The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Shock!

All of Bai Lian's fears were for naught.

She thought that after leaving the Duxian sect, the Biluo sect disciples would make trouble for her. But on the way, Shen Xiangling kept her head down and said nothing, just like a walking "Le Penseur".

The rest of the disciples of the Biluo sect looked annoyed, but they didn't dare to make trouble without Shen Xiangling taking the lead.

"It feels like a long vacation."

Bai Lian idly surveyed the scenery on both sides of the road.

The red frost leaves, the yellow rice and the white lilies in the evening set off the Li Yue Taoist robe she wore.

Being really bored, she began to expect the system to publish some tasks to make trouble, but the system didn't respond to her expectations.

Bai Lian read books related to magic circles out of boredom. They were magically stored in a jade slip, which was much more convenient than e-books.

At present, she had three skill points in Formations.

As for the obscure words recorded in the book; She seemed to understand them, but only the words. In short, she was between understanding and not understanding them.

Bai Lian scratched her head.

The disciples of the Biluo sect didn't pay attention to Bai Lian's strange behavior at all.

Nothing to see.

If heaven sent down thunder to fry Bai Lian, they would happily chant songs.

Shen Xiangling was still immersed in her own world, mostly because she was still shocked by the fact that Ximen Wenxue was defeated by Xiao Jinse.

According to what was widely known about the Duxian sect, Xiao Jinse's Spiritual Root was once obsolete. Even if it was repaired by Bai Lian, it was just transformed into a worthless inferior fire-type Spiritual Root.

Before entering the Duxian sect, Xiao Jinse had never cultivated.

However, such an ordinary person, who should have been ignored by the vast cultivation world, had grown to the point that she could defeat Ximen Wenxue, who was on the Ninth Level of the Qi Refining Period, in just one month!

It was incredible.

Heart. Shen Xiangling touched the left side of her chest.

She admitted that Bai Lian was right.

Xiao Jinse had an incomparably firm heart. She didn't know what was in Xiao Jinse's heart, making her swing a sword powerful enough to knock over Ximen Wanxue, but Shen Xiangling didn't think that Xiao Jinse could have reached this level only due to her heart.

The more she practiced, the more she found that people had limits.

It must be that Bai Lian's teachings played a key role in Xiao Jinse's strength improvement.

That woman could see through her defects at a glance. If she were to teach her, would she be able to soar like Xiao Jinse?

Shen Xiangling turned her head and planned to sneak a look at Bai Lian.

Then her eyes met Bai Lian's.

The Saint straightened her body nervously.

No. I can't go to ask her. Wouldn’t this be a betrayal of my own sect?

Bai Lian wondered.

She clearly saw Shen Xiangling rubbing her chest as she walked.

No way! Could it be true? The Saint couldn't resist her desires and did such things on the road!

Bai Lian was shocked!

"Isn't there any normal person in this strange R18 gal game world except me?"


Half a day later, Bai Lian arrived at the Biluo sect.

The Biluo sect was located on the top of mountains, and the main hall was located on a flying mountain hanging in the sky.

She jumped down from the Jade Rabbit's back, whose body had grown to be as big as a tiger.

"Haw!" The Jade Rabbit soon recovered to its normal shape. Bai Lian stuffed several low-grade Spiritual Herbs into its arms.

This is a fair deal. The Jade Rabbit lets Bai Lian ride it and Bai Lian repays it with spiritual herbs!

Shen Xiangling looked at the Jade Rabbit crouching at Bai Lian's feet with envy. Even the Holy Son of the Biluo sect didn't have a Golden Core Stage pet.

She turned and asked, "Fairy Bai Lian, why don't you follow me to the Biluo sect?"

Bai Lian shook her head, "Apologies, but my younger Martial Sister was seriously injured. I'm anxious to go back and attend to her."

No way. If I enter the Biluo sect rashly, who knows if my disguise will be exposed?

"Very well," Shen Xiangling said, "Then let us part here."

"Yes." Bai Lian was about to leave with the Jade Rabbit. Suddenly, Shen Xiangling called behind her.

"Wait a minute!"

"What's the matter?"


Bai Lian and the Jade Rabbit turned around at the same time.

Shen Xiangling sighed. She suddenly remembered that she had forgotten to ask about something. She said, "In fact, I had another purpose in going to the Duxian sect."


Shen Xiangling continued, "Before leaving, the Holy Son said to me that he had admired you for a long time, but he didn't dare to say it himself. Let me ask you, would you like to become his Taoist companion ? I know that with your talent and strength, you certainly don't like our Holy Son, but it would be too discourteous for me to directly refuse the Holy Son without asking your opinion."

Bai Lian looked strangely at her.

She was confessed to by others in the previous two years, but as her position in the Duxian sect became higher and higher, these offers disappeared completely.

"Well…", Bai Lian was ready to answer Shen Xiangling, and the task options appeared in front of her.

[Task 1, "The Holy Son? Does he deserve to be my Taoist companion?!" (Reward: Windbreak)]

[Task 2, "He doesn't even have the courage to ask me in person. I'm so disappointed!" (Reward: An inferior magic tool - Seven Xuan Needle)]

[Task 3, "Actually, I like women!" (Reward: Focus +3)]



Bai Lian's eyes rested on option three.

She hadn't seen such an option that suited her taste for a long time.

She believed that this sentence could certainly dispel the Holy Son's thoughts and solve many similar problems for her.

As for whether it made her feel embarrassed to seriously say this sentence?

Considering that the Saint was a pervert who rubbed her breasts in front of her, Bai Lian was not embarrassed at all!

"I shouldn't say it, but in order not to affect the relationship between the Duxian sect and the Biluo sect, I can only tell you the truth."

Bai Lian stared at Shen Xiangling with a serious face.

All disciples of the Biluo sect present held their breath.

If Bai Lian's words were too harsh, as the disciples of the Biluo sect, even if they were no match for Bai Lian, they must stand up and defend their Holy Son.

Bai Lian sighed, "Actually, I like women!"

[Task completed, Focus +3]


Suddenly, a loud noise came from the foot of the mountain.

The Jade Rabbit opened its mouth wide and the spiritual herbs in its mouth fell down and smashed on the stone.

Shen Xiangling's reaction was even more intense.

"You, you, you…" she reached out and pointed to Bai Lian. "What you said is true?"

"Yes." Bai Lian nodded and looked up at the sky at a 45-degree angle.

I shouldn't have said that!

Shen Xiangling was so shocked that her mouth began to tremble.

She never expected that she would hear such an answer.

In other words, the Holy Son had no chance from the beginning!

She then remembered that Bai Lian seemed to be peeping at her on the way to the Biluo sect. Did… did it mean Bai Lian was interested in her?

Ah ah ah… Shen Xiangling was in a mess.

Her mind was full of confused thoughts.

If she had another chance, she would never ask Bai Lian.

"In conclusion, I will tell… what you said to the Holy Son. I… I need to go back to the Biluo sect first."

Shen Xiangling hurriedly flew to the top of the mountain.

"Saint!" The remaining disciples shouted in a hurry.

They looked at Bai Lian as if they had seen a ghost. Does Bai Lian of the Duxian sect like women?

"My God!" someone shouted and ran away, and the rest of them hurried to follow.

They didn't have time to talk about the newcomers' competition. They just wanted to share the explosive news they just got with others!