The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Classic Reprint

The meeting place with An Lan was in Qiongming Peak's Forbidden Array cave.

An Lan, dressed in a pale yellow tunic skirt, sat on the stone bed, with the skirt naturally spread out. From a distance, she looked like a blooming flower that could be picked at ease.

With her right hand on the stone table she had brought from somewhere, she looked up and down at Bai Lian lazily.

Um. An Lan nodded silently.

After many days' absence, the Death words on her good disciple's body seemed to become thicker and thicker, thick as a black sesame paste, so much she almost couldn’t see the individual Death words.

But in contrast, even with so many Death words, the girl's back became more upright.

This is probably called "standing to death"!

An Lan was moved by it. She couldn't help praising Bai Lian, "Well, you look more energetic than before!"

Bai Lian smiled modestly, "Thank you, Master."

In front of An Lan, she was probably just like this.

No way!

She wanted to have a happy teacher-disciple relationship with An Lan, but considering An Lan's real identity, it was obviously impossible.

This "Immortal Heavenly Lord" might seem to have given up, but in fact she has been thinking about how to defeat the supreme one who exiled her here!

Think hard. Take a break and think hard. Think in a different position.

Five hundred years later…

An Lan finally figured out that it was impossible to defeat her enemies in a normal way. She had to find another way!

So she gave up thinking.

This was not because she was much weaker than that "bitch", but her current strength was too weak.

She was once the God who dominated a star field. She knew the power of the Heavenly Lord.

[Overlooking the ages, I was used to seeing life and death!]

If she dared to fly into the Immortal World rashly, she would be caught by that bitch before she could grow strong. What would happen next? You could just give a brave guess!

Because of this, An Lan didn't fly to the Immortal World.

She could do it, but she didn't want to do it.

Bai Lian, who had repeatedly enjoyed the fierce battle scenes in The Battle of the Gods, knew this.

If you have no strength, you can't do anything!

Seeing that An Lan began to pull out melons, Bai Lian suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart.

Why does this scene look so familiar?

"My good disciple!"

An Lan chewed the melon.


An Lan said faintly, "I'll give you a task."

Bai Lian asked modestly, "Master, what is the task?"

An Lan said while eating the melons, "When I was out, I saw a good girl. I plan to take her as a disciple. So, go and fetch her back for me."


Bai Lian was dumbfounded.

Is this the so-called classic remake?

Aside from adding the "You", An Lan didn't change a word.

Bai Lian wondered if she should go up and ask An Lan. Is she actually a broken record?


How can you be so lazy!

Move yourself!

What made Bai Lian even more crazy was that the timing was completely wrong.

No, no.

According to the game, she should bring the third Martial Sister to the Duxian sect after one more year. At that time, Xiao Jinse would have already broken through to the Foundation Establishment Stage, and was almost completely "developed" by Bai Lian.

Currently, the second Martial Sister and the third Martial Sister are almost equal in strength. If they are forcibly brought together… with their personalities…

Bai Lian could foresee it becoming a very fierce battle!

Xiao Jinse alone has taken too much of her attention. Can I survive after having another Martial Sister?

Bai Lian was angry.

At this time, the system task options naturally appeared.

[Task 1: Place both hands on your chest, squint at An Lan and say, "Who do you think I am? I'm Bai Lian. Trying to direct me to do things? Dream on!" (Reward: Your cultivation base breaks through to the Nascent Soul Stage)]

[Task 2, "Master, why don't you go by yourself?" (Reward: Magic Fragrance Stick)]

[Task 3: Promise An Lan. (Reward: Soft Skill +2)]

System tasks might come late, but they would never not arrive.

Bai Lian's mind became active.

First of all, she of course would not choose Task 1. She didn't want to die.

She struggled for a while between Task 2 and Task 3.

In Bai Lian's opinion, the reward for Task 2 was ordinary, so she could have a try.

It would really be a great thing if she succeeded!

The third Martial Sister was very suspicious as she was reborn with memories from the future. It would not be easy to bring her back without inducing her disgust.

Choose Task 2.

Bai Lian said coyly, "Master, you'd better go by yourself."

[Task completed, task reward: Magic Fragrance Stick]

"What?" An Lan stopped eating melons.

Bai Lian hurriedly added, "I'm willing to go, but… alas…"

She looked up and stared at the long stalactite on the top of the cave with melancholy eyes.

"Master, you're too strong and famous. Since I became your disciple, many people have been jealous of me! Recently, I have been targeted for assassination twice. I am afraid that it will be difficult for me to successfully bring back my third Martial Sister. If I meet danger on the way, I may be… Master, sorry, I am too weak to meet your requirements!"

Bai Lian clenched her fists with self-reproach on her face.

An Lan took a bite of the melon and swallowed the melon skin.

She pursed her lips and said nothing for a long time. Then she raised her right hand.

"Come here."

Bai Lian approached.

Then An Lan added a "buff" to her ass.

"Ouch -"

What the fuck!

An Lan said angrily, "How dare you flirt with your master? I didn't know you had become so brave!"

Bai Lian felt wronged and was even angrier.

"I'm not, I didn't……"

Bai Lian quickly apologized.

She stood by the stone bed with an aggrieved look on her face and looked at An Lan. She saw An Lan slowly take out an identity card from her sleeve.

"Take it."

Well, this is a good thing.

Bai Lian carefully put away the identity card.

An Lan said, "If anyone dares to kill you, I will bury him with you!"

Ah, this… Bai Lian put on a bitter face.

An Lan tapped the stone table with her index finger. A moment later, she said, "After all, you are my favorite disciple. When you pick up your third Martial Sister, I'll give you a superb magic tool. The power of your current sword is a little low now."

Now you have my attention !

Bai Lian, who was seduced by the superb magic tool, could no longer care about the swelling and pain of her buttocks.

"Master, I'm going!"

"Go, go."

An Lan drove Bai Lian away.

Initially, it was just her bad taste that led her to accept Bai Lian as her disciple, but now her mentality had changed a little.

Maybe she was slightly looking forward to seeing her growth.