The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 16 Part 1

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Chapter 16: May the Spirit of Our People, Passed on Through Generations (1)

The enthusiastic cries gradually subsided.

The aurora that had just been illuminated brilliantly a moment ago became suddenly silent in the sky above Qingxu.

But this was not the end.

It was just a moment of peace before the storm!

It is like playing the flute.

The climax always comes after a slight lull in the tune.

After the soul-stirring climax, there is always a period of exhaustion.

This is for the benefit of those who play music.

Also for the audience to enjoy the wonderfulness here.

After all, a person's emotions have their limits.

Ying Shi has always been very self-restrained, knowing this.

She never asks for too much and never indulges herself without restraint.

No matter how much she wants to, she will first come up with a list and explain the pros and cons of doing it - the pros being happiness and the cons being pain. If the happiness outweighs the pain, then she will do it.

This is a bit of a hassle, but it won't easily capsize.

Ying Shi is such a person.

She doesn't have an obsession for the utmost pleasure; it doesn't matter whether it exists or not.

Her motto in life is to stay steady and remain balanced.

Because of this, she would take the initiative to set boundaries with the identity of "Yaochi Saintess".

The Saintess is the face of Yaochi Holy Mountain.

She isn't modest either, more than fitting for her looks as the face of Yaochi Holy Mountain.

But Saintess is not just a face, it represents the will of Yaochi Holy Mountain.

If someone like her sits in that position for a long time, it's inevitable that they will make the people around them become indifferent.

If a long time passes, the elders of Yaochi Holy Mountain will certainly be dissatisfied with her.

Rather than being kicked off, it would be better to take the initiative to give up that position, so that everyone can save face.

Ying Shi was not like this from the beginning.

She once had a burning heart, and she wanted to do all kinds of thrilling things.

At that time.

She watched with wide eyes as an older sister obtained a very high position.

She watched with wide eyes as the older sister became complacent and began to bully the people around her.

She watched in horror as the older sister was tortured by the mob, pierced from head to toe with red-hot iron rods.

That chaotic, bloody scene brought a severe shock to the young Ying Shi.

Is it so terrible to be surrounded by everyone in the center?

She was at a loss.

Finally, she desperately escaped from the depths of the ocean that she believed in.

Most people shifted their gaze away from her, and this calm gave her a sense of peace she had never felt before.


Thinking carefully, there will still be some regrets.

Otherwise she wouldn't have been dreaming when she was exhausted from cultivation.

But if you asked Ying Shi to return back to the same position, she wouldn't be willing to do it either.

It's too hot.

How could she possibly sit still?!

Ying Shi gradually transferred this emotion to someone else.

She admires those who remain calm and collected despite being surrounded by fame.

The typical representative of this is Bai Lian.

Before the name White Emperor Bai Lian spread, she had already noticed Bai Lian.

This "thanks to" the rumor spread by Tong Yao.

Yaochi Holy Mountain wanted to use two of their saints to exchange for Bai Lian, but the Duxian sect refused. Is Bai Lian really so good?

Although Ying Shi was not angry, she also noticed Bai Lian because of this.

With this one attention, she was lost.

Two years ago everyone was still talking about "Bai Lian Slays the Demon King" and "Defeating the Snake Dragon".

Two years later, Bai Lian slashed a monstrous sea creature into shards of twinkling light.

Comparing herself to Bai Lian only leaves Ying Shi feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

Two years have passed and she hadn't even made progress in the size of her chest.

She's too lazy!


Ying Shi who had already fallen into the hole named Bai Lian found it very difficult to extricate herself.

The depth of Bai Lian is unfathomable.


Why did she leave?

Isn't it comfortable here?

Isn't this the place she dreamt of?

Bai Lian's sword slashed through the sea monster and pierced deeply into her body.

That feeling.

It's really great!

Ying Shi has never felt so fulfilled.

She quietly clenched the fist hidden in her long sleeve.

Bai Lian accomplished all the things she wanted to do but couldn't or was too afraid to do.

This "Bai Lian" is her superhuman and her light.

From Nanwang Country to Yao Xia Bay, from Yao Xia Bay to Qingxu, under the continuous operation of Bai Lian, she is almost becoming the shape of Bai Lian.


Ying Shi, who was full of emotion, wanted to infuse all of these emotions into Bai Lian.

Until there was no drop left.

Her eyes twinkled.

At that moment, a greenish light beam suddenly burst out of the light sphere beneath Ruomu.

The calm was finally broken.

A new wave had finally arrived slowly.

Everyone in the room looked up.

They saw the light ball gradually becoming transparent. In the light ball, Bai Lian stood proudly, while the girl who had been protected behind her before had floated into the sky and flew higher and higher.

"What is this doing?"

Besides Bai Lian and the merperson, nobody else knows that Xia Qingqing is Green Emperor for now.

Although this scene was equally magnificent, it couldn't evoke the same cheers from the people as before.

Is this quiet really good?

Bai Lian looked up at Xia Qingqing.

The girl in the sky still had a gentle gaze, full of tenderness.

She had a faint smile on her face.

It was as if this was not a sorrowful parting, but a celebration of her elevation.


No matter whether it's a parting or a celebration, shouldn't it be a bit livelier than this?

Bai Lian avoided Xia Qingqing's gaze, and she slowly lowered her head.


Xia Qingqing was taken aback.

Is Bai Lian unwilling to watch the scene when she leaves?

She was full of hope that Bai Lian would always watch her, so that she would never get lost no matter how high or far she flew.

It's like flying a kite.

Bai Lian's eyes are like the string that ties her down.

But she can also understand Bai Lian's approach.

No matter what kind of reason is used to make it look better, parting is never a happy thing.


"I still feel lost."

Xia Qingqing's face darkened, she lightly pinched her palm in an attempt to disperse the negative emotions.

Bai Lian didn't know what Xia Qingqing was thinking.

At this moment, all kinds of thoughts were echoing in her mind.

Like silk and thread, it was hard to separate.

In the confusion, Bai Lian felt like she had stepped into a long river of time.

She didn't row her boat along the river, but drifted to a magical place beyond time.

There is no time, no space, just a void.

She looked down.

She saw the upstream from the downstream.

She saw two stages of growth for a child.

She saw the mischiefs of Xia Qingqing at the Tianji sect, and Green Emperor fighting the sea monster in the pouring rain night.

Her mood was originally like a still pond without any ripples, but in the end, her tranquil heart was still stirred up by a not-very noticeable wave.


Bai Lian opened her eyes again and became incredibly determined.

"She has been working hard."

"She shouldn't have left so quietly."

"She has paid so much, and she should be remembered and praised by more people."

"Besides, she came here to find her father. At least she shouldn't leave with this regret!"

Bai Lian suddenly crouched down.

She was very weak now, so she couldn't fly to the sky to send Xia Qingqing off, but even on the ground, there were still a lot of things she could do.

For example, pull out a bunch of fireworks from her chest!

This is what she prepared specifically for the Lantern Festival.

But it doesn't matter.

Looking at the current situation, she won't make it in time for this year's Lantern Festival.

Rather than consigning these fireworks to being mere decorations, let us use them to ignite this emotionless reality.


Bai Lian arranged the fireworks either thick or thin, long or short on the ground in succession.

She rubbed it with her hand.

The fuse of the fireworks was being lit one after another.

After a few seconds.

Accompanied by a sudden "choo-choo" sound, one firework after another flew into the air along with the dispersing white smoke.

The silence was gone.

Pop, pop...

After the explosion, fireworks of all colors burst in the sky.