The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 17 Part 1

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Chapter 17: Bai Lian, Let's Go Home (1)

That is a long and thick lance, roughly twice as big as what the average person could carry.

The lance's barrel was as white as warm jade with cold light glinting on its tip.

Besides this, there were no other fancy decorations on the lance, it would be fair to say that it is quite plain.

Although its look is ordinary, it doesn't hinder this is a lance that has been in many battles, faced many dangers, and killed countless enemies!

The traces of time that have fallen from the lance can reveal something of the past glory.

At this time.

Here it comes.

It stood upright and came with gusts of warm air!

The merperson quickly spun around.

When it tried to twist and dodge, it felt as though it had fallen into a tight cave; the more it twisted, the tighter the cave bound it, so that it couldn't climb out at all.

In the end, it could only watch helplessly as the big lance was forced into its eye socket.



It was as if the Universe had just begun and a fierce explosion from the Sea of Divine Sense caused the merperson's body to completely freeze up.

"..."'s so hot! Take it off quickly...take it off!

The merperson hurriedly raised his right hand to pluck at the hollow in his right eye socket.

At this moment, it was horrified to find that the connection between it and Ruomu had been severed, and the power it had swallowed just now had also all leaked out.


Obviously it's just one step away from being invincible!

It doesn't even need to go through the road, as long as it lingers around at the entrance of the path, it can have power that's comparable to an immortal being.

That's the power of the Immortal.

In the East Divine Land, who dares to kill it? Who can kill it?!

Bai Lian?


She used to be an Immortal Emperor, but that's all in the past, isn't it?

This is already the end of this "Yuan", isn't it boring to listen to Old Woman Bai Lian telling the stories of The Immortal World to everyone yet?!



The biting coldness began to creep up from the soles of his feet.

The merperson's body trembled violently, as if something was about to burst out of its head at any moment.

It could no longer calmly think about the problem.


That was the pain deep into the soul!

Ah ah ↑

It was even more painful than getting bitten by the giant sea monster's tail!

The merperson was furiously rolling in midair.

It doesn't understand.

Why does the path to invincibility always have so many obstacles?

So did the former Sea Emperor.

Now it is the same.


In rage, blood arrows shot out of the merperson's eyes, like arrows from a bow.

It felt as if its head was being set ablaze by the flames, but in the next moment the chill washed over it like a wave.

Guru Guru...

The stimulation from two extremes didn't make the merperson feel happy; it only felt abrasive.

It struggled to get up.

The first thing that caught its eye was Bai Lian standing there.

Bai Lian had a slight smile on her lips and her face looked extremely relaxed.

What confidence and composure, as if nothing in the world could escape her calculation!

Speaking of calculation.


Suddenly, an idea flashed through the merperson's mind.

After getting shot through the head, it became much clearer in its thinking.


The merperson was heavily panting.

It had a terrifying thought come to its mind!

No... no way. It can't be true.

Just as it was lost in its thoughts, Bai Lian across the way let out a sigh of relief.


She was only half a step away from death just now.

That huge pressure has already fallen onto her, and in a moment's time she will be squeezed into a pulp.

Fortunately, a long lance flew in from the sky!

Others couldn't recognize what it was, but Bai Lian remembered it clearly.

In the game, Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian has not been short of "competing" with this smooth Heavenly Lord's Lance, nor has she been short of giving the unruly An Lan a "deep lesson" after seizing the long lance.

"Shifu, you come."

Bai Lian bent down and picked up the Heavenly Lord's Lance that had fallen at his feet.

In this vast world, An Lan rarely encounters opponents that can give her a hard time. Bai Lian, being well aware of this, feels relieved after her appearance.

But after being relieved, what's left is worry.

If her heart was not so securely guarded, those worries would have almost overflowed.

No way, too many!

She risked a great deal without even asking for the help of her master, doesn't that mean she didn't want her to expose her true strength?

Her master is a person who doesn't like to get into trouble; once her true strength is exposed, it will surely attract countless annoying incidents.

So, with the master's mood not good, the time she could be alone with the master would also become less.

Of course.

Bai Lian was more worried that Yue Wuyang would discover her master's true identity.

The Xianyuan Emperor and Witch Queen have boundless power, both of them are top experts in the Immortal World.

They were all defeated under her master before, but to kill the current master? It will be as simple and easy as a piece of cake.


Bai Lian sighed inaudibly.

The master has come and saved her, what else can she say?

She looked up.

After the cold mist flashed, a girl wearing a light blue tucked shirt dress with untidy bangs landed on the back of the black turtle.

It's An Lan.

She had a frosty expression on her face, and she quickly marched up to Bai Lian.


The turtle twisted its head and was about to greet An Lan.

But seeing An Lan raise her right hand high, she then heavily slapped Bai Lian's right cheek.


This slap didn't hold back much, the crisp sound travelling far.

Bai Lian widened her eyes.

The turtle, Zhao Haiya, Xia Guiyuan and Ying Shi were all stunned.

"Who is she? How dare she slap White Emperor Bai Lian?"

"Shut up, that's White Emperor Bai Lian's master!"

"Isn't she just an ordinary cultivator at the Transcendency Stage? If she hadn't picked up the unawakened White Emperor Bai Lian, who could know who she was?"

What the fuck!

Upon hearing this, Bai Lian was startled.

You can eat whatever you want, but you must not speak recklessly.

If the master is annoyed, you will die!

But Bai Lian's worries were completely unnecessary.

Angry An Lan was now filled with only Bai Lian in her mind and had left no room for anyone else.

[Why did I actually hit her?!]

Apologize now?


The Immortal Heavenly Lord never apologizes!

And it was clearly Bai Lian's fault, why did she need to apologize?

In fact, An Lan had been here for a while.

She just kept watching from the shadows.


She glared at Bai Lian more fiercely than before.

That is to say, when she came, Bai Lian had already done "that bad thing" with Xia Qingqing, otherwise, the Heavenly Lord's Lance would have been aiming at Xia Qingqing.

Even so, An Lan was still angry.

That troublemaker called Xia Qingqing should leave quickly, stop giving Bai Lian eye contact for no reason!

I'm so angry!


An Lan shouted angrily and then grabbed Bai Lian by the ear.


Bai Lian immediately put on a pitiful look.

Shewas not mad at An Lan.

You can beat and scold me. I will regard it as a kind of twisted love.

And once I get the chance, I will return this love to your butt in the future!


When Zhao Haiya saw this scene, he was shocked.

The little girl (An Lan) beats the elder girl (Bai Lian).

Is this really not reversed?

He has seen every kind of scene, but this one he hasn't seen before!

Right now, An Lan was very close to Bai Lian. If she just moved a little bit closer diagonally, her chest would touch Bai Lian's chest.

However, An Lan was still a person who knew limits. They could do it in her own cave, not at this place!

She just scolded, "I said it many times. If you go out, you must tell me in advance!"


You never said it!