the little saintess, she couldn't stop herself and went up closer to take a look.

This young girl is almost the same age, yet she is already a saintess of her sect. How amazing!

The little girl was savoring the feeling of Bai Lian touching her earlier.

It's crisp.

It's like getting an electric shock.

It isn't scary, but instead so comfortable that she can't help but hug her legs and tense her body.

Just as she was thinking, a face suddenly appeared in front of her, making her jump in surprise.

"What are you doing?"

The little girl took a step back.

Ling Xuan said seriously, "I'll just take a look."

She just wanted to have a look and didn't mean to play with the little girl.

She doesn't like to play, she just wants to fight her Elder Martial Sister Jade Rabbit.

Be rather baffling.

Considering her identity, the little girl kept her thoughts to herself.

Suddenly, the jade rabbit turned around and rolled up Ling Xuan with its ears.

"Don't dawdle."

The little girl looked past the jade rabbit's pale blue ears.