The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 17 Part 3

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Chapter 17: Bai Lian, Let's Go Home (3)

Go, Bai Lian!

Bai Lian took a deep breath.

It's almost time.

The life force injected into her body by Xia Qingqing reassembled her broken body, but she was not only damaged physically, but spiritually as well.

If she stood for a bit longer, she was very likely to pass out directly.

She couldn't let Ying Shi and others saw her weak side.

"Master," Bai Lian whispered, "let's go home."


An Lan froze.

She soon realized what Bai Lian was referring to, the Qiongming Peak.

Her heart softened right away.

The words she prepared to scold Bai Lian were all thrown away by her secretly.

When Bai Lian has fully recovered, put those things back into her body again!

An Lan nodded, "Well, let's go home!"

After she uttered the sentence, without saying goodbye to anyone, she flew towards the Duxian Sect with Bai Lian's body held above her head using her spirit Qi.

Very fast.

In just a few moments, she and Bai Lian's figures completely disappeared in the setting sun that was about to sink beneath the sea level.

Xia Guiyuan shook his head.

He hasn't thanked Bai Lian yet.

Forget it.

Once the reconstruction of the Tianji sect is complete, he will personally go to the Duxian sect to express his gratitude.

"Haiya." Xia Guiyuan called out the name of Zhao Haiya, "Let's go back."

Zhao Haiya arched his hand and said, "Master, I have something else to do. Can you..."



Xia Guiyuan said, "Ok, take care of yourself. Goodbye."

"Thank you, Master."

Zhao Haiya saw off Xia Guiyuan as he left and after bidding him farewell, the black turtle also headed home.

When the sun got low.

One crack after another appeared on the ice surface stretching for thousands of miles.

The cracking explosions were incessant to the ears, but this didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the cultivators searching for Qingxu.

"Saintess, do you think the master of White Emperor Bai Lian is too..."

Ying Shi puckered her lips discontentedly, "Don't call me Saintess! You..."

She shook her head helplessly.

"In fact, White Emperor Bai Lian has a good relationship with her master. You see, when Master An Lan scolded White Emperor Bai Lian, White Emperor Bai Lian was not angry at all."

"Isn't that because White Emperor Bai Lian respected her master?"

"The eyes, the eyes! The eyes of White Emperor Bai Lian were so soft. This feeling can't be explained by a simple sentence of 'respect the master'."

"That's right."


Ying Shi stared intently at the huge, blood-red sunset.

Bai Lian's sword cutting the sea monster left a deep impression on her, but what she remembered more clearly was Bai Lian's cute behavior in front of An Lan.

"So White Emperor Bai Lian is not always cold."

Ying Shi smiled with her eyes closed.

The past Bai Lian made her feel very distant, like a fairy stepping out of a painting.

Now Bai Lian is like an older sister next door, approachable and easy to get along with.

She will also be angry.

She will also be aggrieved.

She is often scolded so severely that she dare not retaliate.

She is not a mere symbol but someone who could appear in our midst.

Ying Shi cannot decide which image is better, but if she had to make a choice, she would definitely choose the current Bai Lian.

Obviously most people around her thought that way.

Someone sighed.

"Her beauty is so outstanding. I probably won't be surprised to see any more beautiful women in the future."

"I just hate that I am not a disciple of the Duxian sect."

The noise lasted almost a quarter of an hour before it dispersed along with the floating ice chunks on the sea.

Ying Shi left, and the others followed.


A veil of fog slowly emerged on the sea.

The fog enveloped Ruomu and Zhao Haiya who had been delayed in.

"Why don't you go?"

The emotionless sound rang out.


Why didn't I leave?

Zhao Haiya remembered what his Martial Sister Xia had said to him before saying goodbye.

It was those words that pulled him out of the depths of self-doubt and gave him renewed strength.

He thanked Martial Sister Xia, but he was more thankful to Bai Lian.

Because what Martial Sister Xia had said was related to White Emperor Bai Lian.

After she asked him not to leak the information, Martial Sister Xia told him that White Emperor Bai Lian's true cultivation base was only at the Transcendency Stage.

"Isn't it incredible? But that's the truth."


Just as Martial Sister Xia said, it's incredible.

After the shock, it is still shock.

According to Martial Sister Xia, White Emperor Bai Lian was able to defeat a sea monster with just a Transcendency Stage cultivation base!

"With her body as the container, she put all the strength of the Immortal Spirit Stones into the sea monster."

"It is not her strength but her heart that makes her really strong."

"Even in the face of seemingly invincible opponents, as long as it's for justice, she will never flinch."

A brave heart?

When Zhao Haiya carefully considered the words that Martial Sister Xia said, he suddenly realized that he had gone off track.


He was always bothered by his own lack of strength, yet he had forgotten his true pursuit.

Kill demons?


That's just a means.

Let people laugh and reach the other shore is his true purpose!

He was stupid, really.

The reason he was attracted to and actively followed Bai Lian was not because of her status and power.

It was Bai Lian's tireless attitude of helping every person in need that deeply touched him.

"Don't neglect to be good."

The true strength lies in the strength of the heart!

In the cultivation world, it is completely sensible that those with a weak heart have no chance of entering the realm of the Immortal Emperor.

"I understand!"

Zhao Haiya looked up.


Roumu looked at him with confusion.

Zhao Haiya said, "I had hoped to sign a contract with you like Martial Sister Xia, and gain the strength to suppress all injustice in the world."

"What about now?"

"No need." Zhao Haiya smiled. "That's not the way I pursue."

Ruomu nodded.

If Zhao Haiya really proposed such a request, it wouldn't agree either.

You can't just sign a contract because you want to!



Zhao Haiya spun around and marched out of the mist.

He stood on the sea surface and looked far into Qingxu, feeling exceedingly comfortable.

The setting sun cast a golden halo around him, making him look as if he were bathed in divine light.

"It's different."

Ruomu thought.

At this moment, Zhao Haiya seemed ready to ascend and leave the world at any time.

Perhaps signing a contract with him is also a good choice?

This year.

The East Divine Land.

Zhao Haiya took on the path of gathering disciples.

It was also the spring of this year.

By the Wei River.

He encountered Gongliang Shu, the notorious villain who betrayed Thousand Sword City and massacred the snake dragon in the game.

The East Divine Land is not the domain of just one person. On this vibrant land, countless people's stories are being written and told.


The sky was full of stars and moons.

The road home was somewhat long, but this distance was something An Lan had deliberately drawn out.

If she directly tears through space with her cultivation base, it will take no more than twenty seconds to get back to the Qiongming Peak.

But she didn't want to do that.

There are too many people in the Duxian Sect, and too many people on the Qiongming Peak.

Once she brings Bai Lian back there, there will be a multitude of people rushing in.

Even though she is the master of Bai Lian, she sometimes gets pushed aside.

Is that good?

Of course not!

Regardless of the past and future, at least now, An Lan just wanted to spend more time alone with Bai Lian.

She turned her head.

Bai Lian, leaning against her and with eyes closed, looked like she had fallen asleep.

"Do you know how worried I am when I can't feel your presence?"

An Lan sighed.

She reached out and touched Bai Lian's cheek softly, as if caressing a piece of premium porcelain.

Bai Lian's body still feels cold.


She likes it.

Because this is the temperature of Bai Lian!

An Lan continued to mutter:

"For you, I even broke my favorite cup."

"Let me worry so much. Do you think I should hit you?"

"When you are in danger, even if you don't consider it for me, you should also consider it for your Martial Sisters."

"In short, you villain, don't do this again next time!"

As An Lan was talking, she scrunched up her face to glare at Bai Lian.

Bai Lian, who was asleep, naturally couldn't respond.

But this was exactly the result An Lan wanted, if Bai Lian was awake, she wouldn't even dare to say it.

After a long time.

She suddenly sighed, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't hit you anyway."

She poked Bai Lian's cheeks until a smile appeared before she stopped.

"I regard it as you have forgiven me!"


This is it.

An Lan nodded.

She was nearly a head shorter than Bai Lian, so it felt a bit awkward for her to pick Bai Lian up in a princess carry.

After thinking it through, she put Bai Lian on her own back.

"Have a good sleep," An Lan said in a low voice. "We will be home when the day breaks."


Fly to the end of the world.