The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 12 Part 1

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Chapter 12: If I Were Green Emperor (1)

The word "Xu" of "Qingxu" is polysemy.

When it is connected with "Qing", "Xu" referred to "Big Hill".

In layman's terms, "Qingxu" means [Green Emperor's Moving Island].


The story that happened on this moving island was neither romantic nor warm.

Under the layers of fog, there is endless blood and killing.

Cultivators were entering and exiting with a feeling of excitement or apprehension.

They may be able to bring something back from there.

But more people will only end up with blood and have nothing else to gain.

However, human nature is greedy.

The scorching heat won't make people retreat, only make them fight harder.

Even with such a bloody lesson before them, the successors still rush in recklessly to the cave.


That is the resting place of a powerful one who had ended the dark turmoil.

Perhaps that was the starting point where the powerful one took her steps toward the Immortal Emperor's throne.

Countless people believe that as long as they bravely and painfully traverse the winding, rough road, they will be able to welcome a miraculous birth in a spacious and bright room!

They often say one word.

Since Green Emperor, a small girl who had no cultivation base, could grow in ten years to be the world-renowned Green Emperor.

They, who are already at the Soul Changing Stage, can certainly become Immortals after finding Ruomu!

Regarding this, Bai Lian only wants to say that you are all thinking too much!

In order to get all CGs, she fought for months in the game "The Battle of the Gods".

Qingxu is also one of the important places she used to obtain materials in the game. Speaking exaggeratedly, she has touched every corner inside and outside Qingxu, even those hidden secret places.

But Bai Lian found no clue or trace related to Ruomu in Qingxu.

Not only that, in the game, she has never heard of any NPC having found anything special in Qingxu.

It is highly likely that Qingxu is merely a temporary residence of Green Emperor during her vacation in the South Sea and may even have nothing to do with Green Emperor.

"Even if I say it, no one will believe it."

Bai Lian shook her head slightly.

After a half-day flight, she finally arrived near Qingxu.

She stopped the Cloud Chasing Boat.

There was a shining golden light spread across the surface of the water.

Under the sea.

A huge shadow caught Bai Lian's attention.

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That figure looked very familiar.

Just as she was thinking this, she suddenly saw the sea rise.


A big wave rolled and churned up countless "white pearls".

The originally peaceful sea became alive with activity at this moment.

The smell of the tides came wafting in, completely awaking Xia Qingqing who felt slightly dizzy.

Her eyes widened.

She saw each drop of water in the sunlight seemed to reflect her own figure.

This beautiful painting that suddenly descended deeply engraved itself in her mind.

She forgot herself completely.

She was immersed in it.

They clearly are ten thousand mirrors of their own accord.

The figures swaying in every drop of water composed a story.

Those stories may not be particularly moving, maybe just daily chatter, maybe just a silent stroll of one person, but they are all unique!

Bang bang.

Xia Qingqing took a deep breath.

She trembled.

But she was too busy to take notice of such trivial matters.

Her heart rate became faster and faster.

She felt like she was listening to a piece of music.

That tune first sounded like whispering, then sounded like a sudden rain.

In the end, it was like a barrage of random shots.

Under such a bombardment, Xia Qingqing was completely devastated.

Her breathing became rapid, her face flushed red, her hands and feet grew soft, and her body became burning hot.

If she hadn't bitten her teeth tightly, she might have muttered some strange low hums.

[What's the matter with me?]

Xia Qingqing's vision was a bit blurred.

She vaguely saw a huge turtle head emerging from the waves, and Bai Lian was having a conversation with the turtle.

Beaming with delight, the air was filled with a cheerful atmosphere.


Xia Qingqing shook her head slightly, trying to wake herself up.

The last time she had such an experience was when she was very, very young.

She has been naughty since childhood.

Once, she fell into a pool. Though she managed to climb out with great effort, afterward she still had a fever as a result.

The parents were busy with the sect's matters, the Martial Brothers and Elder Martial Sisters were busy with cultivation, and she was alone, curled up in a blanket.

It was uncomfortable.

Even breathing felt uncomfortable.

She felt her body melting into the bed.

[How did I recover normally that time?]

Xia Qingqing couldn't remember no matter how hard she tried.

Until a drop of water fell on her.

She saw through the droplet of water that someone had lightly pressed her hand on her forehead.

Then a warm current flowed into her body.

Accompanied by a slight tremor, her cold was instantly better.

[That person...]

Xia Qingqing glared fiercely.

Under the interference of the fog, she could not see the person's face clearly.

She just felt that person...

It seems like Bai Lian.

Xia Qingqing's right leg suddenly gave out and she fell straight toward Bai Lian, who was standing in front of her.

"Martial Sister Xia!"

A cry of surprise rang in her ear.


Not long ago.

After she saw the torn-up sea surface and smelled the smell of the sea that brought a huge presence to her nostrils, she understood.

No wonder she felt familiar.

Isn't this the turtle who helped her and Xuezhan before?


The turtle is the overlord in the sea.

Qingxu suddenly appeared. It's reasonable for it to come and see what's happening!

Bai Lian immediately said, "Master Turtle, long time no see."

The turtle also looked very happy.

However, it was puzzling why Bai Lian was so interested in Qingxu.

The legend of Green Emperor and Ruomu is quite fascinating, but to Bai Lian, who once was an Immortal Emperor, it's nothing special.

"I'm not for myself."

Bai Lian explained the situation.

If there were no external factors intervening, she should have been playing with her Martial Sisters at the Qiongming Peak by now.

In two months it will be the New Disciples' Grand Competition.

Bai Lian considers this competition more important than breakthroughs in her cultivation base.

No way out.

She was frightened.

The protagonists were almost trained into utterly useless people that only shouted 'Elder Martial Sister, I'm hungry, food!' by her, how could she remain calm?

She hopes to rekindle the competitive spirit of her Martial Sisters through this competition.

Just do it!

"Master Turtle, do you want to explore Qingxu too?" Bai Lian said, "But in my opinion, there is nothing useful for you."

The turtle nodded.

It was not bragging.

It has been cultivated for hundreds of thousands of years, so how could he still have any interest in Qingxu?

It came here all for the sake of cherishing the days of old!

"I just came to see where Green Emperor ascended to the Immortal World," said the turtle.

When it was still a little turtle, it saw with its own eyes the Green Emperor suppress the Sea Monarch.

With the death of the Sea Emperor, the high-pressure rule of the boundless sea also came to an end.

Without the menacing sea monsters, the turtle finally had time to deal with the black kelp on its back.

So to speak.

If the Sea Emperor didn't die, it would have long been gone.

Bai Lian was greatly surprised.

She knew that the turtle could live a long time, but she didn't expect it to live this long.

Is this racial talent?

Hundreds of thousands of years. For ordinary cultivators, if the cultivator hadn't ascended to the Immortal World, the cultivator would already die long ago.

The turtle laughed and said, "White Emperor Bai Lian, you said that the person behind the destruction of the Tianji sect was a sea monster. In my opinion, it is very likely a sea monster that escaped from Green Emperor in the past."

Bai Lian nodded.

She thought the same way.

However, the Tianji sect had no grudges against any sea monsters, so why did the sea monster destroy the Tianji sect? It probably has something to do with...



Bai Lian found that her back had been hit by balls.