The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: The Saint's Tao Heart Is Broken

Somewhere at the foot of the Qiongming Peak a place was chosen for the Jade Rabbit to compete with Shen Xiangling.

The night Bai Lian caught it, the Jade Rabbit was afraid of Bai Lian's and An Lan's power, so it didn't show its true skills at all.

Tonight is different. Under the temptation of a Thunder Bud, the rabbit decided to end the battle quickly.

In order to not attract the attention of others, the Jade Rabbit and Shen Xiangling were very restrained and didn't use moves with a large attack range.

This just gave the Jade Rabbit room to play.

Under normal conditions, it would have had to deal with Shen Xiangling for a while before it could get close. Now, it easily passed through the red fog in front of it and kicked Shen Xiangling to the ground.

This happened so quickly that Shen Xiangling fell to the ground and didn't recover for a long time.

I lost? The most unacceptable thing for her was that the rabbit squatted on the stone and didn't continue to attack, as if waiting for her to get up and fight again.

That means the rabbit didn't take her seriously at all!

A great sense of humiliation welled up. Shen Xiangling received a message from the sect elder half an hour ago. The elder asked her to secretly test Bai Lian's strength.

When she applied for a challenge, the leader of the Duxian sect quickly agreed.

Shen Xiangling was full of ambition. She had imagined that she might lose to Bai Lian. After all, Bai Lian was a "Natural Saint".

But to her surprise, she even lost to Bai Lian's pet——

A rabbit!

And she was beaten by the rabbit!

Shen Xiangling's mentality was about to collapse.

Her pet is already so powerful. How strong must she be?

The Nascent Soul Stage?

And it is most likely not at the beginning stage.

You know, Bai Lian is only eighteen!

It was not easy for her to become the Saint of the Biluo sect. Yet after all her efforts, not only she didn't narrow the gap with Bai Lian, instead she found that their strengths were further apart, completely different.

Shen Xiangling felt desperate. Her imagination could not keep up with Bai Lian's growth speed. Even the Holy Son of the Biluo Sect was probably no match for Bai Lian.

After many years, she will surely be completely overwhelmed by Bai Lian and will never get even.

Even the Biluo sect may not escape this fate.

"Haw!" The Jade Rabbit looked at Shen Xiangling lying on the ground in doubt.

It waited for a long time, but Shen Xiangling still didn't stand up.

Did I win?

Thinking this way, the Jade Rabbit ran happily towards the top of Qiongming Peak.


At this point.

In the main hall of Yunluo peak.

Jue Yunzi and the others were watching the battle between the Jade Rabbit and Shen Xiangling.

The moment the Saint fell down, several elders took a breath.

"Too, too amazing!"

One of the elders asked Gaoyi, "You have contacted Bai Lian several times. What is her real strength?"

Gaoyi shook his head blankly. "I don't know."

He has overestimated Bai Lian as much as possible, but he found himself still underestimating her.

It is so terrible.

Jue Yunzi smiled bitterly, "Maybe only younger Martial Sister An Lan knows."

"Go and invite younger Martial Sister An Lan!"

Jue Yunzi said, "She left the Duxian sect a few days ago. She said she planned to find a new younger Martial Sister for Bai Lian. I can't get in touch with her now."


The elders were confused.

What's wrong with An Lan?

She was the only one in the whole Qiongming Peak for almost 300 years. How can she be so diligent in taking disciples recently?

Jue Yunzi shook his head, "Let's not talk about this. Bai Lian's actions are somewhat frivolous after all. She let her pet fight, which hurt the little girl of the Biluo sect badly. Let's think about how to deal with it. That barbarian of the Biluo sect won't give up easily!"

"This is really a headache." Gaoyi frowned. "If only younger Martial Sister An Lan were here, that barbarian would have to take a detour when he saw her."

While they were talking, Shen Xiangling staggered to her feet.

She wanted to turn around and leave, but somehow she came to the top of Qiongming Peak.

The Jade Rabbit was holding and gnawing a purple spiritual herb with electric sparks.

Bai Lian was not idle either. She was concentrating on dealing with the maltose in her hand.

"Why are you here?" Bai Lian was stunned.

Does this woman still want to challenge her?

She soon found something wrong.

Shen Xiangling's pupils were dilated and her eyes were dim. She looked as if she had been badly played.

"Ah, this…" This is a big problem!!!

Bai Lian felt a little guilty. She looked around, then pointed to the stone bench opposite her and said, "Sit down!"

Shen Xiangling sat down. Bai Lian hesitated for a while and then handed over half of the maltose she had picked to the Saint. Give her some sweets first!

Shen Xiangling subconsciously took the maltose.



The stick that held up the maltose was bitten off.

Bai Lian warned, "You can't eat the stick."


Shen Xiangling reached out to take out the broken wooden stick. She stared at the stone table in silence. For a long time, she asked, "Why are you so strong?"

Um. Bai Lian nodded.

She can speak normally. It seems that the Saint's fighting will hasn't been completely destroyed.

Bai Lian said, "Good question!"

Of course, Bai Lian dare not tell Shen Xiangling the truth.

"Do you know what this is?"

Bai Lian pressed her heart.


Bai Lian seriously corrected her, "It's the heart!"

It is a gift from the system, the [Innocent Heart]!

Even if questioned by Shen Xiangling, who is actually much stronger than herself, Bai Lian can still remain calm.


"You have an inner demon!" Bai Lian spoke nonsense.

Shen Xiangling didn't say anything. She knew that Bai Lian was right.

She was ashamed to mention it to outsiders. She almost failed to survive the Golden Core Tribulation because of an internal demon.

Today, she was suddenly defeated by Bai Lian's pet. Her heart has been completely confused.

"Cultivation, in the final interpretation, is about the mind. It doesn't matter if you have poor qualifications. But if your Tao Heart has been lost, how can you get past the thousands of temptations in the world? How many geniuses have fallen in the tribulations because of their weak minds?"

Shen Xiangling smiled bitterly, "I understand."

Bai Lian said, "So either you are incompetent as a Saint, or this title has shackled you. Although you are strong, in my opinion, you are not even as good as my younger Martial Sister!"


"My younger Martial Sister was born with an Obsolete Spiritual Root. She suffered a lot, but she never thought of giving up…" Bai Lian began to boast, "My younger Martial Sister has a lower starting point than all cultivators, but I believe that under the guidance of her firm Dao Heart, within ten years, she will be famous in the East Divine Land and become a more powerful cultivator than me!"

Not only was Shen Xiangling stunned, but also the elders and Xiao Jinse who were secretly listening to their talk.

So, in the eyes of Martial Sister Bai Lian, am I such a powerful person? Xiao Jinse's heart trembled. Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is just like her mother!

She couldn't sleep after hearing that.

Shen Xiangling stared at Bai Lian's eyes.

Those eyes revealed conviction.

But it was such a look that suddenly made her feel unconvinced.

Is she worse than Xiao Jinse? No. She wanted to prove it to Bai Lian.

Shen Xiangling stood up, and her eyes revived, "Let's see at tomorrow's competition!"

Alas, I haven't even started to do anything yet. How can you get back to normal by yourself?

Bai Lian was puzzled, but she still said calmly, "Let's wait and see."