The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 15 Part 3

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Chapter 15: Let Chrysanthemum and Peach Blossom Bloom Together (3)

Amidst all the commotion, Bai Lian's eyes only had room for Xia Qingqing now.

Because she didn't have time to think through any other questions.

Her injuries were too severe. Although she didn't have any wounds on her skin, in fact, the rest of her organs and bones were already shattered.

Just now, that sword took away the energy of two Immortal Spirit Stones and all of her power.

She was squeezed drier than the dried fish.

No matter how much she squeezed, not a drop of energy could be squeezed out.

Because of this, she was unable to stop the fresh blood from flowing down her forehead.

Will cannot be eaten.

Will cannot be used as a crutch.

Once she stopped, Bai Lian could no longer muster the strength to lift her feet.

She could only silently gaze at Xia Qingqing.

This glance seemed to be able to last for one year, ten years, a hundred years... all the way until eternity.

She didn't say anything, but Xia Qingqing understood her meaning.

Those are three simple words.

"I'm back."

The simpler the sentence, the more powerful it is in reaching people's hearts.

Xia Qingqing's heart trembled along with her eyes.

She quivered and extended her right hand, finally coming to a rest near Bai Lian's cheek.


You don't need to do so much for me.

Xia Qingqing's vision blurred again.

But this time, there is more hidden inside that is not sadness but touching.

Here, no one understands the risks behind what Bai Lian has done for her better than her.

If it were not for Bai Lian's body, which was much harder than expected, and if there were not a seed full of vitality in her body, she would have been turned into dust the moment she absorbed the second Immortal Spirit Stone's energy.

If this is not love, what is love?

Nothing is more real than this friendship!

"Bai Lian~"

Xia Qingqing called out Bai Lian's name softly.

She was about to make a further move, but when she glanced to the side, she noticed there were many viewers.

Obviously, she didn't want too many people to see what she was doing.

So she waved her hand gently.

In a flash, Bai Lian was engulfed in a surging green light.

Now that's the case, nobody can tell what she and Bai Lian are doing.

Xia Qingqing nodded contentedly.

She reached out her hand gently and softly touched Bai Lian's cheek.

This face is still as cold as ever.

But Xia Qingqing doesn't dislike it.

And she knows where it's warm.

She stepped forward, closing in on the warm place at an incredible speed.


Handle with care!


Bai Lian widened her eyes.

Hey hey...

How can you do this!

It was quite sudden, the two mouths connected seamlessly, and for a while, they could not be separated.

Stirring, not distinguishing between you and me.

Bai Lian tried to adjust her position, but Xia Qingqing was too active.

She wrapped her arms tightly around Bai Lian's waist, her fingers almost sinking in.

Despite being too weak, Bai Lian could not find a way to break away from Xia Qingqing's embrace.

She was a little worried.

This is very wrong.

She is not the kind of person who is used to being in a subordinate role.

Just then, Bai Lian suddenly felt a strong life force flowing through her mouth and entering her body.


It's the power of Ruomu!

She was shocked.

Xia Qingqing actually had this kind of thought.

Under the stimulus of that life force, her forehead wound healed at a visible rate and left no scar. Her broken organs in her body also slowly recovered, at least they looked normal now.

Here comes the chance!

She absorbed desperately.

As Bai Lian became stronger, the true nature of Xia Qingqing's "feigned bravado" gradually appeared.

Her breathing became extremely heavy, her body started to twitch uneasily, and Bai Lian quickly pressed her slackened hands back.

[Now is my turn]

Bai Lian grabbed Xia Qingqing's butt.

Mirror attack!

If I don't give you a lesson, you're starting to get carried away again!

In a brief few seconds, Xia Qingqing, who had been hit hard, conceded and pleaded for mercy.

"Sorry... well... I'm sorry, well, I'm wrong... come on... don't do this..."

This is normal development.

Bai Lian let go of Xia Qingqing.

Since Xia Qingqing said no, she wouldn't continue doing bad things.

She licked her lips.

Green Emperor.

Just so so!

Look, she is now crouching on the ground like a hurt little kitten.

Bai Lian moved around a bit to loosen up her joints.

Although Xia Qingqing imparted some of her life force to her, her condition remained very poor. After all, Xia Qingqing was not Ruomu; if they had a fight, she couldn't even defeat her fifth Martial Sister who was only ten years old.

Still, she had to thank Xia Qingqing.

If Xia Qingqing hadn't kissed her, she would have already fallen to the ground due to her weak legs.

Bai Lian said, "Next, as long as we find your father, the crisis will be over for the time being."

After a rain, the sky would become blue.

She was in a good mood.

To Bai Lian's surprise, Xia Qingqing shook her head.

Her face looked somewhat somber.

"I can't hold on to that time."


The smile on Bai Lian's face gradually froze, and a cloud of gloom suddenly rose in her heart.

Xia Qingqing saw through Bai Lian's thoughts in an instant.

She smiled, "It's not so serious. I still remember my promise to you. I will live well."


Xia Qingqing pointed to the bright sunny sky.

"The Ancient Starry Sky Road is about to open."

So what?

Xia Qingqing's eyes twinkle, "We can reach the Immortal World through the Ancient Star Sky Road, and the people of the Immortal World can also reach us through the Ancient Star Sky Road."


"We are not strong enough. An Earth Immortal alone is enough to disrupt the East Divine Land. If there are evil Immortal Emperors and even the strong men at the level of Heavenly Lord come here, the East Divine Land will usher in a more terrible dark era."

Bai Lian had to admit that what Xia Qingqing said was right.

The master's archenemy, despite being restricted by the Great Tao, still managed to destroy this world with just one blow in the game.


Xia Qingqing clenched her fist and said, "I'm very strong. I can suppress the Sea Emperor a hundred thousand years ago, and I can temporarily block the Ancient Starry Sky Road a hundred thousand years later!"


Bai Lian remembered Ruomu's words.

[You have done enough]

Xia Qingqing suddenly took her hand and said, "I volunteered."

Protecting the East Divine Land is a responsibility that she should shoulder as Green Emperor.

She protected it in the past.

She is protecting it at present.

She will continue to protect it in the future.

She paused and looked back at the towering Ruomu.

"In fact, even if we don't do this, we can't be together in a short time."


Bai Lian asked.

If it wasn't for her, the Ancient Starry Sky Road would not have appeared, so Xia Qingqing would not have had to sacrifice herself.

However, if she doesn't seek the Ancient Starry Sky Road, her master would not see the hope of breaking the deadlock.

Bai Lian felt a mixture of emotions.

Xia Qingqing still smiled, "I have already given the rest of my life to Ruomu. Normally, I must always be around Ruomu. But things have changed. If I block the Ancient Starry Sky Road and shelter the East Divine Land with my own body, this karma is enough for me to break the contract. At least ten years or more, I can come back."

Bai Lian was speechless.

She had a new task materialize before her eyes.

[Task 1: Stop Xia Qingqing (Reward: Tea Ceremony +8).]

[Task 2: Allow Xia Qingqing's actions (Reward: Light Skill +1)]

Is this task explicit?

Xia Qingqing added, "In fact, this is a happy thing, isn't it? And even if I am willing to go back to the Qiongming Peak with you now, I'm afraid you dare not, after all, your Martial Sisters are still there."


Your observation skills are quite strong.

However, what's really scary is not my Martial Sisters, but my master!

Heavenly Lord?

"The master is a Heavenly Lord herself."


Bai Lian sighed softly.

In fact, she had the answer a long time ago, but that answer wasn't so easy to say out loud.

Sure enough, people change. She was never this indecisive in the past.

She stepped forward and embraced Xia Qingqing.

This time, they didn't do any bad things, even the way they put their hands was very proper.

They just silently felt each other's temperature.

Bai Lian said, "I'll wait for you to come back."

Ten years?

It may not take ten years.


Xia Qingqing nodded emphatically.

She was overjoyed to get Bai Lian's support.

She was initially anxious and fearful, but in that moment, all of her negative emotions dissipated with Bai Lian's voice.

What is she afraid of?

Bai Lian has been here all along!

Gradually, the light on Xia Qingqing's body grew brighter and brighter.

After a long period of fusion, Ruomu's power returned to her.

Now she finally has the grace of Green Emperor.

Xia Qingqing slowly drifted up.

She gazed at Bai Lian, her eyes full of tenderness.

Bai Lian, look at me carefully!

Someday, I will let spring and autumn meet, and let chrysanthemum and peach blossom bloom Together!