The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 16 Part 3

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Chapter 16: May the Spirit of Our People, Passed on Through Generations (3)

What have you learned?

She didn't have time to analyze Zhao Haiya's inner thoughts, because Xia Qingqing was about to disappear in the horizon with the power of Ruomu's light.

She looked up.

Looking at Xia Qingqing's petite figure, she thought to herself.

Miss Xia, I won't make you wait too long.

I will bring the master back to the Immortal World at the fastest speed, so you won't need to guard the ancient starry sky road anymore!

Xia Qingqing also raised her head.

She was so close to the starry sky that it seemed as if she could just reach out and pluck the stars down.

Someone once said to her——

[ Every person on the ground corresponds to a star in the sky.]

She doesn't know where the star she corresponds to is.

She doesn't know where the stars corresponding to those friends who once fought side by side with her are.

"My friends, can I see you again?"

"It should be very difficult."

Xia Qingqing shook her head.

"You once said to me that your wish is that our people will continue to live in this world forever."

"You can rest assured. Our efforts at that time were not in vain. After 100000 years, our future generations will still encounter various disasters, but they are far better off than we were at that time."

"Their footprints are all over the East Divine Land. They have built many powerful clans. They have the opportunity to decide their own destiny. They..."

"All in all."

Xia Qingqing raised her right hand high.

High five.

Clasp hands with her friends already buried in the river of time.

Just like in the past.

This time there is less excitement, and more loneliness.

Xia Qingqing shouted at the sky, almost making her throat hoarse.

"Achieved! Our wish has finally been achieved!"

That phrase "achieved" pierced through thick clouds and piercing gusts of wind, echoing in the blue sky.

There was a thick life force contained within the sound that instantly swept away the fatigue on Ying Shi and the others.

This is the time.

Suddenly, the turtle charged in front of Bai Lian and let out a loud shout towards the sky in a solemn manner.

"Green Emperor, thank you for your contribution to the peace of the boundless sea!"

The turtle's thanks come from his heart.

If it weren't for the Green Emperor, it would have long ago died in the cruel hands of sea monsters.

In its heart, Green Emperor is an equal saviour to An Lan.


Bai Lian paused for a moment.

How infuriating. I didn't remember to say it before Master Turtle!

Then she shouted out together with Zhao Haiya.

"Green Emperor, thank you for your contribution to the peace of the East Divine Land. We are waiting for you to come back!"

Green Emperor?

This word was really too catchy, and all the cultivators around heard it.

Qingxu, woman, shrouded in green light, the towering tree...


Ying Shi firmly clenched her fist.

Who else could it be besides Ruomu and Green Emperor?

She should have thought of it.

In a moment, the deeds of Green Emperor surged into Ying Shi's mind.

She idolizes Green Emperor just as she idolizes Bai Lian.

What else to hesitate about?

She doesn't know what Green Emperor is going to do, but it doesn't matter at all.

Just shout!

Ying Shi once again takes the lead to shout.

"Senior Green Emperor, we will wait for you to come back!"

After she shouted, the people of Yaochi Holy Mountain also followed her.

Then more and more people joined them and shouted together.


Under the starry sky opened up by Ruomu's power.

Millions of voices converged together and finally, like sword Qi bursting through the sky, nothing could stop it.

This sound finally caught Xia Qingqing's attention.

The girl lowered her head in amazement.

She could no longer see the people below.

But this didn't stop her from feeling the warmth from those people.

How nice!

No matter what era she is in, she has a lot of people supporting her.

She can now say loudly that she doesn't regret it.

No matter how many choices she makes, she will always take this path.

"Wait for me to come back!"

Xia Qingqing waved to the whole East Divine Land.

This moment.

The fireworks spread on the icefield emitted more captivating flowers.

Bai Lian took a deep breath.

Though they were far apart, she seemed to still be able to see Xia Qingqing.

Bon voyage, Miss Xia!


She is gone.

Ruomu flashed back in its mind to its first meeting with Xia Qingqing.

That was one day 100000 years ago.

A girl with a single-minded pursuit of death walked along the riverbank.

The rain dampened the young girl's clothing, running down her neck.



But the girl seemed unaware.

The girl would have never encountered it originally.

But when she arrived near a turbulent place, a mysterious force descended, suddenly bridging the gap between reality and fiction.

The girl stepped into the black water and the blue water in her confusion.

Actually, even this way the girl couldn't walk up to it.

After all, the road was filled with fog, and the girl had no cultivation base, so she would soon fall back to reality.

Something magical happened again.

Just as the girl knelt to the ground, lost and doubting life, a pale hand suddenly stretched out of the thick fog, gently grasping the girl's wrist.

"Follow me."

It was a very gentle voice.

Under the guidance of the mysterious woman, the girl walked through the thick fog until she finally reached it.

This is the story of its meeting with the girl.

It has been many years already, yet Ruomu still cannot make out the countenance of that mysterious woman.

If it didn't actively think about it, it wouldn't even remember the existence of that mysterious woman.

Ruomu is sure that something called Great Tao was hindering its exploration.

But it's no use knowing.

Its power is far from enough to break the shackles of the Great Tao, otherwise it would be unnecessary for Xia Qingqing to fulfill the contract.

It's only to blame that this world is so extraordinary.

Having grown up in the virtual world for countless years, Ruomu has seen and experienced a lot.

Under normal circumstances, cultivators at the Transcendency Stage can easily tear apart space.

But the world where the East Divine Land is located is different.

Its space is extremely stable, comparable to the edge region of the Immortal World, so only cultivators at the later-stage of the Transcendency Stage have a chance to break the spatial constraints.

Ruomu vaguely felt that this world had been locked away.

Under the restriction of this lock, even the cultivators at the Transmigration Stage would find it difficult to destroy the East Divine Land.


Be it so.

Ruomu was not interested in investigating the secrets of the East Divine Land.

It feared that if it had gone too deep, it would have brought about its own destruction.


Ruomu banished the emotion in its mind.

Xia Qingqing has already left, so there's no need for it to stay here anymore.

It began to gather up the scattered branches and leaves.

The commotion hardly caused any attention from anyone else, aside from the merperson.

"I'm running out of time."

The merperson's gaze kept shifting between Bai Lian and Ruomu.

If it doesn't act now, all the efforts before will be wasted and the sea monster will die in vain.

The merperson suddenly clenched his teeth.

At this moment, Bai Lian was immersed in the fact that Xia Qingqing had left, not paying attention to what was happening here. If it didn't even dare to come up now, then it shouldn't have come here from the beginning.


The merperson finally made up his mind.

It released the part of its cultivation base that was sealed off by itself, a terror power that is even stronger than the power at the Transcendency Stage.

In that moment, the atmosphere of destruction flooded every corner like a giant wave.

Ying Shi turned her head, Bai Lian turned her head, and even the turtle turned its head.

They noticed the merperson, but it was too late.

This truly is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the merperson, after hesitating for half a day, successfully seized this opportunity!

"Ha ha ha..."

The merperson nailed himself to Ruomu and laughed out loud.

It cast a secret technique to draw power from Ruomu, and its cultivation base increased at an unimaginable speed.

I made it!

The merperson was so moved he was almost in tears.

Come back.

The Era of Sea Monsters is coming back!

It felt invincible.

The next moment, the merperson's gaze fell upon Bai Lian.

It could see.

It turns out Bai Lian was injured, no wonder her movements looked a bit unnatural.

"In that case, let's declare my return with your death!"

The merperson raised his hand.

A huge gravitational force was at work on Bai Lian.

I will crush you!


The merperson clenched his right fist.


Nothing happened!


How is it possible? His grip could even shatter the stars, how is it possible that Bai Lian didn't die?


Suddenly, a roar filled with extreme rage echoed throughout the merperson's mind.

It only had time to turn around before it saw a plain, unembellished lance flying from far away, and then piercing its brain with a loud bang.