The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: The Road to Happiness Is Strewn with Setbacks

Not long after returning to the Duxian sect, someone came to ask Bai Lian about her experiences on the road.

Bai Lian first praised the performance of the Biluo sect's disciples and then reported the attack she encountered.

"Are you sure it's a woman?"

"No mistake!" Bai Lian was very sure.

Maybe she would be deceived by other things, but she would never be deceived by the hand feeling of the "round balls"!

"I'll report it." The Deacon who came to inquire left worriedly.

How could he not be worried? After a quick analysis, he found that there must be something strange about it!

The attitude of the Biluo sect's disciples on the road was quite unreasonable.

Without saying anything, they were either stunned or secretly thinking about how to do bad things.


Bai Lian was attacked on her way back to the Duxian sect.

If the Biluo sect really did this, the Deacon had enough reason to believe that the woman who was hit by Bai Lian was the Saint of the Biluo sect!

"Crap." She crushed the Saint. The deacon was afraid when he thought about it.

The Saint suffered such a great humiliation! Will the Biluo sect go to war directly with our Duxian sect?

I must quickly report this to the sect leader so that he can make early preparations.

The Deacon quickly came to Yunluo Peak, but he was stopped at the main hall's gate.

"What is going on?"

"The leader of the Biluo sect is here."

Damn! The deacon froze like being struck by thunder.

How could it be so fast? It's over!

The Deacon waited at the door in a mixed mood for a long time. Then he saw Jue Yunzi and Yu Xinghan coming out intimately.

"Ha ha ha ha." Yu Xinghan laughed heartily and slapped Jue Yunzi on the shoulder.

Jue Yunzi smiled bitterly, but he didn't look angry.

What's going on? The deacon was confused.

Yu Xinghan said, "Bai Lian is so sensible! I think she and Xiangling can be good friends. How about letting these two children get closer in the future?"

"Good." As soon as Jue Yunzi opened his mouth, Yu Xinghan smiled.

Do you think he came to the Duxian sect to apologize? In fact, he came to exploit the connection!

Many people thought he was stupid, but most of the time he was smart!

It didn't matter whether the words Bai Lian said in front of the Saint were true or false. The important thing was to make the Saint and Bai Lian friendly with each other.

If Bai Lian was telling the truth, it would be even better.

When Bai Lian became famous in the whole East Divine Land in the future, the Biluo sect could also take advantage of the relationship between the Saint and Bai Lian to rise to a higher level.

When imagining the future, Yu Xinghan couldn't help recalling his lost youth under the sunset.

In the first year of being the sect leader, the younger Martial Sisters followed behind him and affectionately called him "Brother Xinghan".

In the tenth year of being the sect leader, his body began to widen, but his handsome face could still move the younger Martial Sisters' hearts.

In his fiftieth year as the sect leader, his body and face was full of wrinkles all over——

(〝▼皿▼), "My handsome face!"

"I really sacrificed too much for the sake of the Biluo sect!" Yu Xinghan sighed.

Seeing that he was occupied in thought, Jue Yunzi summoned the Deacon, "Is there anything you want to report?

The Deacon glanced at Yu Xinghan and said, "Bai Lian said that she met an assassin on her way back."

"Assassin?" Jue Yunzi and Yu Xinghan exclaimed in surprise at the same time.

Yu Xinghan immediately explained, "We, the Biluo sect, didn't do this!"

Jue Yunzi waved, "Don't worry, Taoist Yu. I know it can't be your Biluo sect."

He didn't intend to explain to Yu Xinghan in detail, because it was likely that someone in the sect was jealous of Bai Lian and did that.

Yu Xinghan frowned. From Jue Yunzi's subtle attitude, he also noticed something.

I hope this will not affect the relationship between our Biluo sect and the Duxian sect.

Alas, the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks.

In order for the Saint to have a good relationship with Bai Lian, they must be closer!

After Yu Xinghan left, Jue Yunzi went to deal with the attempted assassination against Bai Lian.

The Deacon found an acquaintance on duty at the main hall's gate and asked, "How did the relationship between our sect leader and the sect leader of the Biluo sect suddenly become so good?"

The doorman said meaningfully, "It's all thanks to Bai Lian."


"Let me tell you…"

The Deacon nodded as he listened.

Bai Lian is too smart!

But when he heard Bai Lian's words to the Saint, he was stunned.

Σ (` д′* ノ)ノ



The news gradually spread out to the whole sect.

On this day, many disciples who spent a lot of money to buy the list of beautiful new female disciples were dumbfounded.

"Junior Sister, are you interested in going with me…"

"Sorry, Elder Martial Brother, I already have someone I like."


After a long silence, these disciples all asked similar questions.

"Younger Martial Sister, who do you like?"

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!"



This is not right!

Martial Sister Bai Lian? Isn't she also a woman?

The new female disciples said with a shy face, "Martial Sister Bai Lian said publicly that she likes women."

Their shining eyes made the male disciples cry.

The number of female disciples in the Duxian sect was small.

But now, even Martial Sister Bai Lian came out to compete for a girlfriend with them. Wasn't this bullying?

"I am so upset!"

The trees of the Duxian sect suffered a lot that one day.

Many male disciples saw through the truth of the world on this day. There are no miracles!

Women? Bah, I don't like women! I only want to devote myself to cultivation!

Afterwards, they found the disciple who sold the list of beautiful new female disciples one after another.

"MotherfXXker! Give my money back!"


Xiao Jinse woke up the next morning.

After she went to the Cultivation Method Pavilion to receive the reward from the newcomers' competition, she met a frowning Tong Yao at the foot of Qiongming Peak.

"Tong…. Senior Sister Tong?"

Xiao Jinse called timidly.

The worried Tong Yao looked up and said, "It's you. I'm so angry!"


Xiao Jinse's look slightly changed.

Tong Yao said, "I'm not angry with you, but with a group of stupid people. Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian likes women, so what? If they have time to talk about this, they might as well think about how to improve their own strength!"

Xiao Jinse was confused.

She asked cautiously, "Martial Sister Bai Lian likes women? What do you mean?"

Tong Yao was surprised, "Don't you know?"

Xiao Jinse shook her head.

"Oh, yes…"

As Xiao Jinse listened, her heart pounded hard.

A possibility suddenly occurred to her.

Why was Martial Sister Bai Lian so kind to her? It seemed the question that had puzzled her for a long time had been answered!

Did Martial Sister Bai Lian really like her?

No no no. Xiao Jinse shook her head quickly.

There were many women in the world better than her, and Martial Sister Bai Lian met her for the first time in Castle Peak City.

Love at first sight? How can it be!

Her body was not attractive at all.


If it was really the truth, she…


Tong Yao's words interrupted Xiao Jinse's wishful thinking.

"I'm fine!" Xiao Jinse said in a panic.

"That's good. I'll go first." Tong Yao angrily left, scolding as she walked, "A bunch of stupid people, if you annoy me again, I'll beat you!"

Xiao Jinse walked to the top of Qiongming Peak with messy thoughts in her heart.

When she met Bai Lian, her eyes immediately averted and she dared not look straight at her.

"Elder Martial Sister."

Bai Lian said with a smile, "Younger Martial Sister, you can rest at ease. Master has just returned from outside. It seems that she has something urgent to ask me. I'll go and see."


Xiao Jinse hurried into the room.

Although the younger Martial Sister's attitude was a little strange, Bai Lian didn't take it to heart. She had to solve An Lan's problem first.