The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 10 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Chapter 1: New Year's Gift: One Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian Per Person (2)

After hearing that the main occupation of the Hunting Beast Organization was to hunt demonic beasts in Fire Spirit Mountain Range and its sidelines were to secretly intercept cultivators who had entered the mountain for trials, Bai Lian smiled with satisfaction.

After all, the system said her morality was zero, and she was afraid that her Martial Sisters would be affected by her.

"Haha." At this moment, the burly cultivator who was talking about this news guffawed. "Who would have thought that little girl could be so vicious when using the big iron pole to beat people up? The nickname 'Blood Hand Butcher' wasn't wrongly chosen!"

"She's a bit cruel, but you have to admit that only someone who's even more cruel than an evil person can keep them in check. In any case, killing them is good!"


Bai Lian was a bit bewildered.

Who is Blood Hand Butcher? Isn't it the third Martial Sister?

It wasn't long before new messages started popping up in the chat group she had joined.

Your friends Blood Hand Butcher Xiao Jinse and White-Clothes like Blood Su Youwei have come online.

When Bai Lian entered the chatroom, she saw two Martial Sisters teasing each other with nicknames.


In front of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, the two of them quickly restrained the arrogance of their demeanor and began to tell their experiences over the past few days.

Their conflict with the hunting organization originated from the organization's greed.

In the process of experience in Fire Spirit Mountain Range, Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei found a five-hundred-year-old Chaoyuan Yufen Flower.

This is the fate of the protagonist!

With this flower, combined with the materials that Xiao Jinse collected before, it was enough for her to concoct a Medicinal Pill and upgrade her Spiritual Root grade to a Fire-type Abnormal Spiritual Root with flame qualities.

That means Xiao Jinse will become one of the most gifted disciples of the Duxian sect.

At first, Xiao Jinse felt that she would be successful as long as she could cultivate smoothly.

Who would have thought that she has now far surpassed her initial goal?

Although this is related to her own "Holy Spiritual Root", if it wasn't for Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's development of her body, how could she smoothly speed up?

Praise Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!


She cast aside her timidity and she chased after her own self.

She remembered her first night meeting with the Third Martial Sister, when Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian passionately expressed her wish that they could restore the past glory of the Qiongming Peak.


Now she finally has the courage to speak the words "Rebuild the glory of the Qiongming Peak, we must not shirk our duty!"

But the good times are not long.

Just like in stories, the protagonists always run into troubles in their trials!

Just as she started gathering Chaoyuan Yunfen Flowers, the people from the Hunting Beast Organization arrived.

"Stand still and hand over all the things on you!"

Will Su Youwei take such a risk?

If they throw away their weapons, won't they become sheep waiting to be slaughtered?

She attacked these people immediately.

With the help of Su Hong Yi, who was hidden in the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl, Su Youwei easily defeated them all.

But their luck was not very good.

People from the Hunting Beast Organization were chasing after a fugitive deer demon nearby that day.

The deer demon has run off, so they must collect some interest from somewhere else!

Moreover, Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei even killed their own people.

A chase began.

Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei didn't detail the process of the battles in these few days.

They only said that with the help of the nearby friendly cultivators, relying on the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl's ability to absorb all kinds of poisons, and the sudden outburst after Xiao Jinse ate the Chaoyuan Yunfen Flower, they finally defeated the Hunting Beast Organisation.

[Blood Hand Butcher, ha-ha, the Second Elder Martial Sister looked so ugly at that time. Elder Martial Sister, I have drawn her appearance at that time, and I'll let you see it when we are back.]

Bai Lian, "...?"

Don't fight, don't fight.


[Come back and talk about it in more detail.]

Su Youwei immediately stopped "ostracizing" the Second Elder Martial Sister.

What surprised Bai Lian was that Xiao Jinse didn't even retaliate.

Bai Lian soon figured it out.

[No matter what, this time I have to thank the Third Martial Sister...]

After a bloody battle, although the Second Martial Sister and Third Martial Sister won the final victory, the crisis was not over yet!

The Chaoyuan Yunfen Flower was a powerful medicine.

Xiao Jinse was already injured, but still stubbornly refused to let go of this opportunity and insisted on eating it.

Here comes the problem.

Her body was almost burned to the same color as the blood.

"Sigh, I really can't just watch you die!"

After a moment of silence, Su Youwei stood up.

Xiao Jinse is her biggest rival on the path to success, but also her Second Elder Martial Sister.

When she had just entered the Duxian sect, Xiao Jinse saw her being bullied, but without a word, she stood up for her.

Su Youwei used the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl to absorb the "fire poison" for Xiao Jinse.

Xiao Jinse finally survived with Su Youwei's help.

She successfully promoted her Spiritual Root grade, and also took the opportunity to break through to the later stage of the Golden Core Stage.

Su Youwei also got a pleasant surprise.

The "fire poison" completely filled up Su Hong Yi's body's temporary "emptiness".

The Ten Thousand Poison Pearl welcomed its evolution and gained fire-type powers.


Seeing this harmonious scene, can Bai Lian not be happy?

Su Youwei was also happy.

She saved the life of the Second Elder Martial Sister, so the Second Elder Martial Sister had to bow down to her from now on!

This advantage may not look big, but in the process of "climbing" the mountain named Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, it might just turn out to be the booster that helps her reach the top first!

Even if she had to take a step back and share the top of the hill with the Second Elder Martial Sister, she could still take this opportunity to monopolize the lead.


Su Youwei quietly praised herself for her sudden decision.


One of the keys to winning a war is intelligence!

After ending the joyous conversation, Bai Lian also played Go with Martial Sisters who had already set off on their return journey for half an hour.

In the following days, more and more people rushed to the Duxian sect.

Two days before the ceremony to celebrate the Blood Tree Patriarch's Guafeng Disaster, Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei finally returned.

It was already the beginning of December.

At the summit of the Qiongming Peak, Bai Lian gathered all the Martial Sisters together.

She looked serious.

The Martial Sisters got back on track, so she had to keep an eye on them.

"The Blood Tree Patriarch's ceremony is important, but more important is the Sect Grand Competition at the beginning of next year!"


The Second Martial Sister shouted out a rallying cry.

She is full of enthusiasm now; although she still cannot compare to the fourth Martial Sister in the Nascent Soul Stage, she has overtaken the third Martial Sister.

The Third Martial Sister was not so happy anymore.

Hong Yi has become stronger, but she has not changed.


She needs to look for Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian to give her a private class! Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is best at this!

The fourth Martial Sister had a calm expression, while the fifth Martial Sister was not interested in this. Her cultivation base is too weak to even participate in the competition.

Tong Yao on the side also looked very listless.

She was almost spinning like a top from the jade rabbit's ears these past few days when she practiced with the jade rabbit.

Damn rabbit!

"It's almost the New Year, but there's no rest for the weary. To motivate you, I've made a decision!"

At that moment, Bai Lian suddenly pointed to the empty courtyard.

Her True Secret of 500 Million Dharma Bodies was activated. A misty water-light shone and in the courtyard, four Bai Lian emerged with a swish.

One for the second Martial Sister, one for the third Martial Sister, one for the fourth Martial Sister...

And one for the fifth Martial Sister!

She hasn't had much free time lately and can't personally teach her Martial Sisters.

These Dharma Bodies looked dazed and foolish, but it was more than enough to spur her Martial Sisters' cultivation!

Everyone can have one Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian? Is there such a good thing?

For a moment, several Martial Sisters forgot all their other obligations.

The jade rabbit raised her head.

"Haw haw? (What about me?)"

Why don't I have one?!

I'm also your "Martial Sister"!

Tong Yao was also unconvinced.

She wanted one Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian too!

"Make one for me too!"

Su Youwei tightened her face.

If that's the case, she should get two Elder Martial Sister Bai Lians in order to be fair, after all, Hong Yi should also have one, right?

"What a shallow bunch of disciples!"

At this moment, An Lan sitting next to the table let out a cold hum and took another bite of melon.