The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: The Culprit Appears

The evening wind blew over the bluestone and made it a bit hot.

Bai Lian looked at the Red Flame Grass she had just taken out of the temporary storage space of the system.

Just like its name!

It was a red grass.

The grass leaves grew wildly all around. From a distance, they looked no different from a burning fire.

In the moonlight, Bai Lian even saw the air trembling with a sudden burst of heat.

The description of the grass displayed by the system is as follows:

[A 200-year-old Red Flame Grass. It is most suitable for those who practice the fire-type cultivation method. The cultivator who practices other types of cultivation methods can also use it to strengthen the body]

[If it's used to strengthen the body, it's recommended to eat it raw, which can additionally increase your Focus]

[Side effect: you will feel a painful burning sensation after eating it.]

Bai Lian wiped the sweat from her forehead, and with a gentle move of her fingertips, a quail egg was sucked from a bamboo basket in the distance.

She held the quail egg and slowly reached her hand over the Red Flame Grass.

All of a sudden, the heat wave surged in.

Bai Lian didn't flinch and turned over the quail egg from time to time.

After a while, she took back her hand. With a little force from the palm, the eggshell was crushed.

As she imagined, the quail egg is cooked!

Bai Lian hesitated for a while and swallowed the quail egg.

The Red Flame Grass should rely on burning Spirit Qi to stimulate the user's body.

It may be a little painful at the beginning. What is important is the "happiness of becoming stronger" after the pain.


Under the influence of her spiritual power, the Red Flame Grass floated in front of Bai Lian.

The girl rolled the Red Flame Grass into a "ball" and put it into her mouth. It was hot, but it was a bit like eating spicy strips.

"Why I don't feel it?"

Bai Lian touched her belly. It was as cold as ice.

What about the body strengthening effect?

Is it because there was too much Water Spirit Qi in her body? Extinguishing the Fire Spirit Qi in the Red Flame Grass?

Why? Is this the reward for Task 2? So weak?

Bai Lian, who felt she had been deceived, immediately scolded, "MotherfuXkX!!!"

As if responding to Bai Lian's anger, all of a sudden, Bai Lian found that her head began to steam.


Her body also started to feel as if it were being bitten by insects.

But the pain…

"Just so-so?"

Bai Lian smirked in disdain. It's not painful at all!

She felt she could still eat a whole bag of these "spicy strips" without panting.

Bai Lian lay down on the bluestone. She had no hope for the body strengthening effect of the Red Flame Grass.

Now let's consider the training plan for the second Martial Sister.

First of all, let's help her repair her Obsolete Spiritual Root. I can go to the Medical Pills Pavilion tomorrow morning and ask. The people there must know something.

Then I have to help her choose a suitable cultivation method.

And then…


Lying on her back, Bai Lian suddenly flashed the picture of Xiao Jinse being severely bullied by her in the pool.


Well, how could I have thought of such a thing?

At the beginning of this scene, Xiao Jinse was forced to become a "rabbit" by herself in her imagination.



Bai Lian found something wrong with herself.

Her body became so hot that it could be used as an induction cooker.

Furthermore, it felt as if a flame had came into being from deep within her. This turbulent wave came so fast and fierce that the sensation almost completely covered Bai Lian's consciousness.


Strange sounds sprang from the girl's pale lips.

After rolling twice on the ground, Bai Lian struggled to get up.

She was filled with regret.

She only knew that there would be a fire burning her body, but she didn't know that the fire could also be the fire of lust. No wonder the system said that eating raw Red Flame Grass could increase her [Focus].

A new task emerged before Bai Lian.

[Task 1: Break into Xiao Jinse's room and forcibly quench the fire. (Reward: A top-grade magical tool - Black Water Holy Sword)]

[Task 2: Beg Xiao Jinse to satisfy you. (Reward: Sanqing Yuanyang Book)]

[Task 3: Control yourself like a Buddha! (Reward: Dao Halo Special Effect)]

[Task 4: Do it yourself (Reward: Soft Skill +3)]

Bai Lian's face changed.

There was no time for her to hesitate.

She quickly ignored the first two tasks. How did she dare to bully Xiao Jinse at this time? The reward of Task 3 is unclear. A Special Effect? Why did she want some useless Special Effect?

Sure enough, I could only do it myself.

Bai Lian sighed.

She had rich theoretical knowledge, but she wasn't sure whether she would fail when doing it by herself.

Just as she was about to select Task 4, the sound of hurried footsteps came into her ears with the wind.

Bai Lian looked away and saw a swinging wine gourd.

Then, Tong Yao, whose head was swollen, came out.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

A cheerful voice came.

The pair of long purple ponytails weaved wildly under the night sky.

Bai Lian was shocked.

Three new options appeared in front of her.

[Task 1: A new target has appeared, how can you hesitate? Push her down! (Reward: Immortal Scripture of the Netherworld)]

[Task 2: You have no time to explain. Do it in front of her! (Reward: Thousand Feet Shield)]

[Task 3, You can shout at her, "Don't come here!" (Reward: Hard Skill +1)]

Bai Lian pondered for three seconds.

"Don't come here!"

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[Task completed, Hard Skill +1]


The excited Tong Yao stopped and asked cautiously, "Martial Sister Bai Lian, what happened?"

She found that the clouds behind Bai Lian's head were steaming. It seemed that something terrible was brewing.

Could it be that Martial Sister Bai Lian was going to break through again?

Tong Yao's eyes lit up.

Bai Lian said with a cold look on her face, "I'm trying to train myself. Don't get close to me. If I accidentally hurt you, it would be bad."

Tong Yao nodded like a chicken pecking rice. "Don't worry, Martial Sister Bai Lian. I'll just stand here. You can just treat me like air."


Can you go?

Bai Lian felt like she was going crazy.

Ok, if you don't go, I will go.

After selecting Task 3, [Control yourself like a Buddha], she got up and jumped off the Qiongming peak without saying a word.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

With a cry of surprise, Tong Yao hurried to the edge of the cliff.

Under the cliff was the cold pool in the Medicine Park of the Qiongming Peak, but after Bai Lian jumped in, it quickly began to boil and become covered in steam.

Surrounded by clouds and smoke, there was a red light.

"Senior Sister Bai Lian is too strong! She can bring such an effect just by training herself!"

Tong Yao's worship of Bai Lian was like a flowing river, never-ending and just as overwhelming.

She fancied that one day she would be able to shine like Bai Lian. Anyone who disrespects Bai Lian is disrespectful to her!

For this reason, Tong Yao spared no effort to spread stories of "Bai Lian's glory" in the Duxian Sect.

Including "Seeing Bai Lian was boiling water, describing it as a blessed ritual under the guidance of heaven" and "Seeing Bai Lian cutting down a tree, describing it as the nurturing and fostering of land by a Natural Saint". These amazing discoveries made Tong Yao a leader of the Bai Lian Support Association.

"This is…"

Suddenly, Tong Yao's eyes widened.

The invisible cloud turned into animal shapes after twisting.

"Dragon and phoenix!"

After realizing this, Tong Yao was left paralyzed.

It's an auspicious sign brought by the dragon and the phoenix!

"Ohhhhh! I'm going to tell the others about it!"

Tong Yao ran down from the Qiongming Peak immediately. She didn't even realize that her clogs had been lost on the way.


Meanwhile, Bai Lian emerged from the cold pool.

She used a cultivation method to evaporate all the water on her clothes and hair.

Fortunately, she accidentally fell into the cold pool, which had aided in suppressing the flames raging in her body.

The task reward has been issued, but Bai Lian doesn't pay attention to it at all. There is a problem with the system!

After refining the power of the Red Flame Grass, her basic skills soared.

[Hard Skill: 128]

[Soft Skill: 131]

[Light Skill:125]

[Focus: 136]

"Isn't there a limit to one's ability?"

If Bai Lian remembered correctly, the maximum value for each basic skill was 100.

Was the limit bugged out for her?

Bai Lian got a little comfort. The system seemed to be shoulder deep in traps, but it still had a little conscience.