The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: The Immortality Promotion Meeting

The Wutan State is located on the northwestern corner of the East Divine Land. It is a mortal state that has been established for nearly a century.

In the vast East Divine Land, it is very common.

It is so common that there is nothing of note except that its name is a little strange.

But Bai Lian knows that all this will change in a few years.

Since the Holy Spirit Goddess would enter the Yunshan Mountain in Yingzhou and defeat all the sects of Yunshan with a heavy sword, the ordinary Wutan State will be blown into a "fairyland".

It is very common in the East Divine Land to embellish the stories of popular cultivators with extraordinary birth.

But that storyteller has gone way out of line!

In his words, when The Ancient God "hoed" blessed the land, it made the land prosper. After a thousand years of nourishment, the Holy Spirit Goddess was born into the world. She happened to be adopted as a daughter by the eldest son of the Xiao Family who couldn't sleep at night.

When Bai Lian first saw this passage on the computer screen, she almost sprayed tea on the keyboard.

Making the land prosper?


If the Holy Spirit Goddess heard this rumor, she would probably want to kill the rumormongers!

The most ridiculous thing is that some NPCs really believed it.

In a "good ending" where Bai Lian was arrested for illegal mining, Bai Lian passed by the deep mountains of Wutan State and saw an NPC named Zhao Ritan digging a hole in the ground and deliberately pouring some warm water into it for stirring.

Pooh Pooh——

At first, she didn't understand what Zhao Ritan wanted to do, but when she saw that his pants were unzipped, Bai Lian realized.

Zhao Ritan also wanted to hoe the land!


But after three years of cultivation in the world of the Battle of the Gods, Bai Lian has a little understanding of Zhao Ritan's mood.

Even if you are rich, you are no different from a chicken in front of a cultivator.

As the saying goes, everyone is an ant compared to an immortal!

There are few people in the world who don't want to cultivate.

But you can't cultivate just because you want to.

You have to be qualified first.

In terms of cultivators, it means that you must have a Spiritual Root, and only the people whose Spiritual Root is strong can go far in the path of cultivation!

Zhao Ritan is a person without a Spiritual Root.

Driven by the obsession of cultivation, it's not incomprehensible to understand his behavior, right?

Bai Lian's talent is actually great compared to the average person. After all, she had a Heavenly Spiritual Root. But compared with those women with the protagonist template, she feels like hers is garbage.

"Unfortunately for her well-being, these main characters aren’t all tolerant and broad-minded."

Bai Lian has a headache.

The Battle of the Gods is mixed with too many elements. There are too many mindless villains who especially look forward to creating trouble for the protagonists and the people around them.

These mindless villains will never stop until they are killed.

The problem is that Bai Lian doesn't have the "protagonist's aura". She will die if someone attacks her.

"Is it possible that someone has secretly planned to persecute me now?" Bai Lian muttered.

Then she shook her head, she was overthinking.

She looked up slightly.

Among the blue mountains, a city shrouded in faint clouds slowly came into view——

The Castle Peak City of the Wutan State!

Bai Lian put away the map and recalled the information of her second younger martial sister.

Xiao Jinse, the daughter of the former head of the Xiao Family, is 16 years old. She is the future Holy Spirit Goddess, but now, she is just a common little girl.

Character: inferiority complex.

By the way, a hidden message will be unlocked after completing an ending related to An Lan.

Xiao Jinshe picked up a bracelet at the back of the mountain when she was a child. There was a white bearded old man sleeping in the bracelet, who was at the Soul Change Stage.

However, before the old man woke up by absorbing Xiao Jinse's spiritual energy, he was easily torn apart by An Lan.

"The Soul Change Stage? Garbage!"

"How dare you take a fancy to the woman I like! Die!!!"

The old man's soul was extinguished.

This strengthened Bai Lian's respect for her master.


The Immortality Promotion Ceremony was about to begin, and the Castle Peak City became noisy like a vegetable market.

Countless people gathered around the square. Some came to see the excitement and some came to seek immortality.

On the temporary high platform in the middle of the square, cultivators from the nearby sects all looked arrogant.

They indeed should be proud of themselves. Anyone who can enter an immortal sect can be called a "genius among thousands".

Although the square was very busy now, there might not be more than ten people who could really be recruited as disciples by these sects, and many of them entered the sects through bribery.

For example:

– "My father is the richest man in Castle Peak City!"

– "You pass."

Even cultivation sects need money!

Especially if the strength of their sect leaders is only at the Golden Core Stage. They need a lot of money.

Another example is:

– "I have no other advantages, but I'm good at various 'special skills', such as…"

– "OK."

Cultivators also love beauties.

Especially those special sects that study "the art of the human body", and some of the evil cultivators.

Some people felt that they had found a shortcut when they saw this scene, and immediately shouted.

"Master, master, my ass is big!"

"Immortal Master, I have very good physical strength. I am not tired even after being whipped all night."

"Go away, The Immortal Master will not accept a male disciple like you."

"Chik–, like you deserve to be my master!"

Amid the noise, a young girl wearing a lily bun and a light colored skirt walked down from the platform. Her face looked pale, and her ears still echoed the cries of the qualified tester.

"Obsolete Spiritual Root!"

It is still the Obsolete Spiritual Root.

Xiao Jinshe always thought that the qualification tester had made a mistake in the previous test, but this time the result was the same. The ruthless reality destroyed her last shred of hope.


She would rather not have a Spiritual Root, so that she would not have to experience the pain of falling to the bottom.

Because of her talent in childhood, she was scheduled to be the Sword Bearer of the Yunshan Sword Washing Pavilion, and became the envy of the whole Castle Peak City. However, all this future splendor collapsed after she was found to have the useless Obsolete Spiritual Root.

That year, Xiao Jinse was 10 years old.

She had experienced the world's ups and downs at such a young age.

Fortunately, her father, who was the head of the Xiao Family at that time, protected her.

However, the nightmare didn't end. Soon after, her father died of illness, and Xiao Jinse became a marginal figure in the Xiao Family.

Those who had tried their best to flatter her jumped out to scold her, simply venting the malice caused by their jealousy.

If the Xiao Family didn't have to take their reputation into consideration, her situation now would be even worse.

Xiao Jinse gently stroked the scars on her wrist, made by bamboo strips. All she could do was lick her wounds silently.

"I told you that The Immortal Master of the Sword Washing Pavilion would not make mistakes. You didn't believe it, stupid."

"Hurry back with me. Don't make a fool of yourself outside."

"Are you worthy to pursue immortality? Oh, just marry someone and forget this!"

She just came out of the crowd, and the sarcastic words hit Xiao Jinse like a rainstorm.

The girl bowed her head slightly and dared not argue with others.

She is used to it.

Someone would block her way soon, she thought.

Sure enough, the girl bumped into someone.

The girl raised her head and looked obstinately at the strange man. He had a mustache and his eyes looked like a pair of crescent moons when he smiled.

"Little girl, do you want to pursue the way of a long life? Do you want to really… live?"

Xiao Jinshe's eyes flickered slightly.

The man said excitedly, "In fact, it's possible to repair the Obsolete Spiritual Root."

Xiao Jinshe's body shook and her eyes widened.

"Immortal Master, you……"

The man said, "As long as you are willing to be my “cauldron”, I will repair your Spiritual Root!"


The girl's eyes darkened again. Of course she knew what that meant.

I see.

He was just greedy for her body.

She knew that even her cousins had looked at her with greediness in their eyes more than once.

If this was the only way to embark on the path of immortality, she may as well not cultivate!

If they continue to bully me, I… I can still choose to die!

When the girl clenched her teeth, Bai Lian had finally arrived near the square, and she soon found her quarry.

"It seems that I have come at the right time."

Bai Lian was delighted.

Now is the time to win her second martial sister's favor!

Suddenly, Bai Lian saw four options.

[Task 1: Come forward and beat the evil cultivator who is bullying Xiao Jinse (Reward: Five Spirits Immortal Book)]

[Task 2: Secretly stab the evil cultivator in the ass with your sword Qi (Reward: A top-grade magic tool, Dragon Fog Bracelet)]

[Task 3: Go over there and say to the evil cultivator: “Senior, can you let me participate as well?” (Reward: A Spirit Qi Gathering Circle's design drawing)]

[Task 4: Do nothing (Reward: Soft Skill +1)]

Ah, this?