The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Saints by the Great Pine Lake

After a few polite words, Gaoyi and others excused themselves with the pretext they had something to do. Only Chen Lu, the eldest disciple of the Yunluo peak, was left behind on the cloud to accompany the Saintess of Biluo sect.

The Saint didn't seem to pay any attention to Eldest Martial Sister Chen Lu.

She took off her boots and sat on the edge of the cloud, unconsciously swinging her legs, like a romantic girl washing her feet by the stream.

Chen Lu's eyes climbed up along the milky white feet of the Saint, and finally reached the cold face of the Saint.

What the hell is she doing? Chen Lu fell into deep doubt.

The Saint had stayed in that position for a long time. It seemed she didn't care that her slightly unusual behavior was seen by others.

Is the newcomers' competition really so eye-catching?

Chen Lu didn't think so.

At this time, a familiar cry came from the square under the cloud.

"The winner is Xiao Jinse!"

The Saint's slender eyelashes quivered gently.

This is the sixth round. After this round, the female disciple named Xiao Jinse successfully reached the final of the newcomers' competition.

She has observed Xiao Jinse's final opponent, a cultivator named Fan Ren, who was on the eighth Stage of the Qi Refining Period.

According to the information disclosed by the "professional commentators" on the ground, Fan Ren was born in a family of cultivation. He officially started cultivating at the age of seven and was known as the champion of the Fan family.

Therefore, although Xiao Jinse performed exceptionally during the competition, few people believed that she could win.

After all, Xiao Jinse's cultivation base is lower than the seventh Stage of Qi Refining Stage.

"Trust me, trust Fan Ren!"

"Bet on Fan Ren and make a lot of money! Easy win!"

The final is about to begin. There are many people around the challenge arena waiting for the final.

The Saint suddenly said, "Miss Chen, who do you think will win the final battle?"

Ah? Chen Lu was obviously stunned.

After realizing that the Saint was asking her, she answered without hesitation, "Fan Ren!"

"?" The Saint looked at Chen Lu with surprised eyes.

Chen Lu frowned and said, "May I ask, do you think differently?"

The Saint shook her head. "I'm just surprised at Miss Chen's prediction."

In other words, the Saint couldn't help belittling Chen Lu. The eldest disciple of the Yunluo peak didn't have a good eye.

The Saintess actually prefers Xiao Jinse!

On one hand, Xiao Jinse has won every round very quickly, and surely has retained more of her strength; On the other hand, Xiao Jinse is the younger Martial Sister of “that woman”!

The Saint closed her eyes slowly.

She began to conceive a terrible scene in her mind, which once became the internal demon on her path of cultivation!

That was nearly two years ago.

At that time, though her name was known, she was yet to become a Saint.

Following the rules of the sect, the Saint led some weak disciples down the mountain for training. The training place was a small mountain town called Ghost Crying Town. The goal of the training was to investigate the truth of a "ghost crying".

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She was so self-confident that she couldn’t imagine meeting an unbeatable enemy there.

–The seventh night of training.

After tracing her way to the Great Pine Lake, the Saint found that the ghost cry came from the depths of the lake.

Just after she and her younger Martial Brothers and sisters worked together to kill the Green-Eyed Ghost, a vicious Ghost King soon emerged from the Great Pine Lake. A tremendous battle followed, before she was finally bound by the Ghost King with its Soul-eating Chain.

It was not easy for her to grow up from an ordinary disciple to being a core disciple of the sect. Unexpectedly, she was about to suffer all kinds of humiliation and die at the Great Pine Lake!

The Saint was unwilling, helpless, and crying!

Just then, a girl in white appeared.

At first, the Saint thought she was with the Ghost King, but soon she saw that the girl and the Ghost King faced off.

The girl's size paled in comparison to the Ghost King, but her aura out shone his!

In the face of the evil Ghost King, the girl failed to show any fear.

She proceeded to take out a long sword with the transparency of water, and with only one flourish of her blade, she had cut the ghost king into fragments!

"It's so noisy!" The girl said angrily after taking back her sword.

After she left, the Saint knew she was saved.

It was only later that she learned from others that the girl passing by Ghost Crying Town that day was Bai Lian of the Duxian sect.

The Saint was the only one who knew this, because the other younger Martial Brothers and sisters were so terrified they fainted. Everyone in the sect thought that she had solved the haunted incident in the Ghost Crying Town.

The Saintess could still feel her fear from that moment.

If Bai Lian hadn't accidentally passed by the Ghost Crying Town that day, she couldn't imagine what she would have faced.

It would've been lucky to have a whole body after she died.


All of a sudden, the cries from the square pulled the Saint out of her memory.

The Saint lowered her head and found that the square was in a mess.

Someone was laughing wildly.

Some people fled the Yunluo square in tears.

"Great! I won!"

"No! My money!"

"Move, Fan Ren!"

On the final challenge arena, Fan Ren collapsed to the ground, and his pupils lost focus. His spear was pierced obliquely into a stone crack, and the shaft of the spear was bent.


He was defeated.

Not far from Fan Ren, Xiao Jinse was leaning on a sword in her right hand. Although there were several visible bloody marks on her body, she still stood tall.

She looked through countless shocked and confused faces, and looked at Bai Lian's smiling eyes.

She did it!

The afterglow of the setting sun is so warm.

Xiao Jinse's body trembled slightly. At this time, she wanted to cry. She wanted to cry in Martial Sister Bai Lian's arms.

It is said that the elder sister is like a mother. In fact, her mother has never spoiled her like Martial Sister Bai Lian.


"Miss Chen, are you all right?"

The Saint stood up and called out to Chen Lu, who looked at the crowd absentmindedly.

Chen Lu shook her head. "Don't worry, Saint. I'm fine."

Fan Ren lost? She was shocked, but she couldn't lose her temper in front of the Saint.

The Saint didn't say much. There aren't many people in the Duxian sect who deserve her attention. Chen Lu is obviously not among them.

After saying goodbye, she flew down from the clouds and came to the Biluo sect disciples watching the competition.


The disciples bowed down one after another.

The Saint's loose sleeves swayed, "No need to be polite."

Immediately her eyes fell on a younger Martial Brother, "What do you think would happen if you fight with Xiao Jinse?"

The younger Martial Brother said calmly, "I will win!"

Before the Saint could speak, everyone around laughed.

"Xiao Jinse's sword is called Blowing Snow Sword, and our younger Martial Brother's sword is called Melting Snow Sword. Its nature will restrain Xiao Jinse's sword."

The Saint said, "Don't be careless."

There was not much reproach in her tone.

"It's our turn to play!"

The Saint has negotiated with Elder Gaoyi about the duel between the new disciples of the two sects.

Therefore, while Bai Lian fed Xiao Jinse pills to recover from her injury, the Saint and the Deacon who presided over the newcomer's competition appeared together.

The competition between the two sects immediately aroused the interest of all the disciples present.

"Still fighting? Doesn't that mean I still have a chance to win my money back?"

"Wow, the Saint is so 'big'!"

"Humph, is she 'bigger' than Martial Sister Bai Lian?"

With a smile on her face, the Saint glanced at all the disciples under the stage.

When she found that Bai Lian was not looking at her at all, she could not help frowning.


Under the public's watchful eyes, the Saint stepped down from the challenge arena, and the onlookers consciously made way for her.

This way, the Saint made her way to Bai Lian.

The square became quiet as everyone was looking forward to the sparks between Martial Sister Bai Lian and the Saint.

"?" Bai Lian wondered. What's wrong?

She began to doubt whether she had been infected by her younger Martial Sister and she now had the punchable face of a protagonist.

The Saint took the lead in saying, "By the Great Pine Lake, being chained by the Ghost King, Shen Xiangling."

Ah? Bai Lian was confused.

She knows that Shen Xiangling is the real name of the Saint, but what the hell is the Great Pine Lake?

Then the dusty memory suddenly appeared in Bai Lian's mind. She remembered it!

It should have been two years ago. She was ordered to go down the mountain to buy some goods. When she came back, she passed a ghost town.

When she took a shortcut to pass by the Great Pine Lake outside the town, she saw a group of Biluo sect disciples lying on the side of the lake in the shallow water.

A young girl was tied up by water and grass. She was crying at a worn-out dress hanging on a willow tree by the lake, and kept talking about "Ghost King", "Soul-Eating Chain", "Insult" and "Don't come here".

Bai Lian could see at a glance that she was poisoned by the ghost fog on the lake. This fog can make cultivators exhausted and even produce hallucinations. When the fog disappears, the cultivator will immediately return to normal.

Bai Lian didn't want to cause trouble.

But the girl cried so much that it was annoying, so she shouted "It's so noisy!" and cut the ragged dress to pieces.

Seeing the girl "too scared to speak" because of her, she left contentedly.

So the Saint was that idiot…

Bai Lian was about to speak, and the task options popped up.

[Task 1: Follow your heart, "Oh, you are that idiot!" (Reward: A middle-grade magic tool - Guanshan Jade Flute)]

[Task 2: Confused, "What are you talking about?" (Reward: An inferior magic tool - Soul-Summoning Flag)]

[Task 3: Enthusiastic, "I didn't expect you to become the Saint of Biluo sect." (Reward: Light Skill+2)]

Bai Lian was speechless.

Why can't I be honest?

How come all the women in this game are so narrow-minded!

She squeezed out a smile and reluctantly complimented Shen Xiangling, "I didn't expect you to become the Saint of Biluo sect!"

She really remembers me!

Shen Xiangling's uneasy heart immediately settled down.

She showed her Saintly demeanor and began to compliment Bai Lian.