The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: You Know Nothing About Power!

Somewhere in the Biluo sect.

After hearing Shen Xiangling's general report, Yu Xinghan, the sect leader of the Biluo sect, was silent for a long time.

On the day Shen Xiangling arrived at the Duxian sect, he instructed the elder to inform Shen Xiangling she was to find an opportunity to uncover Bai Lian's true strength.

Who knew they would learn such a thing!


Yu Xinghan, who looked like a barbarian, pursed his mouth.

He didn't know how to describe his complicated mood at this time. He just felt that if there was a mirror in front of him, he would smash the mirror with one blow.

"Go down and have a rest first. I will tell the Holy Son Bai Lian's reply in person."

"Yes, Master."

Shen Xiangling left the room in a daze.

Her internal demon was gone, but that was because her heart was temporarily lost. Where would the internal demon come from if there was no heart?

She thought maybe this was called "Heart Refining"!


Not long after, several elders of the Biluo sect gathered in the room.

As soon as one of the female elders entered the room, she asked, "What's the matter with the Saint? I think she is restless."

"Forget it," Yu Xinghan sighed and talked about Shen Xiangling's experience in the Duxian sect.

The elders looked at each other. The content was so complicated that they didn't know where to start the discussion for a while.

After a long time, someone said, "The Saint was really defeated by Bai Lian's pet?"

"Instantly defeated even."

"Where did the Duxian sect find such a Natural Saint? Even her pet is so powerful, how strong is she?"

Just thinking about it made the elders shudder.

Fortunately, their Biluo sect and the Duxian sect were not mortal enemies. Otherwise, they might start an all-out war to kill Bai Lian.

"No wonder the Saint showed that expression. She was going to challenge Bai Lian, but she was defeated by her pet. Alas."

What a murderer!

Yu Xinghan nodded and said angrily, "Even if Bai Lian has good qualifications, she can't humiliate our Saint like this. I will ask the Duxian sect for justice!"

He strode towards the door in spite of the crowd's protests.

At this moment, unbridled laughter came from a distance.

Yu Xinghan saw at a glance that it was the Saint's master.

"Master, good news, ha ha ha!"

He angrily scolded, "What good news? It's a mess!"


The Saint's master hurriedly said, "I am too complacent, but this is really a blessing for the sect! Xiangling was troubled by an internal demon. Unexpectedly, she went to the Duxian sect, and the internal demon disappeared. Without this barrier, Xiangling's qualification are not inferior to the Holy Son!"


Yu Xinghan suspected that he had heard wrong.

Can the Saint eliminate her internal demon by being insulted by Bai Lian?! What's wrong with her?

"It's true. That night…" the Saint's master concluded, "Bai Lian didn't mean to humiliate Xiangling. She wanted to take this opportunity to peel off Xiangling's cowardly shell and help Xiangling see through the internal demon. Bai Lian of the Duxian sect, I really owe her a big favor for this!"

"Ah, good, indeed good." Yu Xinghan nodded in ignorance.

With this in mind, he hurriedly sent someone to call the disciples who had been traveling with Shen Xiangling.

After listening to the story told by the disciples.

The female elder sighed, "I see!"


"Didn't you pay attention to what Bai Lian said before? In fact, she was trying to save face for our Holy Son in a self-harming way, so that it won't affect the relationship between our Biluo sect and the Duxian sect."

"Ouch!" Yu Xinghan slapped his thigh hard.

"I nearly made a big mistake." He was very upset. He wanted to change his impulsive temper, but how could it be so easy?

Yu Xinghan sighed, "It's really a blessing for the Duxian sect to have this woman. Well, I'll go to the Duxian sect in person to make amends."

The elders had no objection.

They were now thinking of their own disciples.

Humph, we must teach them well!

Look at yourself. If you were as thoughtful as Bai Lian, would I have to deal with these troubles you made? I am so angry!

"Then the Holy Son…"

Yu Xinghan snorted and said slowly, "He will understand. If he doesn't understand, I will help him understand."


In the bright moonlight.

After leaving the Biluo sect, Bai Lian flew slowly for an hour and reached a bamboo forest that covered the horizon.

The rustling of bamboo leaves caught her full attention.

A sudden sharp breath made Bai Lian aware of the danger.


Sure enough.

The Jade Rabbit, lying on her shoulder, was vigilantly watching around, and its two ears stood up high indicating it was preparing to attack!

The person hiding in the bamboo forest obviously didn't intend to hide for long.

A dazzling pillar of light lit up from the depths of the bamboo forest, and a howling wind swept over the bamboo forest. Where the wind passed, the bamboo was broken in half.


In the surging bamboo wave, Bai Lian saw a person wrapped in black, slippery like a black eel.

She tried to release her divine sense to observe the man. The 163 points of Focus made her divine sense stronger than any ordinary cultivator of the Golden Core Stage.

If the two bulges in the chest area were not fake, the assassin must be a woman. Her strength was probably at the later stage of the Golden Core Stage!

Bai Lian looked at her with a bit of disdain. She was no match for the assassin for the time being, but she was not worried of being killed.

Not to mention the Jade Rabbit was beside her, she was not far from the Biluo sect now. As long as she held on for a while, the elders of the Biluo sect would come.

"Jade Rabbit, stop……"

Before Bai Lian could finish her words, the Jade Rabbit's attack was dodged by the "black eel" with an extremely strange movement.

Are you a cartilaginous animal?

"Bai Lian, you're dead!"

A husky male voice came from under the assassin's mask.

Bai Lian didn't expect that the mask also had a sound-changing effect. She clenched her fist and was ready to attack at any time.

Seeing that the sharp blade was about to stab Bai Lian, the assassin suddenly became nervous.

In order to avoid the rabbit intervening, her sword focused on ultimate speed, but its destructive power was a little low.

Why doesn't Bai Lian dodge?

Is it because she can't react as "that person" said, or does she despise my attack?

The assassin's body trembled slightly.

But she knew she couldn't turn back!

If it was the former, her sword would surely kill Bai Lian.

If it was the latter, she had the magic tool given by "that person". Even if she couldn't kill Bai Lian, she could escape smoothly.

Go ahead.

At this moment, the assassin's speed grew even faster.


The blade swept through the dark whirlpool of spiritual power and hit Bai Lian, making the sound of striking iron.

The assassin was delighted, but she fell into endless fear shortly after.

Her sword couldn't even pierce through Bai Lian's clothes. Was Bai Lian's control over her spiritual power so strong?


This was the only thought left in the stunned assassin's mind.

Bai Lian blinked.

Hum? The clothes are not pierced.

Li Yue Taoist robe! It deserves to be a top-grade magic tool!

After wearing Li Yue Taoist robe, her Hard Skill reached 351 points. Her resistance to beatings was stronger than most cultivators in the Golden Core Stage.

Bai Lian raised her fist and swung it at the assassin.

This punch was attached with the special effect of [Butterfly Dance]. Countless ice butterflies came from all directions. The assassin felt that she was trapped in an ice cage.

She tried to stop Bai Lian's fist with the sword in her left hand. Her right hand quickly activated the magic tool for escape.


Fist met flesh.

After the explosion, Bai Lian's body was splashed with a large amount of blood, which also dyed the pure white ice butterflies into dazzling red butterflies.

The bamboo forest was calm again, and the assassin had disappeared.

"A cultivator came to fight me in melee and tried to take my fist with her body. You really don't know anything about strength!" Bai Lian muttered.

She looked at the bloodstains on the ground and was lost in thought. Just now, she seemed to have hit the assassin's "two round balls" and smashed them with too much force.

Forget it.

"Haw." The little rabbit returned to Bai Lian with chagrin.

"Let’s go back to the Duxian sect."

Bai Lian didn't blame the Jade Rabbit.