The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Chapter 2: Everyone Has a Bright Future (1)

Bai Lian has seen a lot of cases where all parties fight fiercely due to uneven distribution.

In history, there have been countless such events.

However, she doesn't have to take a lesson from here.

Some plots of the game "The Battle of the Gods" further alerted her!

A certain game sideline.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian drifted among her Martial Sisters like the wind, and was about to unlock the final happy end.

One day, all the Martial Sisters gathered together and very reluctantly began to discuss how to arrange their "post-marriage" life with Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

The atmosphere of the meeting is naturally not that great, but generally it is still quite harmonious.

The CG, which looked like a family gathering is even more satisfying to the players who enjoy this game.

Chest, chest, chest...

Legs, legs, legs...

"Foot, foot, foot..."


But within minutes, the player's excited cheers turned into cold mockery of themselves.

Everything is rooted in Xiao Jinse's words.

She pressed her hands down and interrupted the argument among her Martial Sisters, then began to expound her own opinion.

In brief:

[It is well known that "waterways" are full of dangers!]

The "river" is deep and long, the aquatic vegetation is lush, and it is difficult to sail a boat there.

[I, Xiao Jinse, as the Second Elder Martial Sister of the Qiongming Peak, have the responsibility and duty to take the lead and go ahead of the other Martial Sisters to open a better future by entering the waterway first!]

Her words instantly aroused the anger of the attending Martial Sisters.

Why are you taking the lead?!

They had been following Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian for quite a while, what "fighting technique" had they not learned?

If you asked them to become generals in charge of the whole situation, they would probably feel very insecure, but they are impossible to reject the role of taking the lead.

If Xiao Jinse had only said that, things wouldn't have been too bad.

She still insisted on upholding the majesty of the Second Elder Martial Sister to command the other Martial Sisters.

[It's difficult to fight in the "dry road", but the third Martial Sister, you should be able to compete for this task.]

[As for the mission of "taking the high ground", "forming a downhill attack position", I think they should be assigned to the fourth and fifth Martial Sister!]


Why should I listen to your command?

The "family gathering" instantly became a "boxing match"!

The Martials Sisters started a fierce fight.

In this unparalleled war, the one who laughed the last was the fifth Martial Sister Ling Xuan.

Close combat is close combat, and Lin Xuan is best at it.

Ling Xuan, who has the reputation of being a [Martial Arts God], killed her three Elder Martial Sisters one by one with her fists!

"I'm so scared!"

Actually, it's not just this side storyline that's scary, there are a lot of similar storylines for the other storylines in the game as well.

How should we divide Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian among us?

If we can't divide the Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian into five equal parts.

Then we have to kill off all the other competitors so there's no need to worry about this.

Bai Lian quietly wiped the sweat away.

Fortunately, she is now cultivating the True Secret of 500 Million Dharma Bodies!

Faced with the appeals of the jade rabbit and the Fifth Martial Sister, Bai Lian held back her strength and coalesced two new avatars.


Bai Lian groaned and her face flushed. She was almost drained of energy by coalescing two new avatars.

It's really a cultivation method of the Creation Level. It's not easy to cultivate it.

Maybe only after she has reached the Human Immortal level that she could create more avatars easily.

The jade rabbit was so happy because no one excluded her.

Su Hong Yi was nervous and uneasy, thinking that she would encounter some challenges, but in the end nothing happened.

It is actually very easy to understand.

The Fourth Martial Sister has an attitude of indifference.

Her heart is like a clear mirror, thinking that other Elder Martial Sisters are the same as her.

"We are all good and pure people, how could we do anything inappropriate to Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's avatar?"

That's a bit too lowbrow!

The fifth Martial Sister didn't even care about it anymore.


She loves Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's embrace the most, so every evening she could snuggle up in Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's arms and sleep in peace.

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😞)

Apart from this, she doesn't need anything else.

As for the second Martial Sister...

In the end, she held a feeling of gratitude.

"What can I do? She is also one of my Martial Sisters after all."

Just keep one eye open and one eye closed.

In fact, Hong Yi Martial Sister looked more honest and steady than the third Martial Sister, so there should be no need to worry about her.

It's a great pleasure!

"What about me?"

Seeing that it was going to end like this, Tong Yao jumped out.

She wants Elder Martial Sister's avatar too...

Bai Lian had a resolute attitude.

She was here to urge her Martial Sisters to cultivate well, hoping that they could achieve excellent results in the sect's competition next year, rather than to give gifts.

Tong Yao is not a member of the Qiongming Peak, why should she give her an avatar too?

Isn't that just making more trouble for herslef?

Even though the Martial Sister had no objections, she couldn't help feeling uneasy.

Isn't this equivalent to arming the enemy?


Let Tong Yao play by herself!

But things shouldn't be said too plainly.

Bai Lian said, "Martial Sister Tong Yao, this is the internal affairs of our the Qiongming Peak; after all, you are not one of us."

Tong Yao was unhappy and said, "I am an off-staff member of the Qiongming Peak!"

Bai Lian sighed, "Well, if Master Qin accepts your identity, then I..."

"I'm going right now!"

Before Bai Lian could finish speaking, Tong Yao had already strode down the Qiongming Peak with nimble steps.

Bai Lian quietly shook her head, "Alright, I have said what I need to say. From now on, you must make use of your time to cultivate, not for me, but for yourselves!"


In a chorus of cheers, the meeting was thus dispersed.

Unfortunately, happiness is for everyone except Tong Yao.

After Bai Lian returned to the room, she didn't forget to use her Divine Sense to observe Tong Yao and found that she was caught by Master Qin as soon as she opened her mouth.

"Rebel, are you going to betray your master?"

Tong Yao had been grounded for this.

Master Qin, I support you!

Bai Lian cheered.


Xiao Jinse was very excited.

This trip served as a trial of her strength, and she has improved significantly. Now is a great opportunity for her to showcase herself in front of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

Without saying a word, she took Bai Lian's avatar to the back hill for sparring.

This was an extremely fierce battle!

Bai Lian deliberately suppressed the power of her avatar to be on par with the Second Martial Sister.

When they first started sparring, she was able to dominate the Second Martial Sister with her rich experience gained through various battles.

As time passed, the gifted Xiao Jinse gradually adapted to the offensive pace of Bai Lian's avatar.

There was an opportunity!