The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 13 Part 1

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Chapter 13: A Cry of 'Dao!' and the Sword Appears! (1)

It rained heavily.

The splashing water splashed on the shoes, and before long had already soaked Bai Lian and Xia Qingqing's shoes and socks.

The white lace-knit socks were thin but still uncomfortable when tightly fit around the foot.

It's much more comfortable to take it all off directly.

No one pays attention to such small matters now.

The sound of the rain beating on the umbrella's surface made a loud crackling sound. The umbrella's surface shook as if it would be shattered at any moment.

Bai Lian's voice was almost completely drowned out.

Only because Xia Qingqing had put half of her heart into her, she could still be thoroughly familiar with her words and deeds in such a harsh environment.

"Must we go forward?"

This question looks light and airy.

Actually, it is an important turning point.

YES or NO?

Xia Qingqing already had the answer in her heart.

She knows what Bai Lian's answer is as well.

But she doesn't intend to simply put a period on this question with one or two sentences.

That's too brief.

She has hastily said goodbye once.

She doesn't want this goodbye to be as brief as the last one.


In Xia Qingqing's eyes, their last conversation before arriving at Ruomu is likely to be the farewell of this life.

As for whether there is an afterlife...

Xia Qingqing closed her eyes gently.

The things she has experienced passed in front of her eyes like flowing water.

It is already the end of this "Yuan".

When the Heaven and Earth Disaster arrives, even the channel of reincarnation will have to go through a major cleansing.

The so-called afterlife is probably just a joke.

So, she had to pour out all of her enthusiasm at this time to Bai Lian and have a "deep exchange" with Bai Lian that will be memorable for a long time!

Considering the surrounding environment is too harsh, naturally, she can't arrange the ceremony.

Xia Qingqing slowly lifted her hand.

She wanted to caress Bai Lian's cheeks.


In the end, Xia Qingqing moved her hand away.

She was afraid of being mocked by Bai Lian.

Then she would tremble.

[Hum? Aren't you the Green Emperor? Why are you being so coy now?]

This is not something impossible to happen.

In Xia Qingqing's eyes, Bai Lian is a fierce warrior.

She couldn't withstand the impact of this kind of lance-wielding warrior.

If Bai Lian's tone just gets a bit stronger, she will unconsciously crouch down, curl up in a ball, tremble, and leave her butt to Bai Lian.



In a foreigner's eyes, Green Emperor is a great heroine who wields a sharp blade and cares for the people.

But that is a one-sided cognition!

Under the skin lies something that is difficult to see with the eye.

Only by going in and going deeper can you feel the true temperature.

Bai Lian did it!

Like Bai Lian experienced, Xia Qingqing is never a person with a strong will and fierce determination.

Otherwise, she wouldn't have gone to drown herself at the first time after her family was destroyed.

She was able to pass through the long night only because someone was always lighting a torch ahead of her to lead her way.

At that moment, Xia Qingqing plucked a drop of water from the pouring rain.

The droplet of water lay quietly on her index finger, like a crystal-clear gemstone.

This is a brand new world!

"It is not me but everyone who ended the dark turmoil."

A cool wind passed a trace of warmth to Bai Lian.

A sound like a gurgling stream also drifted into Bai Lian's ears.

She knows that this lesson is called "Going into Xia Qingqing".

Her expression gradually became relaxed.

Before this, she had never forced her way into the depths of Xia Qingqing's soul with a domineering attitude.

Since Xia Qingqing took the initiative to invite, she won't act like an honorable person anymore.

I'm coming!

Bai Lian immersed himself in the drop of water.

It's like a dream.

This experience fills in the ten-year blank between Green Emperor and Ruomu signing the contract and suppressing the Sea Emperor.

Not long after the contract was signed, Green Emperor left between the black water and the blue water.

Suddenly becoming strong, she assumed she could easily eliminate the Sea Emperor and turn the East Divine Land into a paradise where people would no longer have to worry about being suddenly attacked by sea monsters.

But the first battle already damaged her confidence.

She killed the small sea monster, then came a bigger sea monster; she defeated the bigger sea monster, then came the old sea monster...

Facing this seemingly endless battle, she was quickly tortured to exhaustion, and was almost swallowed up directly by a mountain-like sea monster.

At the last minute, a powerful human cultivator burned his blood and rescued her.

Since then, Green Emperor followed a group of passionate young people who wanted to change the future of the East Divine Land and started a ten-year war with the sea monsters.

When she looked up at the starry sky, she realized for the first time that she could still grow up normally before encountering disaster because of this group of people burning their lives.

Bones forged the city walls and blood wrote the epic!

They always laughed, even in the face of death, they were laughing. The only thing they cared about was if they could make the future better.

If they could, they would gladly close their eyes.

If they couldn't, they would pass the flame to others.

There were several times Green Emperor wanted to escape back to Ruomu's side.

She was too tired.

She didn't know how long this road would take.

Compared to those brave and passionate people, she was too ordinary.

Even if she stayed, she would only be a burden on others, right?

But when she looked at the swaying lights in the dark night, when she recalled the radiance that came to her mind when she was rescued, her heart suddenly surged with great strength.

The dark in the night may last.

As long as someone carries the torch in this long night, the night cannot swallow the world. One day they will wait for the one who can dispel the long night!

Green Emperor finally decided to hold on.

She buried her inner timidity.

Ten years.

The people around her changed one batch after another.

Someone came, someone left, someone died, and someone was resurrected.

No matter how much changes, she would never go it alone.

After she gradually purified the power of life bestowed by Ruomu, her strength rose sharply.

That day.

The sky was full of stars.

That day.

She held a Ruomu's branch as she confronted the Sea Emperor.

This time, it really was only her alone.

This was a battle that couldn't be lost, but could she really defeat the Sea Emperor?

It was hard.

Green Emperor, which had been peaceful for many years, became frantic.

Her hands trembled slightly.

The Sea Emperor saw right through her heart at a glance and sneered.

But in the moment of their confrontation, many images flashed through Green Emperor's mind.

[She inherited the glory of countless predecessors.]

At this moment, the souls of many cultivators who died for the human race came into her mind.

She represented the unyielding and hot-blooded human race.

At this moment, she was not fighting alone.

[She is not alone!]

Ruomu's branch was thrown out.

The long night finally came to an end. The dawn finally came to the world.

Green Emperor originally wanted to leave like this, but the East Divine Land remained without peace even after the great waters had receded.

Her friends told her that it was not yet the time for heroes to go away.

Even though she was nervous and uncomfortable, Green Emperor stayed.

She created an unprecedentedly powerful dynasty in the history of East Divine Land.

Many years later.

Watching as the East Divine Land finally returned to order, Green Emperor secretly ran away from the Imperial City on a starlit night.

[I don't want to be this Green Emperor!]

"So, the story comes to the end."

Xia Qingqing said so.

"Green Emperor is not a person, but a group of people. They cast the crown of Green Emperor, and they put the crown on my head."

Bai Lian nodded silently.

Even if she was just looking from afar, she was moved by those people who sacrificed themselves for the future of the human race.

They are very cute.

Just as cute as Xia Qingqing.

Xia Qingqing said, "After 100000 years, most of them have been buried by history, and only a few of them have left their names like me. Alas, it should not be so. I have got too many things that I should not have."

She suddenly sighed and her eyes looked a bit desolate.

"Do you want me to spread their story?"

Xia Qingqing nodded vigorously.

Soon her eyes were tinged with a faint smile.

"Bai Lian, you know me best!"


Of course.

Bai Lian curled her mouth.