The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Bai Lian's True Intention

Seeing Shen Xiangling walk away angrily, Bai Lian suddenly felt that she was a hidden repair master. The Saint who was about to break down was completely rejuvenated under her haphazard reasoning.

She clenched her fist.

Could it be that she is a Natural Saint not in spiritual progression, but in achieving enlightenment?

Too strong!

Bai Lian began to think about whether she should start a class and teach people to defeat internal demons. However, after seeing Xiao Jinse's dark bedroom, she immediately gave up the idea.

She doesn't know when her nightmares will come to an end. She doesn't have the energy to teach others.

Bai Lian played with the Jade Rabbit's soft ears for a while and let it go after it began to shake and pant.

"Good performance. Take your time. I'll go to the meditation room first."

The little rabbit smiled. It found that its decision to go and seek refuge with Bai Lian was really right!

It not only solved the problem of starvation but could also enjoy the high-level Spiritual Herbs such as the Thunder Bud.

What's more, it is now nominally the pet of Bai Lian.

Who is Bai Lian?

That's the nominal Elder Martial Sister of the Duxian sect, the 18-year-old Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, and the Natural Saint seen once in a thousand years!

At least no one dares to bully it in the Duxian sect!

Who dares to bully me? I'll let Martial Sister Bai Lian beat you to death!

It began to digest the Thunder Bud it had just eaten.

Such a life is really comfortable!


The evening wind blew.

The elders in the main hall of the Yunluo Peak looked at each other.

They were still thinking about how to solve the problem and Bai Lian and Shen Xiangling were already finished?

So fast!

Looking at Shen Xiangling's bright eyes, Jue Yunzi was shocked.

He breathed a long sigh of relief.

Yan Yue, who had just arrived, murmured, "I knew Bai Lian was not the kind of person who would deliberately humiliate others. Seeing this scene, I understood her real intention."

"?" What do you mean?

Gaoyi and others looked at Yan Yue in doubt.

The expectant eyes made Yan Yue proud. You guys are so ignorant!!!

She smiled and said, "Didn't Wen Ren Ya Le have a misunderstanding with Bai Lian before? Since then, I understood that Bai Lian is a wise girl. My guess is she must have seen through the Saint's internal demon long ago, so she deliberately let her pet fight her!"

"I see!" An elder suddenly shouted, "Bai Lian must have wanted to take this opportunity to help Shen Xiangling defeat her internal demon. You can see Shen Xiangling had obviously crossed a barrier in her heart when she left the Qiongming Peak."

That makes sense. Others nodded.

Yan Yue continued, "Although the result is good, this behavior is still too risky after all. If she fails to persuade the Saint…"

"Ah." Jue Yunzi shook his head.

"Don't say that. Bai Lian is still young after all. It's not a bad thing for young people to be bold. Besides, she is a Natural Saint, who can say Bai Lian doesn't have the ability to see through people's hearts and turn bad luck into good luck?"

That's reasonable! Yan Yue was impressed.

How did such a good girl become An Lan’s, that scum's disciple?

It's a pity that An Lan took the lead!

Next, the elders of the Duxian sect gathered together and began to discuss hiding Bai Lian's true strength from the top sect of the East Divine Land.

Many people know that Bai Lian is a Natural Saint, but there are not as many people who really believe in it.

It is mainly because the Yaochi Holy Mountain sent a Holy Apostle to the Duxian sect a year ago. The Holy Apostle only said "Not bad", after she observed Bai Lian.

"Fortunately, Bai Lian's Holy Body had not awakened at that time, and the Tao Halo special effect was not present."

Jue Yunzi felt lucky.

Otherwise, the Duxian sect would miss the opportunity to rise.


The next day.

At the top of Qiongming Peak.

Xiao Jinse, who had recovered, stood in front of Bai Lian like a sharp sword.

Bai Lian said calmly, "Don't be arrogant after winning, and don't be discouraged after being defeated!"

Xiao Jinse nodded hard.

After hearing what Martial Sister Bai Lian said last night, how could she not do her best today!

She felt that she was only one step away from the Seventh stage of Qi Refinement. Today's competition was an opportunity.

Upon arriving at the competition square, Bai Lian found that Shen Xiangling had been waiting there with other disciples of the Biluo sect.

As soon as they met, Shen Xiangling looked away angrily.

Chen Lu, the Martial Sister of the Yunluo Peak beside her, asked "The Saint seems to have a problem with Martial Sister Bai Lian?"

"More than a problem!" Shen Xiangling gritted her teeth and said, "I don't want to discuss that. Let the competition begin as soon as possible!"

Chen Lu nodded thoughtfully.

Soon after, the competition between the new disciples of the Duxian sect and the new disciples of the Biluo sect started.

Bai Lian has nothing to be nervous about.

She was more concerned about the conversations of the crowd.

"I didn’t imagine that Elder Martial Brother Gong Juren was so brave. He defeated that evil cult on his own. My family also suffered from them. I really hope to become a great hero like Elder Martial Brother Gong one day!"

"Elder Martial Sister Yu Lan is also very strong. She once occupied the top of the Qionghua list for two years!"

"And Elder Martial Brother Hu…"

Bai Lian was very pleased.

Tong Yao faithfully followed her advice, and the efficiency was amazing. Over time, the number of people who paid attention to her would gradually decrease.

This plan is wonderful!

She was about to observe Xiao Jinse's competition, but suddenly someone in the crowd sighed, "Although Elder Martial Brother Gong is powerful, he is still a little behind Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

"Don't say that. Who is Martial Sister Bai Lian? She's a Natural Saint! We can't compare ordinary people with a Natural Saint."

"That's right, don't talk nonsense."


Bai Lian turned around stiffly. She saw at a glance that one of them was one of Tong Yao's followers!

I… Her face almost turned green.

Those new disciples looked serious. Obviously, they agreed with the follower’s words.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian? Compare Martial Sister Bai Lian with others? Will you let others live?

"Let's talk about Elder Martial Brother Hu."

Bai Lian finally understood why Tong Yao was so excited after listening to her advice.

She felt that Tong Yao needs a spank on her butt! Stop it, bitch !

Fortunately, movements in the challenge arena made the new disciples stop talking. Bai Lian was a little relieved.

Ximen Wanxue, a new disciple of the Biluo sect, has just won the competition.

He easily blew his opponents off the challenge arena, frothing at the mouth.

"It's over. Xiao Jinse is the only one left."


Shen Xiangling gave Bai Lian a provocative glance, but Bai Lian resolutely ignored it.

The Saint? She doesn't have time to talk to her now.

"The competition begins!"

Xiao Jinse and Ximen Wuxue looked at each other from a distance. After gaining momentum, Ximen Wuxue took the lead in launching the attack.

The battle was a difficult one.

Xiao Jinse's cultivation base is lower than Ximen Wanxue's after all. Even though she has a firm will, she still soon fell to a disadvantage.

If her protagonist's aura doesn’t work when she is in a pinch, letting her successfully break through to the Seventh Floor of the Qi Refining Period, she would be defeated.

"This is the benefit of being the protagonist - a breakthrough in a crisis!", Bai Lian thought bitterly. However, to her surprise, Xiao Jinse fought much harder than in the game plot.

Bai Lian thought of yesterday's task options.

If she chose to encourage Xiao Jinse, even if Xiao Jinse could defeat Fan Ren, she would be defeated by Ximen Wanxue and might even be stabbed to death accidentally.

No wonder the task reward was an inferior grade spirit tool.

If the protagonist died because of her, she might be struck by heaven.

It's all the world's fault!

"No way." Bai Lian thought that Xiao Jinse would become a waste if she doted on her too much!

She began to think about countermeasures. At this time, the challenge arena fell into a weird quiet. Did Xiao Jinse win?

Even Tong Yao, who worshiped Bai Lian as a God, didn't expect it.

"The winner is Xiao Jinse!" On the Yunluo square suddenly rang out the cries of people.

"She deserves to be Martial Sister Bai Lian's younger Martial Sister!"

"I'm so shocked!"

"Poor qualifications are not terrible. What's terrible is that I don't have Martial Sister Bai Lian to guide me!"

There are many people who haven't recovered yet.

In the midst of compliments and incredible whispers, Xiao Jinse trembled and struggled to walk toward Bai Lian. A trace of a smile appeared on her face, "Martial Sister Bai Lian, I have not humiliated you."

She did it!

She was very tired, but when she saw Martial Sister Bai Lian's face, her heart surged with power again.

Bai Lian held her, stroked her head, and sighed, "Yes, have a good rest today."

"Yes." Xiao Jinse murmured, then she buried her head in Bai Lian's chest. Obviously, she fainted.

Bai Lian gently held Xiao Jinse's body, passed through the crowd, and returned to the Qiongming Peak.

She has noticed Shen Xiangling's angry eyes, but what makes her chest ache is that she received a message from the sect leader not long ago. The sect leader asked her to send Shen Xiangling and others back to the Biluo Sect on behalf of the Duxian sect.

"Why is it always me?" Bai Lian beat the table.

Glancing at the younger Martial Sister sleeping in bed, she sighed. How happy she would be if this were a normal game world.

When Bai Lian left, she gently closed the door.

Now she could only pray for fewer troubles on the way.

"Rabbit, let's go!"