The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3: Could It Be That Bai Lian Is the Witch Queen? (1)

The Immortal World is located at the center of all the small worlds and realms. It's often referred to as the "Upper Realm".


Compared to any other small world dwelling in the "Lower Realm," the Immortal World is far more grand and majestic.

Especially in the Nine heavens of the Immortal World, there are constantly emitting a Primordial Breath. Even Immortal Emperor competes to set up a paradise for cultivation here.

But there are too many small worlds in the universe.

No masterpiece is superior to the beauty that combines countless small worlds together.

Every once in a while, immortals from the Immortal World will actively find ways to reincarnate and start a new life in these small worlds.

Be willing to give up what you have now, so that you can reach for an even more attractive future!

Jiang Jing came to the East Divine Land with this thought in mind.

Before he came to this small world.

He used to be a cultivator in Rainbow Realm, but he was not an ordinary cultivator.

He was a Demigod.

He was a famous Immortal Beast Master.

He was the elder of several top immortal sects in Rainbow Realm.

But the good times were not long.

The ambitious Xianyuan Emperor established the Heavenly Court.

Heavenly Court, with the power of heaven, administering rewards and punishments to all!

Xianyuan Emperor gathered a few Immortal Emperors who were almost equally as powerful and they formed an alliance and attacked around the Heavenly Court.

The hatred between Jiang Jing and Yue Wuyang was sealed in this war that had lasted for decades.

Xianyuan Emperor wanted to turn himself into a horseman to raise his demonic beast mounts, but Jiang Jing didn't want to serve him.

To know that he had already stepped into the realm of Immortal Emperor with one foot.

He was a Demigod! How could a Demigod raise demon beasts for others?

Jiang Jing killed many people from the Heavenly Court, but his and Rainbow Realm's overall strength is still far less than the alliance of several Immortal Emperors.

Fortunately, Green Moon Sword Venerable passed by Rainbow Realm accidentally.

Someone was fighting?

Green Moon Sword Venerable burst out laughing.

He is good at stopping a quarrel!

He brandished his sword.

Then all the people of the Rainbow Immortal Sect and the Witch Sect, who were originally fighting fiercely, were slashed into fragments fiercely.

The sky was red with blood. Nobody survived.

With this, no one would swear or curse, and no one would fight over minor disputes.

Everyone turned into meat sauce, squeezing into a ball, never to be separated from each other.

Upon receiving the news, Emperor Xianyuan immediately summoned a group of people to fight Green Moon Sword Venerable.

In the end, Green Moon Sword Venerable defeated them all!

With one against four, Green Moon Sword Venerable's attack became increasingly fierce.

Xianyuan Emperor and others had to temporarily evacuate from Rainbow Realm.

Their alliance was not close.

Who knew if anyone else would use underhanded tactics when fighting with Green Moon Sword Venerable?

Jiang Jing thought the disaster of Rainbow Realm was over.

But Green Moon Sword Venerable was a madman.

His fighting will hadn't been satisfied, how could he leave easily?

The people of the Heavenly Court ran off, so he turned over and slaughtered several major sects of the Rainbow Realm.

Jiang Jing was very lucky.

He barely escaped death at the hands of Green Moon Sword Venerable. Fortunately, he was saved by his Beast God Bone which he used to control demon beasts. At the last moment, he dove into his Beast God Bone and flew through the world with its power.

He survived, but his cultivation base was close to completely extinguished.

This experience made Jiang Jing deeply understand what is meant by "If you can't be an Immortal Emperor, you are just an ant".

He is eager to become strong.

Therefore, when his Beast God Bone pointed out the direction of the East Divine Land, implying that there was a Godly Beast, he resolutely renounced his immortal foundation and chose to start anew in the East Divine Land.

It has been nearly a thousand years since he was reborn here.

However, due to most of his time spent in deep sleep recovering from his spiritual wound, Jiang Jing only spent about two hundred years cultivating.

He visited many places in the East Divine Land over the last two hundred years.

Although there was no substantial gain, he was utterly certain that the sensing of his Beast God Bone was correct.

The most direct evidence actually relates to the Duxian sect.

Last year.

A Qing Luan Divine Bird rose from the Duxian sect and flew into the red sun.


Bai Lian drove a Green Dragon across Yaoxia Bay.

The Green Dragon and Qing Luan are both Godly Beasts, rarely seen even in the Immortal World, yet they both appear in the East Divine Land.

If there was nothing special about it, Jiang Jing would have swallowed himself on the spot!

Nevertheless, considering the fame of Bai Lian, Jiang Jing would not dare to come to the Duxian Sect to look for trouble.

Take his time.

He still has a long lifespan, plenty of time to spare.

But then something unexpected happened.

That day.

Jiang Jing was exploring a certain relic under the boundless sea, when suddenly he received news related to Heluo Country.

He had not really taken it to heart until "Yue Wuyang" suddenly jumped into his ears; he was so shocked he didn't speak for half a day.

This name is too familiar to him!

After all, Yue Wuyang is a disciple of Xianyuan Emperor and also participated in the invasion war of Rainbow Realm.

She was an arrogant woman.

She liked to walk with her barefoot.

At first glance, you could feel the power of the "giant bear" from her!

Even though she didn't mention the name Xianyuan Emperor when she spoke, Jiang Jing could be sure that it was the same Yue Wuyang he was familiar with.

At that moment, he was a little flustered.

Xianyuan Emperor would never do anything without a purpose, so why did he send Yue Wuyang down? Is she coming to kill him?

But Jiang Jing soon calmed down.

His guess is unreasonable!