The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 14 Part 2

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Chapter 14: One Single Sword Chills the World! (2)

She sighed.

In this world, things don't always go as planned, most of the time.

She wanted to be with Bai Lian, but the desire was ultimately impossible to fulfill.

Bai Lian looked back.

Now is not the time to exchange glances with Xia Qingqing.

She began to read the tasks.

[Task 1: Bow and say, "I remember I have something to do at home, I'll be leaving first." (Reward: Light Skill+17)]

[Task 2: Yelling to the sea monster, "No more talking, let's battle!" (Reward: Spell - Unbreakable Gold Body)]

[Task 3: Said indifferently, "Really? You can feel free to come forward and try it!" (Reward: Hard Skill+12)]

Of course, she won't choose Task 1.

As for Task 2.

To be honest, Bai Lian is really greedy for that spell.

If she has this Unbreakable Gold Body, no cultivator below the Transmigration Stage can defeat her.

What a pity.

Bai Lian was afraid that once she chose this reward, she would never have another chance to cultivate it.

Play it safe.

She was not to slay the sea monster. According to the system task, even if she forced herself to swallow an Immortal Spirit Stone, it would be difficult for her to kill the sea monster.

She just needed to buy time, not only for Xia Qingqing, but also for herself.

She needed time to transform the Immortal Spirit Stone into fighting power.

Of course, this is not the case that the longer the better.

Her body was tough as steel, but it was still no match for the unleashed Immortal Spirit Qi raging within her.

She was in pain.

It hurt many times more than dysmenorrhea.

She could keep her composure now and let no one see any abnormality.

As time went on, when that pain started to tear her apart, she couldn't hide it even if she wanted to.

She hoped that Xia Qingqing would recover to her peak before then.

Then the crisis would be lifted.

Think of this.

Bai Lian pointed the sword in her hand far away.

She took a few steps in the air and light burst from the tip of her sword. Finally, it fell on the still sea surface like a flying waterfall.

The wheel of time began to turn.

Everyone in the room held their breath.

The scroll opened before their eyes was like the scene in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow".

"Crap, ice!"

Starting with Bai Lian's feet, thick chunks of ice quickly spread to the sea behind her.

Ten kilometers.

Hundred kilometers.

Thousands of kilometers...

Went further back, the ice mist that rose from the icy surface formed an endless "forest" that completely cut off the Divine Sense of other cultivators.

No one knew how wide of a sea had been frozen.

That area, perhaps bigger than North Luzhou!

All of this was accomplished within two seconds.

Bai Lian looked relaxed.

She with silver hair and silver eyes stood in a frosted world that perfectly matched her, looking like a ruler of the world.

She said to sea Monster calmly, "Really? You can feel free to come forward and try it!"

The wind was rising.

One person, one city, one city wall, one wish, one thunder of spring!

When the thunder rumbled across the sky, the body of the sea monster was imperceptibly stagnant.

It felt like Bai Lian's gaze was piercing, and it wanted to avoid it, but for the greater cause, it had to continue looking into Bai Lian's eyes.


It cannot be afraid, or their plan will be ruined.

Before appearing, it had already agreed with the merperson.

Only knowing of its existence, not knowing of the merperson's presence, and this is their chance to win!

The plan is as follows——

[After Ruomu appears, it will come out to draw Bai Lian's attention while the merperson hides in the shadows and seeks opportunities.]

If the merperson can successfully reach Ruomu's side, even if Bai Lian has regained her Immortal Emperor's power, she will not be able to stop them anymore.

This plan is very risky.

It could be killed by Bai Lian if it is slightly careless.

But they have to do so.

Time waits for no one!

They sensed that Green Emperor had been revived, and they could not in any way let Green Emperor regain her strength, or else they would undoubtedly die.

Therefore, they arrested Xia Guiyuan and attacked the Tianji sect.

It's a pity that their luck wasn't good enough, and they failed to kill Green Emperor, but instead got held under the watch of that terrible Bai Lian.

It's come to this, they can't turn back, they can only go down one road all the way to the end.

But the merperson is right.

Although this road is dark, it is not impassable.

As long as it is tough enough--displaying an invincible spirit, it has the chance to wait until the moment of victory!

The sea monster has been able to live from ancient times to the present, not just by continuously stealing the life of other demonic beasts, but also by its meticulous observation and strong analytical ability.

Before Bai Lian went forward, she looked back at Xia Qingqing for a moment.

Her inner thoughts were thus exposed.

Xia Qingqing is her weak point!

Bai Lian doesn't dare to act rashly, because she's afraid that she won't be able to protect Xia Qingqing if she's not careful.


Very nice.

The sea monster realized this was the starting point for its next move!

So it immediately sneered, "It seems that you are going to fight to the end?"

In order to seem more "invincible" and to make Bai Lian worry even more, the sea monster immediately activated the "Special Effects" while speaking.

It spread its four wings and a dark blue-black flow of air burst into the sky, only for a moment the entire world turned dim, contrasting sharply with the ice-white surface of the sea.

This is the collision of black and white!

"How terrible!"

The crowd was in a panic.

Two powerful cultivators fought on the sea and just the aftershocks of their battle could grind them to dust.

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They wanted to run but were afraid to, lest they aroused the displeasure of the sea monster.


Bai Lian's heart trembled slightly.

Something is wrong.

She followed the system's instructions, how come it didn't scare the sea monster at all?

No, she has to work harder!


No matter if she can win or not, she must never lose in terms of momentum!

Upon thinking this, Bai Lian immediately activated the Water Spirit Special Effect.

Under the influence of the Water Spirit Special Effect, Fu Zhu Special Effect was also activated.


In an instant, countless ice pillars rose from beneath the frozen sea.

They surrounded Bai Lian, making the spot where she stood looking like an arena with a ten thousand-foot high wall, creating an atmosphere of solemnity.

Under the effect of cold frost, those watery lights that were spiraling in the sky also turned into Ice Dragons, dancing for Fu Zhu who was traversing the sky.

The flying dragons went straight up to the sky.


Even if you are thirty thousand miles away, you can hear its roar!

Bai Lian said "calmly", "Fight to the end? You will know after you give it a try!"

Ying Shi shrank first.

Is this the true strength of White Emperor Bai Lian?

Some people of the Yaochi Holy Mountain said they wanted to trade her for White Emperor Bai Lian; isn't it a joke? Even the Holy Master of the Yaochi Holy Mountain isn't qualified to be traded for Bai Lian!

She was equally impressed by Bai Lian's demeanor.

This is the temperament of an Immortal Emperor!

The sea monster was also stunned.

It seemed to have gone too far, completely arousing Bai Lian's ferocity. The next moment, those Ice Dragons could smash down on its head.

But it has no way out!

Clenching his teeth, the sea monster roared.

"After many years, I didn't want to create too much bloodshed, but..."

Although it shook its head and sighed, no one felt it had a truly compassionate heart.

Because it had opened new special effects!

Countless deep blue glows shone out from the black clouds, making it look eerily extraordinary.

Don't come here!

Bai Lian was a bit flustered.

Although her current strength has increased a lot, it's still not enough... she needs to try to buy more time!

"Mortals are arrogant and always think they understand the immortals."


In this instant, Bai Lian opened the Yaoguang Field.

A full moon rose from behind her, illuminating the dark sky for most of the night.

Right after that, a star disk with a diameter of about ten feet appeared behind her.

One star after another was lit up on the star disk.

Heavy, lofty and vicissitudes.

Those stars rotated on the star disk, which looked like a brilliant Milky Way, beautiful and magnificent.

But this beauty is a beauty that hides danger!

"Here it is!"

Someone exclaimed.

Before it was known that Bai Lian was a reincarnated Immortal Emperor, people all said that Bai Lian was a transmigrated Star Lord.


Because Bai Lian's killing move is to smash people with the Milky Way!


It's not yet a real fight, and yet Bai Lian has already brought out her killing move.

If it weren't for the immense pressure from the sea monster, or her extreme anger, it wouldn't have been like this!

No matter what the cause, this is not good news.

"It's over, we're doomed!"

"Motherfucker, I shouldn't have come to Qingxu!"

"I was wrong, if I make it out alive this time, I won't go exploring in the ruins again."

"Ah, why did you pee?"

The cultivator, whose trousers bore a mark, quickly began to justify himself.

It was getting wet from the water below!

But no one listened to his explanation.