The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Despicable!

"I don't know!"

Bai Lian's honest reply made Xiao Jinse feel confused.

She became very sensitive after years of being bullied.

If Bai Lian just saved her, she would think it was the benevolence of the kind-hearted Fairy Bai Lian.

However, Bai Lian said that the Duxian Sect had taken a fancy to her three years ago, and it was hard for her not to imagine that there was some "conspiracy" here.

You shouldn't blame Xiao Jinse for overthinking.

In fact, the world lacks many things, except waste!

Even if her Obsolete Spiritual Root is repaired, her talent is not very good. Bai Lian didn’t need to come all the way here to take her back.

Xiao Jinse has many doubts, but she doesn’t dare to ask.

Fairy Bai Lian’s attitude is obvious.

Refuse to elaborate!

She is a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator!

Even if she wanted to kill herself in front of Bai Lian, she wouldn't succeed, let alone run away.

Xiao Jinse felt worried.

The only thing that made her feel at ease was that Bai Lian was a female. She was not greedy for her body like the two evil cultivators were.

ε= (´ ο`*)))

Alas, Xiao Jinse couldn't cheer up.

In fact, the most painful thing is not to be defiled by others in the cultivation world, it is the self-torture of the soul that is the most terrible.

Why is she always targeted?

Xiao Jinse heard Bai Lian say, "Younger martial sister, is there anything else you want to ask?"

Xiao Jinse shook her head.

"Then let's go." Bai Lian laughed.

Under the influence of Bai Lian's Flying Sword Skill, the sword was laid flat on the ground.

In fact, Bai Lian found out just now that the second martial sister is not used to flying with the sword. Even if she led the way, Xiao Jinse's body couldn't stop tilting left and right.

Bai Lian once asked the second martial sister to use her hand as the "guard rail", but she still couldn't balance.

No way out.

"I'll carry you on my back."


Before Xiao Jinse could react, she found her hands involuntarily around Bai Lian's neck.

The little thumb brushed the icicle-like clavicle, and her body suddenly trembled.

Bai Lian explained, "It takes two days to fly to the Duxian Sect. Younger martial sister, you haven't cultivated yet . I'm afraid it will be very uncomfortable to fly such a long distance."

Full of the pictures she once saw in the game, she worried that Xiao Jinse misunderstood that she was trying to take advantage of her, so she explained.

The second martial sister is very young, but her body is very mature.

Just carrying her on her back gave Bai Lian a strong sense of oppression.


Seeing the sword rising in the air, Xiao Jinse's throat squeezes out a thin mosquito-like voice.

Bai Lian smiled.

Bai Lian made hand seals in her right hand. In a moment, a seemingly invisible water film wrapped her and Xiao Jinse.

Xiao Jinse felt cool and heard Bai Lian say, "The faster we're flying, the greater the wind resistance. Beyond a certain speed, there will even be a sonic boom. If I were alone, I wouldn't go through the trouble. But with you, it's better to add a protective shield…"

Xiao Jinse didn't say anything.

After a long time, Bai Lian tentatively asked, "Younger martial sister, are you angry?"

Xiao Jinse, "…"

Bai Lian said, "I don't look down on you, younger martial sister, but…"

Bai Lian pondered for a long time, and suddenly a short "I'm not angry" sounded behind her.

That's good.

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Bai Lian began to introduce the Duxian Sect to her younger martial sister.

"The Duxian Sect has five main peaks, namely The Qiongming Peak, The Zhuyan Peak, The Yunluo Peak, The Qingyu Peak, and The Qingming Peak… Our master, An Lan, is the leading master of The Qiongming Peak. Now there are only us three on the Qiongming Peak, plus a rabbit.""

"In the whole of the East Divine Land, the Duxian Sect is not one of the top sects, but it is also not a small sect that is bullied by others.”


Bai Lian's voice stopped.

Xiao Jinse, who was lying on her back, had fallen asleep. Her chin was resting on Bai Lian's slender shoulder, and her warm breath was like a moist tendril invading the light blue fabric of her clothes, gently caressing.

Who can stand it?!

If it weren't for the sword hanging above her head, Bai Lian would imitate the plot in the game!

She hurried to use the Heart Clearing Spell to calm down.

Her flickering long and thin eyelashes became more and more stable. When night fell, the ★ in the corner of her eyes even emitted trance like lights.


Xiao Jinse opened her misty eyes.

She felt as soft as mud.

After the extreme relaxation, her heart immediately sounded the alarm.

How can she fall asleep when the situation is unknown?

Xiao Jinse suddenly felt worried.

She struggled to get up and found herself lying on a rattan bed with a paper curtain, and a large wooden bucket in the middle of the room, steaming.


The door was pushed open and Bai Lian came in.

"Younger martial sister, take off your clothes."


Xiao Jinse was so scared that she shrank to the corner of the bed and hurriedly covered her chest with her hands.

"Fairy… Bai Lian, what are you doing?"

Bai Lian was about to explain when she saw three new task options.

[Task 1: Forced bathing with your younger martial sister. (Reward: A top-grade Ice Stone)]

[Task 2: Pretend to want to rub the back of your younger martial sister, but actually harbor evil intentions. (Reward: An aphrodisiac potion, "Different World")]

[Task 3: Tell the truth. (Reward: Focus +1)]


How can I do such evil things?

Bai Lian immediately rejected the system's temptation and said in a righteous manner, "When I checked into the inn, I found that you had many scars on your hands. This medicinal bath can help you remove the scars and relieve fatigue. It's a pity that I'm not good at alchemy, or it wouldn’t have been so troublesome."

She smiled bitterly and shook her head.

Xiao Jinse blinked, and only saw "integrity" from Bai Lian.

Bai Lian is obviously a lean girl, but her image suddenly becomes very tall in Xiao Jinse's heart.

The girl could not help complaining about herself.

Maybe she was too sensitive and misunderstood the good intentions of Bai Lian and the Duxian Sect.


Xiao Jinse summoned up her courage and said, "Fairy Bai Lian, I know you mean well, but I don't want to remove these scars for the time being."

Bai Lian wondered, "Why?"

Xiao Jinse said slowly, "I want to use it to warn myself."

Bai Lian froze for a moment.

This is a detail never mentioned in the game. She always thought that the scars on the second martial sister's body were left by the Bai Lian of the game during those abnormal “games".

She said, "Well, I'll change the water for you. Go to bed early after taking a bath. We have to start tomorrow morning."

Xiao Jinse's eyes were full of apologies. She wasted Bai Lian's kindness.

–After a while.

Xiao Jinse took off her clothes, walked into the water naked, and was wrapped up in the sudden warmth. The girl couldn't help crying and her voice made Bai Lian, who was guarding outside the door, have her Focus increase by 1.

"Do I need to practice Buddhism?"

Bai Lian thought about this very seriously.

Suddenly, she heard Xiao Jinse in the room ask, "Fairy Bai Lian, we are going to the Duxian Sect, aren't we? Why are we here?"

"We'll take a day off and leave tomorrow. Although my Spirit Qi is enough to allow us to fly to the Duxian Sect in one go, we shouldn't fly while tired…" Bai Lian began to lecture about the danger of traveling while fatigued to Xiao Jinse. "Younger martial sister, remember, people have limits. Don't push yourself too hard when you are in danger!"

Xiao Jinse nodded vaguely.

She doesn't know much about cultivation. However, Fairy Bai Lian is really kind. She is obviously a superior immortal, but when talking to her, she is as kind as if she was facing her daughter.

The moonlight was gorgeous on the water.

It fell in the wooden barrel, reflecting on Xiao Jinse's smooth skin.

She will remember what Bai Lian said to her just now.

"You are fallen now, part of the mortal world, but one day your glory will cover the whole world!"


Bai Lian returned to the Duxian Sect the next afternoon.

On the stairway leading to the mountain gate, she met Wen Ren Ya Le.

The girl's face was gloomy and her eyelids were slightly swollen.

Bai Lian led the trembling Xiao Jinse to Wen Ren Ya Le, smiled and said, "Hello, Martial Sister Wen Ren Ya Le."

Wen Ren Ya Le didn't seem to appreciate it, "Congratulations to Martial Sister Bai Lian for breaking through to the Nascent Soul Stage!"


Bai Lian was confused.

When did I break through to the Nascent Soul Stage?

People around her all exclaimed. From them, Bai Lian learned that it was spread by those people in Castle Peak City.


Will you die if you don't spread rumors?!

Wen Ren Ya Le clenched her teeth and said, "Although I am still one step away from breaking through to the Golden Core Stage, one day I will catch up with you, Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

Well, this…

I'm only in the Foundation Establishment Stage, why are you staring at me? Go find The Dragon King Descendant!

Bai Lian tried to explain, but a new task appeared in front of her eyes.

[Task 1: Walk past Wen Ren Ya Le with a sneer and say, “You?” (Reward: A top-grade magic tool named "The Shuttle of Stars")]

[Task 2: Ignore Wen Ren Ya Le (Reward: A spirit herb called "Red Flame Grass")

[Task 3: Try to reason with Wen Ren Ya Le (Reward: The drawing of "Spirit Refining Circle")]


Bai Lian was confused. What's the situation of Task 3? Why isn't it her favorite reward, attribute points?!

There is a bug in the system!!!

[Don't try to reason with angry women.]

Looking at the explanation that the system popped up, Bai Lian couldn't help crying. She understood.


The prejudice in people's minds is as heavy as a mountain!

How did she get caught up with Wen Ren Ya Le? It's all the fault of those people who spread rumors every day that she is a Natural Saint!

Bai Lian chose Task 2 and walked past Wen Ren Ya Le with a smile.