The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 3 Part 2

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Chapter 3: Could It Be That Bai Lian Is the Witch Queen? (2)

If Xianyuan Emperor really wanted to kill him, he would not send Yue Wuyang, who was not as strong as him, down here.

Moreover, the time between them was a bit too long, it has been thousands of years since the chaos happened in Rainbow Realm.

Jiang Jing calmed down.

"It looks like there is something of value to Xianyuan Emperor in the East Divine Land!"

He guessed.

According to the current intelligence obtained, it is known that Yue Wuyang's successful arrival at the East Divine Land is closely related to Bai Lian.

There is no doubt about that.

Kite proved this to the world with his life.

The Shadow Guards from Heluo Country, as well as many other cultivators were all witnesses.

Before Jiang Jing had also speculated about which reincarnated Immortal Emperor Bai Lian was, now he had a terrifying guess in his heart.

Among the numerous Immortal Emperors on good terms with Xianyuan Emperor, there was one indomitable empress.

Witch Queen, the ruler of the Witch Sect!

That female empress is both in terms of strength and aptitude not below Xianyuan Emperor.

She acted decisively and ruthlessly.

If Bai Lian is truly the fearsome Witch Queen, then there's nothing he can say. In the future, just take a detour when seeing any of Bai Lian and Yue Wuyang.

Provoke them?

He can't afford it!

Witch Queen is one of the most formidable powers recognized in the Immortal World.

She lived in Witch Realm, encircled by a cluster of big stars. Without doing anything, the vastness she exuded from her body was enough to shock all existence!

The Witch Queen's power is already top of the world, her character is even sharper than a gun.

Whoever provokes her will be retaliated against by her.

Once, a demigod-level pervert spoke disrespectful words to the statue of the Witch Queen. Within a few days, the Demigod was chained up with chains by Witch Queen and taken back to the Witch Sect.

I heard you like foot?

Satisfy you.

That pervert was literally tortured to death by Witch Queen's bare feet.

It is said that under intense friction, not a single piece of flesh on his body was intact and his soul was torn into millions of pieces and gradually extinguished.


"Guess is just a guess!"

After experiencing the turmoil in Rainbow Realm, Jiang Jing's character became much more steady.

In order to verify his guess, he possessed the body of a green-eyed cultivator of the Tianluo Gate, and then followed other people of the Tianluo Gate to visit the Duxian sect.

He finally saw Bai Lian.

He realized that he couldn't fight Bai Lian.


Jiang Jing was silent.

Witch Queen knows how to refine materials, but she didn't rely on this to become an Immortal Emperor.

However, hho can guarantee that Witch Queen isn't hiding her true strength?

And he has been away from the Immortal World for a thousand years. During this time, it is possible that Witch Queen has become a Heavenly Lord.


Jiang Jing's body suddenly trembled.

His reaction was intense, but fortunately everyone's attention was on Bai Lian and she seemed to be deeply immersed in refining the weapon, so no one noticed his abnormality.

He suddenly realized a very serious issue just now.

If Bai Lian was Witch Queen and Witch Queen had become a Heavenly Lord, then why would a Heavenly Lord need to be reincarnated? Is there something that even a Heavenly Lord also values?

[The blank way of the Great Tao!]

This idea suddenly popped out of Jiang Jing's head.

Every ninety-nine "Yuans", the Immeasurable Disaster is accompanied by a blank way of the Great Tao.

Whoever grasps the blank way of the Great Tao will be able to break through the limits and become an Immortal respected throughout the ages!

Jiang Jing shouted out because he discovered that the blank way of the Great Tao may be in the East Divine Land.

Who wouldn't want to become a Faramita Immortal, living as long as Heaven and Earth?


Actually the probability is not high, but it is not completely impossible.

There is no better way to take revenge in front of Witch Queen than to steal the blank way of the Great Tao from her and become a Faramita Immortal!

Ha ha ha...


Jiang Jing took a deep breath.

Now is not the time to be excited, he needs to stay calm!

No matter whether Bai Lian is the Witch Queen or not, she is a very tricky opponent and it is impossible to get an advantage over her by being rash.

Jiang Jing had no plan of getting close to Bai Lian, mainly because Bai Lian had a close relationship with Yue Wuyang.

Just as Jiang Jing was lost in thought, other people of the Tianluo Gate went up to greet Bai Lian's avatar one after another.

Bai Lian's silly avatar couldn't form long sentences at once, so she just nodded with an expressionless face and occasionally said "Not bad" or "You're too kind".

During this time, Bai Lian's avatar also didn't stop. She fed a few pieces of refining material to Yu Ying Sword from time to time, just like a mom feeding milk to her daughter attentively.

It's so terrible!

Jiang Jing, who watched from a close distance, could feel the "terrible" of Bai Lian even more.

Those forging materials were as obedient as a lapdog in Bai Lian's hands.

Undoubtedly, this is the power of Tao.

Bai Lian!

Although your strength is extraordinary, and you are likely to be the reincarnated Witch Queen, I, Jiang Jing, am not a dough to be kneaded by you at will.

You are in the open, I am in the shadows, this is my biggest reliance!

When I find the Godly Beast, I will overturn your chessboard and make you understand that there is no undefeated chess player in this world.

Jiang Jing swore in his heart.

Soon after, he followed the people of the Tianluo Gate to Yunluo Peak.