The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 14 Part 3

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Chapter 14: One Single Sword Chills the World! (3)

Everyone was under great pressure.

"Saintees, why haven't they started fighting yet?"

At this moment, a disciple of Yaochi Holy Mountain spoke out.

"Don't call me Saintess, I'm not the Saintess anymore." Ying Shi shook her head, "You don't understand, they have already been fighting it out!"


"They are fighting with their imposing manner!"

Ying Shi explained.

Strong cultivators can even revive with a drop of their blood. You can't defeat them by destroying their bodies. So they need to use their "imposing manner" to destroy the other party's mind.

"White Emperor Bai Lian is fiercely fighting with the sea monster in a place unseen by us. Once either side gains an advantage, the other will face a fierce continuous onslaught!"

"I see."

The questioning disciple raised his head.

Is this the so-called invisible battle?

Just by thinking a little bit more deeply, he was stunned by that terrible scene.

Faced with Bai Lian's Star and Moon Painting Scroll, the sea monster almost turned around to leave, but in the end it restrained itself, as it had no confidence of escaping from Bai Lian's hand.

It raged within its heart, why haven't the merperson begun to act?

It doesn't have much time left!

Are you waiting to die?

The sea monster stared Xia Qingqing down hard. Maybe it needed to take a risk to kill this woman Bai Lian cared about.

Doing this may expose a huge vulnerability in Bai Lian, but it may also very likely lead to its own death. So isn't it just sacrificing itself for the sake of the merperson?


Then use more special effects!

So, the sea monster mobilized all the spirit Qi within itself.


It became the center of the storm.

Under the splendor of black light and dark blue light, it looked as terrifying as a demon of apocalypse.

The sea monster never felt so determined.

Every muscle on its body was dancing.

Its soul was also trembling.

It gathered all the courage and finally shouted out from the bottom of its heart:

[Bai Lian, show me your weaknesses, please!]


Bai Lian successfully caught the sea monster's gaze.

Is the sea monster watching Xia Qingqing?

She suddenly understood.

The reason why the sea monster hadn't taken any action yet was because it was afraid of Xia Qingqing!

Although Xia Qingqing is inexperienced now, she was the Green Emperor who ended the dark turmoil after all.

Bai Lian felt warmly wrapped up in tight.

A warm current surged chaotically inside her, as if it was about to spill out at any moment.

Under this influence, she briefly forgot the pain in her body.

She is protecting Xia Qingqing, and Xia Qingqing is also protecting her.

Emotions are never a one-person affair; they are something that both parties need to nurture together.

Bai Lian wanted to pick her nose, but she didn't dare.

She was still on the table where she couldn't leave without throwing all her chips.

[Wait for me to come back!]

After muttering this sentence, she faced the sea monster.

She must win this game of gambling!

Her Divine Sense guided her spirit Qi to rotate inside her body.

Then, she released some of the randomly scattered Immortal Spirit Qi directly.



In that moment, white waves flew out from Bai Lian's body.

Like a ribbon dancing in the air, like a fountain gushing forth.

Even heaven and earth were shocked by her imposing manner!

The long night brought by the sea monster was dispelled in an instant, and the sunlight returned to the earth. The dark light on its body melted away like ice and snow.

In the end, Bai Lian had the upper hand in this "battle" of "imposing manner".

The sea monster was completely flustered.

Its body involuntarily retreated a step, and its hard-built confidence collapsed in an instant.

The sea monster's face changed drastically.

It saw Bai Lian fall onto the icy surface. It saw Bai Lian hold the Dirt Free Sword slantwise. It saw Bai Lian head off on the long Milky Way road.


Get closer to it.


No refund is allowed.

Where is the merperson? Come and help me!

The sea monster roared deep in its heart.

Now that Bai Lian has full focus on it, why isn't the merperson still appearing?


Bai Lian.

Don't come here!

The brutal spirit Qi emanating from Bai Lian left it with no inclination to resist.

This was the first time it had seen such an aggressive opponent.

In fact, Bai Lian didn't want to either.

She could no longer control the Immortal SPirit Qi within her.

She at this moment was like an unfeeling container.

But the contents of the container are too fierce and the container itself is not as sturdy as imagined.

With every step forward, she endured unimaginable immense pain.

The muscles and skin hidden beneath her clothing were constantly breaking down and then rebuilding.

Her internal organs had already been turned into a mess, and several times fresh blood surged up her throat before being swallowed back down.

She didn't stop.

She couldn't stop.

She had only one chance.

Bai Lian remembered her master, her Martial Sister, the jade rabbit, Si Yunshang, the eldest princess, Qing Luan...

She is too greedy.

If she were to pass away, even her last memories would be stretched out like lantern slides.

Therefore, in order to spare herself this long and boring process, she must not die!

That's it.

Under the gaze of hundreds of eyes, it seemed as if an eternity had passed, and Bai Lian finally came before the trembling sea monster.

It's time.

She raised the Dirt Free Sword.

The sword qi rushed into the sky.

Ice crystals, water vapor, fog, and starry rivers...all surge toward her at this moment.

Bai Lian forced out a faint smile towards the sea monster.

"I will live!"

The sea monster was stunned.

What do you mean?

It didn't have time to think about it.

The sword had fallen!

Bai Lian waved out her sword, and the sea monster had no time to dodge.


It could only do its best to resist.

The sword didn't even cut through the skin of the sea monster when it just fell.

But as Bai Lian turned on the switch, the violent Immortal Spirit Qi poured into the sea monster's body along Bai Lian's meridians like a great tide.

The body of the sea monster quivered, as if it was a mountain that was about to collapse at any moment.


Not enough.

It would be impossible to kill the sea monster if it were only like this!

It's really strong.


Bai Lian was ready to burn part of her soul, thus triggering a more intense shock.

A magical scene appeared, her soul was unable to ignite!



No, now is not the time to worry about this.

Bai Lian took out the second Immortal Spirit Stone.

Her body is near the brink of breaking, yet she will not die here for there are people waiting for her!


Bai Lian crushed the Immortal Spirit Stone.

In a flash, a more violent impact arrived.

The white tide circled her and the sea monster into its vortex.

Other cultivators can't see anything, they can only see one ring of light after another radiating out.

The aperture went far.

Went all the way to the Flying Fog.

To Heluo Country.

To the Qiongming Peak.


In the cave.

An Lan, sitting by the stone table, was amazed as she saw the cup fall to the ground.

She, the Immortal Heavenly Lord, could not hold a cup firmly?

At that moment, a strong uneasiness suddenly surged into her heart.

She stood up.

It is...

Next moment, An Lan's face changed drastically, she had never been so flustered before.

"Bai Lian, Bai Lian!"

She couldn't even sense Bai Lian's location anymore.