The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 11 Part 1

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Chapter 11: The Path of the Immortal Emperor (1)

What is in the depths of the ocean?

It's another beautiful world!

Deep in the boundless sea, there should be a dark and dismal world with no daylight.

The deep-sea creatures living here should also be very unique.

But the opposite is true.

The gentle white light illuminated a ten-mile radius.

From afar, it is a big, white and round ball!

There is no half drop of water in the sphere of light.

Soft sand grows various plants that can be seen everywhere in the outside world.

Occasionally, a leopard cat with its whole body spotted can be seen lazily strolling through the shrubs and grass.

This clearly is like a paradise deep in the sea!

A moment.

Suddenly, the sea monster appeared outside the light sphere.

Its body was trembling.

Bai Lian had thrust deeply into its weak point!

Although it is huge, once its weak spot is attacked, it cannot help but become timid, physically weak and easily defeated like ordinary people.

The sea monster now only felt the water was too cold, so cold that it even wanted to retract its head back into its body.

Nevertheless, it is an experienced sea monster.

Bai Lian's raised middle finger made it flustered, but it is very adaptable. It soon recovered.

Otherwise, it would not have survived from that era of darkness to the present.

Feeling the warmth contained in the white light, the sea monster calmed down.

"Changing fate" is not just a slogan.

Although Bai Lian is an Immortal Emperor, she lived in the Immortal World in her past life after all.

She has now come to this small world, and she must abide by the rules of this small world.

Those in small worlds can't possess power stronger than the Human Immortal.

This is the rule written in the Great Tao.

Unless you are even stronger than the Great Tao, you can't break this restriction.

Obviously, Bai Lian, who was "only" an Immortal Emperor, doesn't have this ability.

There were rumors that Green Emperor had formidable strength that could rival that of the Earth Immortals.

The sea monster who had personally experienced that dark era scoffed at it.

"Tell jokes!"

After all, Green Emperor's strength comes from Ruomu. Though Ruomu is powerful, it's hard to say it can compare with an Immortal Emperor, so how can it help Green Emperor break the limits?

However, Green Emperor is still quite formidable.

With her nearly limitless recovery power, ordinary Immortals can't defeat her.

She single-handedly used her strength to turn the frosty and snow-covered North Luzhou into a land of green grasses and red flowers.

Until she abdicated the throne and disappeared from the world, it took time for North Luzhou to return to its original state.

The sea monster's original plan was to find a way to find Ruomu first and then absorb the source of Ruomu, soaring to the Immortal World at once and becoming a Demigod admired by all.

Since it has been spotted by the wicked Bai Lian, it has to change its plans.

"It's better to be fast than slow."

The sea monster muttered to itself.

The longer the time drags on, the stronger Bai Lian's strength will become, and there will be almost no chance of dealing with Bai Lian again.

Now if it fought desperately, it might still be able to kill Bai Lian.

Suddenly, a crack appeared on the glowing ball in front of the sea monster.


The undercurrent was surging, and the sea monster immediately flashed into the crack.

It came to the depths of that secluded paradise, but seeing a faint shimmer, a merperson slowly emerged.

"Here you are."

The sea monster nodded slightly.

Here it comes.

It came with a strong desire to break free from the bonds of fate.

This world used to be the world of sea monsters!

In the past, the East Divine Land, North Luzhou, and many other overseas islands, all obediently submit to the crown of the Sea Emperor.

That era lasted for ten thousand years.

Thanks to the few strong cultivators from the previous era taking the lead, the human race was able to find a foothold under the attack of sea monsters.

Sea monsters didn't really take humans into consideration.

According to their judgment, within 5000 years, the human race will be wiped out and completely become food for sea monsters.

Just then, Green Emperor appeared.

This woman who was blessed with luck walked along a river and eventually she arrived at Ruomu.

Ten years later.

Green Emperor, carrying Ruomu's branch, walked to the east.

The sea monsters resisted her fiercely, yet they were still easily slain by Green Emperor.


On the shore of the East Sea.

Green Emperor met with the furious Sea Emperor.

It was a night full of twinkling stars.

And that was an extremely brief battle.

The Sea Emperor, as before, tossed his crown high into the clouds, hoping to suppress Green Emperor with this natural treasure.

And Green Emperor simply tossed the Ruomu's branch in her hand into the sea.

Ruomu's branch fell on top of the Sea Emperor first.

The blue light covered the world.

The wood branch was like a giant seal falling from the sky.

At that moment, the boundless sea seemed to be put under a spell, and all the waves were calmed in an instant.

The Sea Emperor struggled fiercely in the blue light.

But it didn't work.

It could only watch helplessly as its head was split open.

Right after that, its head, neck, body, power and strength...

Everything disappeared into oblivion accompanied by a booming green-blue light ring.

Then, the great flood that engulfed the East Divine Land receded, and the era of the sea monsters was gone.

That day was more than 113,000 years ago.


In the ruins of the Tianji sect.

Xia Qingqing and Zhao Haiya waited anxiously for a long time but never received contact from Bai Lian.

"Bai Lian won't have an accident, will she?"

Xia Qingqing was hovering in place, going round and round, nearly leaving Zhao Haiya dizzy.

Zhao Haiya could only persuade her, "Martial Sister Xia, White Emperor Bai Lian is superior in strength. Nothing will happen to her."

Xia Qingqing was still worried.

She even decided to go to face the danger with Bai Lian.

However, just as she was about to start charging, Bai Lian's body flew in from the outside.

"Get out of here first."

Bai Lian had a grave expression on her face.

Her gaze flitted away from Xia Qingqing.

Xia Qingqing lowered her head and just gave a quiet "okay."

Bai Lian called out the Cloud Chasing Boat.

She wasn't sure if the sea monster would come straight for her, but it was better to run as far away as possible.

Good women don't fight against non-human beings.

Wait for me. I'll come back in two years and kill you then!

Bai Lian carried Xia Qingqing and they flew westwards for tens of thousands of miles before they eventually stopped.

At this time.

The bright sunlight sprinkled on the bow of the Cloud Chasing Boat. Zhao Haiya walked to Bai Lian and said, "White Emperor Bai Lian, do you already know who destroyed the Tianji sect?"

Bai Lian shook her head and said, "I only see a phantom. It should be a sea monster living in the sea."

"A sea monster?"

Zhao Haiya was stunned.

He didn't remember the Tianji sect having enemies with any sea monsters.

Bai Lian said, "Don't worry about this now. Do you know where the Teleportation Magic Array leads to? If there are still people alive in the Tianji sect, they must leave through the Teleportation Magic Array."

Zhao Haiya nodded.

He took out the map immediately and marked a cross on it.

"Let me show you."

Bai Lian was afraid that Xia Qingqing would become hot-headed and seek revenge on the sea monster.

With Xia Qingqing's figure, she wouldn't even be qualified to be plugged into the sea monster's teeth.

The priority is still to help her find her mother.

"Thank you, Bai Lian."

Xia Qingqing's eyes were sparkling with tears.

Bai Lian suddenly descended upon her like an angel.

She found it hard to imagine how she would get out of the dark world filled with ashes without Bai Lian.

Is it difficult?

It is even impossible.


Bai Lian wanted to say something but ended up just ruffling Xia Qingqing's hair.

Everything is in silence.

"Have a good rest, and I'll call you when the destination arrives."


Xia Qingqing tucked into the cabin.

The flight of the Cloud Chasing Boat was very steady, without any shaking at all. Thanks to the protection of the magic array on the boat, not even the wind could be heard.

In such a still and quiet environment, Xia Qingqing suddenly felt empty inside.

There was no light there.

The outside light couldn't shine in.

She gently pressed her left chest.

Softly, her heart still beat, yet she felt as if she had lost her roots.

What is root?

It's a certain abstract concept.

Perhaps it's a home, perhaps it's a hometown, perhaps it's the past life, perhaps it's...

A tree!