The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 17 Part 2

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Chapter 17: Bai Lian, Let's Go Home (2)

But Bai Lian was too scared to really refute An Lan.

One who would dare to stroke the butt of an angry little tiger at this point is not a warrior but a fool!

"I was wrong," she said.


Here she did this again.

An Lan curled her lips disdainfully.

Do you really think I will fall for your trick?

She said, "Don't always think you can carry everything. Your current strength is far from enough!"

"Yes, Master."

This time Bai Lian's apology was truly sincere.

She certainly has a lot of shortcomings.

The recent experience also made her realize deeply the power of people.

It is the persistence of everyone that made Green Emperor famous.

It was the cheers of all that allowed Green Emperor to fly into the sky without regret.


An Lan grunted coldly.

She wanted to continue reprimanding Bai Lian.

But considering Bai Lian's reputation, she didn't say other words.

So An Lan changed her angle to launch a new attack against Bai Lian.

"I have said many times, don't always think about controlling the situation by some small means. This time you have successfully solved the problem, but next time? You can control it this time, can you control it for a lifetime? As long as you make a mistake, everything you have gained before will be gone!"

An Lan became furious like she was about to devour Bai Lian.

When you look closer, you can see a hint of nostalgia in her eyes.

Keeping an eye on An Lan's movements all the time, Bai Lian understood in an instant.

The master is recalling her past!

She lowered her head and looked at the Heavenly Lord's Lance she was holding.

Bai Lian don't know what the Master experienced in her past life, nor does she know when the Master will be able to unseal the true power of the Heavenly Lord's Lance again.


She just hoped Yue Wuyang wouldn't notice her master this time.

Bai Lian opened her mouth and said, "Shifu..."

At that moment, a loud cry so loud it was deafening came from directly ahead.

"Sure enough, ha ha, sure enough!"


All of them, including An Lan, directed their gaze towards the merperson who was simultaneously spewing blood and laughter wildly.

Is this guy brain damaged?

The merperson's brain isn't damaged.

But he felt that he was not far from true madness.

An Lan's words completely woke it up.

Small tactics=Underhanded schemes=Traps!

Ha ha ha ha.

At this moment it all makes perfect sense.

It's Bai Lian.

All of them are because of Bai Lian.

Using Bai Lian's past actions as evidence, it is clear that the so-called flaw just now was just a trap that Bai Lian deliberately set up!

As for why Bai Lian set a trap.

It's simple.

You can understand it in a little detail.

If one were a common person, they might become lax after slaying the sea monster.

But Bai Lian is different.

She is a careful woman.

She would consider ten steps further before she took one step.

Although she cannot figure out its existence, it doesn't stop her from having doubts.

Since there is one sea monster causing trouble, is there possibly a second sea monster hiding in the shadows?


Of course, you won't get the right answer just by guessing.

So Bai Lian set a trap.

Come on, cheat.

Come on, sneak attack!

She pretended to be severely injured and totally immersed in other things, but secretly her people had already been contacted to prepare for a sneak attack.

The merperson grimaced.

Sadly he didn't understand anything then and stupidly stumbled out.

What's even more pitiful is that it fell for Bai Lian's scheme, yet it still proudly believes that it has successfully fooled everyone.

Hope collapses and despair comes!


It's too sad.

After the feeling of sadness comes intense anger.

"Bai Lian, you insidious villain, ah ah, you are clearly invincible, why do you use such mean means to cheat me out!"

The merperson shouted out loud.

It doesn't like it.

If it were a bit smarter, it wouldn't have to die here.

But everything is late.

As its blood and tears rolled, lightning danced in the sky.


Bai Lian shook her head.

I really didn't plan for this to happen, it's just a coincidence!


Actually, it can't be called a coincidence. It's just your bad luck that you met my master.

Bai Lian shrugged.

Seeing Bai Lian shake her head in denial, the merperson became even crazier.

Its gaze wandered between Bai Lian and An Lan.

"Bitch! Don't you dare to admit it? Ha ha ha, I'm standing here. You come to kill me and stab me with the lance in your hand!"

Before Bai Lian could say a word, Ying Shi spoke first and began to scold.

"Villain, shut your mouth!"

Others also joined in the scolding for the merperson.


"Sea monsters are still just a kind of brainless monster. After all these years, you are still disgusting villains!"

"You killed humans in the past, it's a natural thing that you will be killed by us!"

"Fuck you!"


Bai Lian was unmoved.


The master's lance is so thick, it's already quite good that she can grip it with her current condition; before she could stab it at anyone, her waist would have been broken first.

She gave no response, but An Lan was angered by the merperson's loud shouts.

Are you daring enough to call Bai Lian a bitch?

Die for me!

(╯> д<>

The Heavenly Lord's Lance in Bai Lian's hand flew into the sky.

In a blink of an eye, even before anyone could realize it, the other eye of the merperson had already been pierced.


With a sudden violent tremor, the merperson's body suddenly split into five parts, and the raining blood spread all over the icy surface.

This death scene was much more bloody than when his brother passed away.

But no one was scared, everyone just felt relaxed and at ease.

"Good death!"

"How dare you provoke White Emperor Bai Lian? Oh, you can't live for your sins!"

"White Emperor Bai Lian!"

"The presence of Green Emperor and White Emperor is really the blessing of the East Divine Land!"

"You are right."

"I always thought White Emperor Bai Lian was a sword wielder, but I didn't expect that her real skills were all on that lance!"

"Good lance, good lance!"


I'm not, don't spread rumors! It's all thanks to my master...


After seeing the sudden task ahead of her, Bai Lian completely gave up treatment.

[Task 1: Explain the truth to the people around you - My master is the person who killed the merperson (Reward: the best-grade Spirit Tool - Double Dimension Instrument).]

[Task 2: Remain Silent (Reward: Light Skill +4)]

She understood.

Task 1 is non-negotiable.

Yue Wuyang would be coming soon if she chose it.

Judging from the task reward, it's too risky.

Two words——

Forget it!

Task 2 is different.

Because An Lan had never personally stabbed the merperson with her lance, and the merperson's words were unclear, so other people all thought that the merperson was killed by Bai Lian.

So, even if Yue Wuyang noticed this event, she would not focus her attention on An Lan.


Although the rumors have become increasingly far-fetched, at least she succeeded in shielding her master.

When Bai Lian thought of this, she not only didn't get angry, but instead felt warm all over.

Time flows.

Now she can do more and more for her master.