The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 15 Part 2

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Chapter 15: Let Chrysanthemum and Peach Blossom Bloom Together (2)

Yu Ying's body had become extremely stiff.

She could only constantly follow the movements of the Second Elder Martial Sister and then utter a sound of agreement.


In fact, Yu Ying was panicking now.

She could hardly imagine how terrible a thing the Second Elder Martial Sister would do if she knew the truth.

Fry her legs?

Braise her chest?

Stop thinking! It's too scary!

No matter what, she cannot reveal the contract between her and Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!

After comforting the fourth Martial Sister, Xiao Jinse knelt down in front of her archenemy, Su Youwei.

"Believe me, Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian will be fine!"

She hugged Su Youwei.

On this cold afternoon, only the Second Elder Martial Sister's chest still had a little bit of warmth.

Su Youwei, who had borne tremendous pressure, almost burst into tears.

She curled up in Xiao Jinse's arms with tears in her eyes.

"Elder Martial Sister..."

At this moment, all the conflict between them disappeared.

"I'll take you to see Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!" Xiao Jinse said firmly.

Half an hour later, she ran to the side to soothe Ling Xuan.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is more powerful than the immortals in the sky. She can revive herself with one breath!"


"Of course it is!"

Xiao Jinse looked quite composed, and Ling Xuan, who was naive, immediately believed.

The Second Elder Martial Sister and Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian are both very, very nice people!

Xiao Jinse sighed in relief.

Although the future is still dark, at least everyone has regained their spirits.

Seeing this scene must make Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian very happy, right?

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian often says "Unity is strength," and now they have proven it!

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian...

No. Nothing will happen to her.

She will see their growth.

The girl cried alone in a place where nobody could see her.


This light was too bright.

This light was too hot.

Ying Shi felt as if she was soaked in a hot spring, enveloped by its warmth.

The humid and arid air eroded her skin, perhaps only by taking off her clothes could she get a moment of coolness.



At some point, the Saintess awoke from the confusion.

Her face changed slightly.

The sword that Bai Lian cut out was an exceptionally terrifying sword.

Just a sweep from its after wave, and her soul's defenses automatically collapsed, and she fell into an illusion.

What will happen to the sea monster that was slashed in the head by Bai Lian's sword?

Ying Shi held her breath, as her Divine Sense was limited, she could only open her eyes wide and glare.


The white light disappeared.


The scene in front of Ying Shi made her stunned.

Clouds opened.

A ray of sunshine fell.

The sun shone on the darkened ice surface.

In the center of that elliptical light spot, the sea monster was lounging lazily.

Only three feet away from the sea monster, Bai Lian had already picked up the transparent sword.

The silver-haired, silver-eyed girl stretched out her right hand and softly patted the nose of the sea monster like a petting an "adorable" animal.

Da da da.

The crisp sound of the clap echoed far away across the vast tundra.

Was the storm center originally this calm?

This scene is truly too harmonious.

Harmoniously, everyone in the room felt as if they were still in a dreamland.

Many years later.

Those who were able to walk away alive from the ruins still cannot forget that moment.

At that time.

The silver-haired girl withdrew her hand.

She said, "Your time has been buried."

The sea monster nodded.

That may be a nod.

Anyway, its head just hung down and didn't lift up again.

The silver-haired girl turned around with a smile.

Just because of her white hair dancing like a flying waterfall, people remembered that there had been a big wind blowing on the sea that day.

It doesn't matter whether the wind was blowing or not.

Details are something that must be slowly figured out when recollecting.

At that moment, all that people remembered was the ever-lengthening shadow under the sunlight, and...


A thunder-like blast!

With the drooping head as the starting point, the sea monster's mountain-like body began to collapse.



The speed was getting faster and faster.

The cold and silent icy tundra gradually had become alive.

This scene was not bloody, but it made people feel that this was a more moving beauty than the brilliant starry river trampled under Bai Lian's feet.

Every part of the sea monster that fell off would turn into light in an instant when it left its body trunk.

There was white light.

There was blue light.

There was green light.

There was...

When combined, they created a beautiful aurora!

Looking down from above, Ying Shi held her breath.


She could no longer find the right words to describe her feelings.

She had seen five-colored auspicious clouds in the Yaochi.

She had seen butterflies dancing in the West Mountain.

But none of them had the same brightness in color that she saw this day.

It's only because it's that person's deed!

She cut through the darkness of that era with one stroke of her sword!

She is——

White Emperor Bai Lian!

Ying Shi's chest was heaving heavily.

Her gaze fell upon Bai Lian's back and slowly headed towards Xia Qingqing with Bai Lian.

Bai Lian moved slower and was more steady than when she arrived.

Ying Shi clearly saw that fresh blood flowed along the temples of her white face, staining her snow-like delicate eyebrows and her ice-like skin.

Pat Pat Pat Pat...

Finally, drops of fresh blood fell on the icy surface where Bai Lian had passed by, forming a plum-blossom-like red line.

"This way..."

Ying Shi lightly pressed her hand against her chest.

She felt filled up with something.

She felt as if something was about to burst out from within her body.

After a long time, Bai Lian finally walked up to Xia Qingqing in front of everyone's gaze.

She stopped.

This pause marked the finale of the sea monster and the prelude to the grand celebration!

As the trident-shaped tail dropped, the sea monster could no longer hold on.

Its residual body suddenly exploded after collapsing.


At this moment, the sea monster turned into light!

It was a ubiquitous light which covered Bai Lian, Xia Qingqing, Ruomu, as well as all the people at the side of the ruins of Qingxu.


Suddenly, a cry like waves came from all directions.

Everyone turned around.

It was Ying Shi who shouted out those two words.



That red line is the path of heroine.

It's hard to imagine what kind of disaster would be caused if Bai Lian weren't here.

It was Bai Lian who killed the sea monster, bringing peace back!

Ying Shi didn't care about her own image anymore.

She just wanted to recklessly pour out her full excitement.

She raised her hands high.

"Heroine, heroine..."

She still cried.

No matter where Bai Lian is from, no matter what her purpose is, no matter what she will do in the future.

At least at this moment, she was as dazzling as Green Emperor who saved the people of the East Divine Land.

Bai Lian, my heroine, my light!


The disciples of Yaochi Holy Mountain were astonished as they watched the out-of-control Ying Shi.

But soon they were infected by this warmth, and joined Ying Shi to shout together.

Thus, thousands of voices converged into one, and even the sea boiled up.

"This is White Emperor Bai Lian."

Standing next to the old turtle, Zhao Haiya sighed.

He smiled bitterly.

He tried to learn from Bai Lian, but he was so weak, how could he learn one percent of Bai Lian's courage?


The merperson hiding in the crowd didn't say a word.

It just raised its hand stiffly following everyone else around.

Its decision is correct!

With one sword slash, Bai Lian killed the sea monster. Although this sword was held for a long time and was the result of the sea monster losing its momentum in the fight of their minds, Bai Lian only used one sword after all.

["Brother, it wasn't because I didn't want to save you, but the enemy is too strong!"]

If it had gone out according to plan, it's likely that it would have turned into light by now too.

For it, becoming light is not something to look forward to.

It doesn't want to enlighten the world, it only wants to be invincible in this world.

But in a panic, the merperson didn't turn and run away.

Bai Lian doesn't know of its existence, and is further wounded. If the right opportunity is caught, it still has a chance to steal Ruomu's power.

It has lived long enough.

Because it has lived long enough, it wants to continue living.

Today, it, a merperson, is going to seize the opportunity to become an Immortal!