The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 12 Part 3

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Chapter 12: If I Were Green Emperor (3)

Their actions were fast, so when their figures were completely covered by the dense fog, only then did people gradually gather in front of the crack.

Should we go in?

For a while, no one dared to try.

Half an hour later, a cultivator gritted his teeth and rushed in.

But a magical scene appeared.

He, who was walking along the straight line, suddenly emerged from the crack.

He stood still.

"Has this road been passed?"

He muttered.

Including the turtle and Zhao Haiya, everyone looked at each other. They didn't understand the meaning of this sentence.

They could only wait.

Waiting for the next change came.

That change came faster than expected, at least for Bai Lian.

She heard a rushing water sound in her ear, but what really caught her attention was Xia Qingqing's conversation with an unknown presence.

"You shouldn't have come."

"This is my choice."

"You have done enough. Isn't coming back now a betrayal of your original decision?"

"So you still don't know what a human is."

What is a human?

Bai Lian glanced back at Xia Qingqing.

This question is unexpectedly profound, and even she who was born a human has no answer.

"I will find you!"

Xia Qingqing's voice was very firm.

She believed.

Just like last time, she had a "guide" in front of her.

Suddenly it began to rain.

The guide held an umbrella up for her.

The rain pattered against the umbrella, and finally it trickled down the framework with a plop-plop.

These droplets of water were not ordinary.

It had two sides.

Time seemed to become a loop here, connecting the beginning and end of this "Yuan".

It reflected the figures of Bai Lian and Xia Qingqing as they moved forward.

Walking and walking, they walked out of a story that existed in another time period.

It is said that 119,600 years is counted as one "Yuan".

At the beginning of this "Yuan".

The sea monsters that emerged from the depths of the sea were favored by the world, ruling over all lakes and seas.

In the dark age, a common young girl was born into an ordinary family.

She grew up normally.

She straightforwardly perceived this world.

She experienced the tragedy of her family member being killed by a monster in a commonplace way.

She also should have died like countless ordinary people, alone and helpless in her grief.

Because that was the current of the times, that was the wheel of history.

They rolled forward without leaving any face for those who fell before them!

When this ordinary girl traveled along the river, preparing to find a place of rapid water flow to jump into and commit suicide.

That unusual experience finally descended upon the young girl.

"This is not luck, this is fate!"

Water vapor came from all directions.

In the end, all the girl could hear was the loud sound of flowing water in her ears.

She was walking down a mountain road that led to an unknown destination.

Be it so.

It happened that the girl was tired.

She stopped and guessed that the river beside her was a good place to commit suicide; once she jumped in, she couldn't be saved.

She walked slowly to the edge of the cliff.

She put out one foot, and was about to slide down with care.

Just then, a hand reached out from the side and firmly grasped the young girl's wrist.

That was a person whose face couldn't be seen clearly.

The girl could barely recall what the man saying.

"Follow me."

So the girl followed the man.

They traversed the rugged mountain path, through the wind, through the rain, and through heavy snow.

Finally, they arrived at the confluence of the black water and the blue water.

The mist dispersed.

There stood a towering tree, seemingly supporting the heavens.


The girl wanted to share her surprise with the stranger who brought her here.

Wait until she turned around, only to find that the stranger had already disappeared.

The girl once thought that the experience just now was all her own illusion.

In short, she met Ruomu like this.

After a long exchange, the girl gradually became extraordinary.

She learned from Ruomu why all that happens to ordinary people bring only pain.

She wanted revenge.

She wished that no one after her ever had to experience such a "normal" life again.

Let the normal be really normal!

Just as the rumors say, the girl signed a contract with Ruomu.

She gained some of Rumo's power at the cost of her own life.

Ten years later.

The girl held Ruomu's branch and marched east. With unmatched strength, she crushed the source of the dark era: the Sea Emperor.

The flood retreated.

Under the protection of countless people, she created the first great unified dynasty in the history of the East Divine Land.

She was kindly referred to as "Green Emperor" for setting such a great example!

Many years later, the girl still remembered the pact she made back then.

When all was said and done, she quietly left that prosperous kingdom.

She was playing across the mountains and after seeing all of the East Divine Land, she returned to Ruomu's side.

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Gazing up into the ancient tree, Green Emperor said so.

She had prepared to sacrifice herself.

But Ruomu gave her a brand new path.

"I want to see you live the ordinary life you dream of."

Ruomu said so.

Green Emperor thought she had heard wrong.

But that was indeed Ruomu's intention.

"Don't you need me to be with you forever?"

"No longer needed."


"I want to know what a human is."


"Someone once said something similar to me..."

The sound was a little distant.

On the last night, Green Emperor lay on a branch of Ruomu, gazing up at the starry sky.

Under the same starry sky, different brilliance.

She only felt that the stars tonight were very dazzling.

She decided.

She wanted to live an ordinary life!

It was very late when Green Emperor finally fell asleep.

After she woke up, Ruomu's power had been taken back.

With Ruomu's assistance, she walked into the path of reincarnation.

"We should meet again in a hundred, a thousand or ten thousand years."

"No, we'd better never meet each other again!"


Never come back.

You are like a gust of wind, blown and gone.


Why are you coming back?

In the pouring rain, Xia Qingqing closely followed behind Bai Lian.

In a place where she couldn't see, Bai Lian received a message from Ruomu.

"Go back, take Xia Qingqing back."

"This is not where she should come."

"She should have lived the ordinary life she thought about day and night."

"If she goes further, she may never realize her dream."

Bai Lian stopped.


Xia Qingqing bumped into her back suddenly.

"Why did you stop suddenly?"

Bai Lian turned around, and she still held an umbrella for Xia Qingqing.

"Must we go forward?"

When she asked the question, the rain on the mountain road became very heavy.