The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Martial Sister Bai Lian's Circuitous Tactics

The melodious bell ignited the enthusiasm of the onlookers in the square.

Although there would be only one winner in the competition, most of the newcomers had shown great enthusiasm. They heard that as long as they performed well in the competition, even if they failed to reach the top three, they would still have the chance to be favored by several sect elders.

For those newcomers, who are yet to realize the cruelty of the cultivation world, this is simply an easy path to ascend to the sky!

"Thanks for your advice, Elder Martial Brother!"

While talking, a newcomer slipped a small card into the hands of the Elder Martial Brother who shared information with him.

"Not bad!" The Elder Martial Brother quietly put the card into his pocket, and then patted the newcomer on the shoulder. "Younger Martial Brother, don't worry. Even if you are not favored by the elders, you have a great chance to enter the Medical Pills Pavilion like me."

The newcomer said modestly, "Thank you, senior brother!"

Hey, hey, hey.

Then they looked at each other and smiled, showing an expression that all men understood.

That card recorded the names of all the beautiful younger Martial Sisters of this new generation!

By selling it, he could earn a lot of medical pills.

"What are you doing?"

Suddenly, a voice full of implicit anger came from the rear, and the two men were immediately frightened.

The Elder Martial Brother turned around in a panic, "Tong… Younger Martial Sister Tong Yao, I……"

If his actions were exposed, they would be regarded as "dead" by all the female disciples of the sect.

He looked back at the new disciple to see him even more flustered. Sigh. It seems that he couldn't expect the new disciple to cover up for him.

The female disciple standing next to Tong Yao shouted, "Where are you looking at? Younger Martial Sister Tong is talking to you!"

Today's Tong Yao has changed into a formal dress. Although she is still petite, her slightly frowning appearance is showing her dignity as the "Master of Hades Hall".

The Elder Martial Brother quickly made an excuse, "I… I am about to compete with this younger Martial Brother!"

Tong Yao said, "Compete?"

The Elder Martial Brother nodded quickly. "This younger Martial Brother is about to take the stage for the competition. I wanted to teach him the ropes!"

The newcomer also hurriedly said, "Yes, the Elder Martial Brother wants to teach me by competing with me."

"Oh, good, good." Tong Yao nodded perfunctorily, "How's the matter I told you about progressing?"

The Elder Martial Brother said, "Of course, I have completed it!"

Tong Yao smiled happily.

With her efforts, all of the new disciples realized the greatness of Martial Sister Bai Lian!

Very good.

She said, "Don't relax. I'll go to meet the guests from afar first."


When Tong Yao went away, the Elder Martial Brother couldn't help asking Tong Yao's attendant, "Elder Martial Sister, what kind of guests need to be met by younger Martial Sister Tong Yao herself?"

The female disciple pointed to a group at a distance, "Look at those people who are looking around very arrogantly. They are from the Biluo sect."

The Biluo sect?

As soon as the name came out, the Elder Martial Brother understood.

The Elder Martial Brother shook his head, "There will be trouble!"

But it had nothing to do with him. He excitedly ran to sell the record of beautiful Martial Sisters.


This is an opportunity!

When Tong Yao heard the disciples of the Biluo sect boast about their "legendary" Saint, she sighed.

"I envy you!"

Lu Eyi from the Biluo sect smiled and comforted Tong Yao, "Miss Tong, don't sigh so much. Although Martial Sister Bai Lian and Elder Martial Sister Chen of the Duxian sect can't compare with our Saints, they are still heroines among women who in the future, they will also become famous throughout the East Divine Land."

The disciples of the Biluo sect smiled.

Tong Yao shook her head and said, "No, I didn't mean that. I just think your Saint's life is full of hardship. It sounds like a great story."


Tong Yao went on to say, "She won in the Biluo sect competition, she found the scum that bullied the new disciples of Biluo sect, she got rich rewards in Biluo Sect's secret realm, she…"

Lu Eyi gradually felt something wrong, "Tong……"

Tong Yao interrupted her, "She's not like Martial Sister Bai Lian. Her story can be described as boring! At the age of 15, Martial Sister Bai Lian joined the Duxian sect and directly became Master An Lan's first disciple. She reached the Foundation Establishment Stage in one year, entered the Golden Core Stage in the second year, and broke through to the Nascent Soul Stage in the third year, all this without any difficulty! Elder Martial Brother Gong wanted to challenge Martial Sister Bai Lian a few days ago. I thought there would be something fun to watch, alas, Elder Martial Brother Gong was scared away. If such a story were written in a book, no one would want to read it! So boring!"

Tong Yao tensed her small face, sighed, and stood up.

┐(´ ο`*) ┌

This time, the disciples of the Biluo sect finally understood what she meant. It was clearly demeaning their Saint!

For a while, they glared angrily at Tong Yao.

Lu Eyi clenched her teeth, pressed down her anger, and changed the topic, "I wonder if there are any outstanding new disciples of the Duxian sect this time? We Biluo sect have found a new disciple with Mutated Double Spiritual Roots!"

Tong Yao held her chest with both hands, "There are a few with good qualifications, but…"

But what?

Tong Yao said mysteriously, "Do you know what cultivation is about?"

Lu Eyi asked blankly, "What?"

"It's about cultivating the heart!" Tong Yao didn't forget to add, "This is what Martial Sister Bai Lian said!"


Lu Eyi didn't want to talk to Tong Yao anymore.

Tong Yao said to herself, “That's why you don't understand!”

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is invincible!

Many people ridicule Martial Sister Bai Lian's younger Martial Sister, but they are too superficial.

Who is Martial Sister Bai Lian?

My eternal God!

My God will not do useless things.

Since Senior Sister Bai Lian is willing to let Xiao Jinse participate in the competition, it must be because she has full confidence in Xiao Jinse.

Why doesn't the rest of the sect understand?

It seems that she has to spend more energy to make these disciples understand Martial Sister Bai Lian's kindness.

Thinking like this, Tong Yao suddenly heard a call.

"Tong Yao, come here!"

Tong Yao looked up and found that it was her master. She had a premonition that something was wrong. Sure enough, she was caught in the ear as soon as she walked to her master.

"It hurts…"

The master of the Qingyu Peak said angrily, "Tong Yao, did you steal wine again?"

"No…" Tong Yao said wrongfully when she was stared at by her master. "Master, I drank it openly."

"You dare to talk back? Come with me and go back to rethink your attitude!"

Tong Yao was forcibly taken away.

Yeah! Lu Eyi was in a good mood.

She saw a line of sight cast in the distance.

"That is…"

Lu Eyi frowned, "That's Bai Lian."

The disciples of the Biluo sect felt nervous.

Tong Yao's words had long been deeply reflected in their hearts. An 18-year-old Nascent Soul Stage cultivator? Was she really that terrifying?

Lu Eyi looked up at the clouds in the sky.

She worried if the Saint of her sect was ready to face Bai Lian.


"Elder Martial Sister, what are you looking at?" Xiao Jinse asked.

Bai Lian looked back, "Younger Martial Sister Tong Yao seems to have made trouble again."

Xiao Jinse nodded in confusion.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian had just left for a while. She was in a very good mood after she came back.

Bai Lian noticed early that Tong Yao was "pulling hatred" for herself everywhere, which was related to her own safety. Could she bear it? Obviously no, so she reported Tong Yao to her master.

[Task 1: Don't do anything. (Reward: an inferior magic tool - Soul Pulling Sickle)]

[Task 2: Stop Tong Yao in time. (Reward: Thunder Spark Flower)]

[Task 3: Secretly report Tong Yao's behavior of stealing wine to the leader of the Qingyu peak. (Reward: Alchemy +1)]

Task 3 is something Bai Lian wanted to do for a long time. She went to report Tong Yao to Martial Uncle Qin, the leader of the Qingyu Peak. As she expected, Martial Uncle Qin took Tong Yao back without saying a word, regardless of the fact that she was receiving the disciples of the Biluo sect.

Bai Lian felt that her ethics would remain at none forever.

At this time, in the test field not far from her, the disciple in charge of field control shouted Xiao Jinse's name.

"In the first round, Xiao Jinse vs Shao Zhou!"

"Elder Martial Sister…"

Xiao Jinse glanced back at Bai Lian.

Bai Lian touched her head, "Don't be nervous, you are much greater than this!"

She wasn't worried at all. As a protagonist, her second younger Martial Sister wouldn't be defeated here.

"Yes!", Xiao Jinse smiled shyly. She dragged the amazing Blowing Snow Sword onto the challenge arena.

Xiao Jinse joins the battle!

Except for Senior Sister Bai Lian, no one thinks she can win, but Senior Sister Bai Lian alone is more than enough for her!

While yawning, Xiao Jinse slashed the head of the disciple named Shao Zhou.

The name of the sword is Blowing Snow Sword, yet it is also good at spilling blood!