The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Elder Martial Sister's Way!

Diplomacy is really a word that ordinary people can't stand!

Bai Lian felt deeply about it after the cordial exchanges with Shen Xiangling.

It was already dusk.

Because the competition with the disciples of the Biluo sect was scheduled for tomorrow, the people around the challenge arena were all dispersed after they learned that they could not see the fierce fight between Martial Sister Bai Lian and the Saint of the Biluo sect.

"I want to see Martial Sister Bai Lian beating the Saint of Biluo sect hard!"

"Alas, what a pity!"

"The Saint seems to have a good relationship with Martial Sister Bai Lian?"

"They laughed when they talked. They should have a good relationship."

"I thought that our Duxian sect and the Biluo sect were enemies."

"It may be a personal acquaintance!"

Xiao Jinse lowered her head.

When competing in the challenge arena, no matter how people around her questioned her, she could be indifferent.

But after listening to the gossip of other disciples, she felt it to be unbearable.

These passersby are so annoying, like a monk who recites scriptures!

At the foot of the Qiongming Peak, Xiao Jinse finally summoned up her courage. She turned her head and said tentatively, "Elder Martial Sister, your relationship with the Saint of the Biluo sect seems very close?"

I… As soon as Bai Lian regained consciousness, a new task option appeared.

[Task 1: Excitedly introduce the whole process of meeting Shen Xiangling to Xiao Jinse (Reward: Tiger Roaring Skill)]

[Task 2, "Shen Xiangling? I'm not familiar with her." (Reward: Hard Skill +1)]


Bai Lian estimated that even if she spent a few days, she might not be able to find a more garbage cultivation method than the Tiger Roaring Skill.

This conveyed a very important message to her. Even if she told Xiao Jinse the truth, she would not encounter any danger.


"What's the use of the Tiger Roaring Skill?"

What makes Bai Lian even more uneasy is that she knows the truth that "Quantitative change causes qualitative change" and "A thousand mile levee could be destroyed by ants"!

Today, there is a Saint, and tomorrow, there will be another witch, then there will be a demon girl, a dragon girl…

In a certain bad ending in The Battle of the Gods, the honest and kind-hearted second Martial Sister was devastated by Bai Lian and became the Blood Prison Demon Girl, holding a demon knife in her left hand and a blood blade in her right hand, killing any person who dares appear in her vision.

Alas, it's hard to be a good Elder Martial Sister!

Choose Task 2.

Bai Lian said expressionless, "Shen Xiangling? I don't know her very well."

[Task completed, task reward: Hard Skill +1]

Just as Bai Lian was relieved and ready to go back to the mountain to feed the rabbit, Xiao Jinse spoke again.

She pursed her lips slightly, but wasn't complaining, "But Elder Martial Sister, you had a very happy chat with her~"


New task options popped up in front of Bai Lian.

[Task 1: Calmly say, "Younger Martial Sister, you are worrying too much!" (Reward: Monkey Walking Skill)]

[Task 2: Sigh, "Younger Martial Sister, I was just acting!" (Reward: Light Skill+2)]

Monkey Walking Skill is also a garbage spell that no one learns, but the point is not here.

"……" Bai Lian froze. She found that her worry was not unnecessary, but what disturbed her was the situation so quickly evolved into a multi-part task.

Now it is a multi-part task. If it becomes a daily task in the future…

Bai Lian was worried.

No, this is not the future she wants!

She decided to act decisively to curb the development of this unhealthy style.

"Junior sister." Bai Lian sighed and pressed Xiao Jinse's shoulder. "I was just acting! Let's go to the Forbidden Array. There are no outsiders there. I'll explain at length."

This solemn appearance made Xiao Jinse nervous. She had never seen Martial Sister Bai Lian speak in this tone, so she agreed without thinking about it.

As soon as they entered the cave, as Bai Lian expected, the system jumped out and encouraged her to bully Xiao Jinse. Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian was totally unmoved!

She sat down on the stone bench and faced Xiao Jinse.

Bai Lian sighed, "Younger Martial Sister, today I'll talk to you about how to be an Elder Martial Sister."

How to be an Elder Martial Sister?

Xiao Jinse was a little confused.

Bai Lian said, "Younger Martial Sister, in fact, what I like most is quiet. I want to wander around the mountains and rivers without being disturbed by outsiders. But… How can everything go well in life?!"

Xiao Jinse nodded vaguely. When she was in the Xiao family, her father seemed to be like this too.

Bai Lian told her the truth that she was in a high position and had to do things she didn't want to.

"As a disciple of the Duxian sect, how can I make a cold face when facing the Saint of the Biluo sect? Doesn't that make our Duxian sect very ungenerous?"

Xiao Jinse thought Bai Lian was right. She began to reflect on her mistakes.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is the Qiongming Peak's Martial Sister and the Duxian sect's Martial Sister. She has too many things to consider. She can't always focus on me.

It seems I’m still too narrow minded.

Therefore, after some simple teaching, Xiao Jinse deeply understood the difficulty of being an elder Martial Sister!

Xiao Jinse grabbed Bai Lian's sleeve and her eyes were shining with tears.

"Elder Martial Sister, I…"

Bai Lian hurriedly said, "Younger Martial Sister, you don't have to worry about me. I've long been used to this kind of thing. You just have to do your best!"

As she said this, she turned her head and looked through the cave mouth, as if she wanted to see the bright star river outside the cave.

Well, from this angle, the second younger Martial Sister shouldn't be able to see her smile.

Indeed, she couldn’t.

Xiao Jinse read a calm loneliness from Bai Lian.

She must grow up as soon as possible so as to share Martial Sister Bai Lian's worries with her!

The system didn't beep this time. Bai Lian has finally determined that her efforts have worked.

In fact, she could have used her younger Martial Sister to gain more skill points, but after considering, she decided against it. Who knows what kind of tasks the system will give?

It's safer to wander around to find new tasks.

After walking out of the Forbidden Array, she said, "Younger Martial Sister, go to bed early today. Tomorrow, there will be a competition with the disciples of the Biluo sect."

Xiao Jinse nodded sheepishly.


The two climbed up the stairs.

Just then, a cry came from under the Qiongming Peak.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai, Elder Martial Sister Bai!"

"Well?" The sound is a little familiar.

As soon as Bai Lian looked back, she saw Tong Yao running over excitedly.

How did you get out so quickly?


Don't come here!

Tong Yao still came. She stood in front of Bai Lian and grinned and rubbed her small ass.

"My Master was so cruel! I just stole his wine, he almost broke my ass into four pieces. Don't let me know who told him my secret!"

Bai Lian pulled at the corners of her mouth. You deserved it!

Her heart was full of energy.

"Younger Martial Sister Tong Yao, what can I do for you?"

Tong Yao looked serious, "It's a very important thing, it's about the Biluo sect!"

As she said this, she glanced at Xiao Jinse. Bai Lian knew that she wanted Xiao Jinse to leave. She shook her head and said, "Younger Martial Sister Jinse is one of the people I trust most. There is no need for her to leave."

"This…" Xiao Jinse said, "Since this is an important thing, it's inconvenient for me to stay. Elder Martial Sister, I have a competition tomorrow. I'll go have a rest first."

There were no pop-up tasks. "Well, as you wish."

Xiao Jinse walked away.

Bai Lian smiled happily. My Martial Sister has just grown up!

It seems that there is no contradiction between them that cannot be solved with sincere communication. If not once, just twice!