The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 14 Part 1

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Chapter 14: One Single Sword Chills the World! (1)

The sky where Ruomu was located had already stopped raining.

Only a few wisps of mist remained in the vicinity of the cliff, framing the suddenly emerged land as if it were the mysterious and unpredictable immortals' mountain offshore.

After Bai Lian slowly drew the Dirt Free Sword out of emptiness, everything changed.

At first, the sky with white clouds drifted away changed.

With only a thunderbolt.


In the blink of an eye, countless white water droplets sprayed out.

Under the suddenly gloomy sky, all the people standing there were all splashed with lukewarm water.


The former Saintess of Yaochi Holy Mountain gently wiped away the water drops rolling down her cheeks with the sleeve of her dress.

She faintly felt that the temperature contained in this water bead was the same as the temperature in Bai Lian's body.

How heartwarming!

With her cultivation base, she could easily have dodged it, but all her attention had been attracted by Bai Lian who had suddenly appeared and drastically transformed.

In her impression, Bai Lian was still the girl who showed great magnanimity while dueling with Nishang on the snow peak of Heluo Country.

Now the Bai Lian that appeared in front of her was completely different.

Bai Lian stood above the heavens.

She shouted, "Sword!".

Along with the sound, there was not only a cold-forged blade, but also gradually whitening long hair and eyebrows!


The silver-haired, silver-eyed girl walked into the spring with a chill of rejection from miles away.

Her beauty is awe-inspiring.

At first glance, it seemed distant, as if touching it would freeze you into an ice cube.

"Is this her power?"

The former saintess, whose real name is Ying Shi, murmured.

That's really powerful!

She didn't feel that she could bear the power of Bai Lian, not even for a moment.

She is worthy of being the reincarnated Immortal Emperor.

Ying Shi's eyes fell on the sword handle held by Bai Lian.

What is Frost Blade?

This is Frost Blade!

Just a hint of sword Qi dissipating, water droplets in the sky solidified into ice beads, dancing wildly all around like a storm.

At a single thought, the heavens and earth changed.

The Transmigration Stage!

Only those who have gone through the Guafeng Disaster and gained insight into the Great Tao can have such majesty!

"Those rumors are true."

In shock, Ying Shi was even more puzzled about what Bai Lian wanted to do.

Ying Shi looked left and right.

She gave Xia Qingqing, who was shrouded in a blanket of green, a few looks.

A 20-year-old girl who doesn't like wearing socks and shoes seems to be nothing worth paying attention to.

Finally, she carefully examined Ruomu behind Bai Lian.

In ancient texts, there is a minimal description of Ruomu, only that it was referred to as the Sacred Tree.

So even the well-read Ying Shi is not sure whether this is Ruomu.

However, her confusion didn't last too long.

"Ruomu, haha!"

Laughter could be heard coming from the back of the crowd.

The crowd turned around in a hurry.

The sea was stormy.

A moment later.

As if there was a sword falling, the sea was divided into two halves.

A huge blue-black monster shrouded in fierce winds rose up from the sea.

That sea monster had scales and claws, four fins on its back, and a long and forked tail, and it looked somewhat like a trident.

The most ferocious of all are the long, sharp-toothed jaws.

The sea monster was speaking in human words.

It didn't attack the cultivators exploring the ruins.

It just passed by, and the startling force automatically made those people retreat.

"What kind of monster is this?"

Ying Shi clenched her teeth.

She had never seen such a demonic beast before, and its power was even more despair-inducing.

The Transmigration Stage?

No one had ever given her such tremendous pressure.

She felt that what she saw was not a demonic beast, but a moving sea of corpses and blood!

It seemed to have lived in the past and was just returning from antiquity.

"An Ancient Sea Monster, It's actually an Ancient Sea Monster!"

Someone shivered and then screamed.

Sea Monster.

This is a sea monster who dominated the dark era!

"Hiss -"

Everyone gasped.

Under the dark clouds.

The sea monster that suddenly appeared behind Bai Lian, let out a hearty laugh. It floated there confidently and powerfully, as if everything in this world was under its control!

It certainly brought the momentum.

As soon as it appeared, even the sea froze in its presence.


The sea monster didn't even take a proper look at Bai Lian.

Its attention was only on Ruomu.

But its mouth didn't stop talking.

"Little girl, if you show some wisdom and back away, I might spare your life. If you persist, this place will be destroyed!"


Before Bai Lian could respond, the onlookers had already started a lively discussion.


As a sea monster, you are indeed strong.

But you are now threatening an Immortal Emperor!

Immortal Emperor! Do you understand it?

She is an Immortal Emperor who can hold the sun and moon, pluck stars and constellations!

"Immortal Emperor?"

The sea monster chuckled.

The laughter was like thunder, which made Ying Shi dizzy and nearly faint.

"This is a small world, don't even mention the Immortal Emperor, even if the Heavenly Lord comes here, he can't do anything!"

It was so daring that it seemed like it could snap off the head of a Heavenly Lord and gobble her up alive at any moment.

Everyone present, even Xia Qingqing, whose cultivation base was rapidly improving, was anxious.

This sea monster has lived for a hundred thousand years. Its strength is even capable of surpassing that terrifying Sea Emperor!

Unless she can make a full recovery, it is impossible to win the sea monster.

As for Bai Lian...

Xia Qingqing turned her head.

She wanted Bai Lian to turn and run.

You shouldn't be here, you should be at the Qiongming Peak!

[Even if you only get a little hurt, I will feel the rip-like pain]

This is not what Xia Qingqing would like to see.

That kind of pain, she would not reject only when it's slowly shared with Bai Lian.

It's terrible.


After all, Bai Lian is only at the Transcendency Stage.

Under normal circumstances, when she faces the enemy at the Transmigration Stage, the only thing she can do is to run away as fast as she can, not to mention this terrifying sea monster.


Behind her is Xia Qingqing - rather than Green Emperor, she prefers to call her by her name.

She was fully aware of the risks, but she still came.

Not only did she have feelings for Xia Qingqing, but also because Xia Qingqing had once been a protector of the human race.


All right.

Bai Lian suddenly became calm.

Everyone says she is an indecent woman. It's true. She doesn't deny it. She is indeed an indecent woman, otherwise, she wouldn't play "The Battle of the Gods"!

She doesn't want to see Xia Qingqing die like this.

The future is worth looking forward to.

She wants to do more things with Xia Qingqing.

"Evil" thoughts made her heart not afraid of death!

So she rushed forward.

Even if the world ahead looks dark.

But that's the way it is, you have to cross the rugged terrain, and go through the darkness, to experience the majestic surge of the tide.

Bai Lian grasped the Dirt Free Sword tightly.

She had a new task ahead of her.

Before looking at the task, she gave Xia Qingqing a reassuring look.

"I'll wait for you to come back!"

What are you afraid of?

I am here!

When you're feeling anxious, just treat me as an "emotional dustbin" and I will swallow up all your anxieties.

At that moment, Xia Qingqing cried.

"Bai Lian."

Her voice could not carry out, only she herself could hear it.