The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Night Tutoring for Martial Sister

Xiao Jinse was nervous.

After all, she's going to perform the ceremony of Greeting the Teacher tomorrow night.

Lying on the wooden bed, what kept echoing in her mind was what Master An Lan said when she took Martial Sister Bai Lian to the house——

"This kind of thing is not important!"

In the end, she was just a waste that didn't even have the qualifications to cultivate. It's understandable that the Master would show such an attitude.

Fortunately, she has an Elder Martial Sister who takes great care of her.

The road of cultivation is really hard to walk!

ε= (´ ο`*))) , alas.

Under the bright moon outside the window, Xiao Jinse tossed and turned until the middle of the night. When only boundless darkness remained outside, she fell asleep.

The sleeping Xiao Jinse had a terrible dream!

In the dream, Martial Sister Bai Lian's strength was growing stronger and stronger, and her responsibilities were growing greater and greater.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian had the world in mind. Naturally, she can no longer take care of her little Martial Sister.

After a long time, the two became more and more distant. Not only was their relationship much less intimate than before, but by the end, it was rare to see each other several times a year.

No matter how hard she tried to cultivate in her dream, she still couldn't catch up with the talented Martial Sister Bai Lian.

Can the Swallow and the Swan fly together?

Although it is a dream, it is also a hard and cold reality.

Xiao Jinse woke up with fright.

She looked up at the empty ceiling, and her heart was also empty.

Then she suddenly heard a creaking noise in the room, which seemed to be from the light rocking of a bamboo chair.

Xiao Jinse was shocked. She quickly sat up from the bed and blurted out, "Martial Sister Bai Lian, why are you here?"

Her eyes widened. The girl sitting in front of the dressing table was Bai Lian.

Bai Lian said with a smile, "It's almost noon. I found that you haven't come out of the room, so I came to have a look."


Xiao Jinse glanced at the bright light outside the window and suddenly exclaimed.


Clearly, she proclaimed she had to study hard and cultivate diligently to win first place in the newcomer competition. Then she slept in until noon on the very next day.

Xiao Jinse hurried out of bed.

She regretted it. If she had known, she would not have gone to sleep last night.

It's so ugly now!

Possibly because of the nightmares, her whole body was wet with sweat, her clothes untidy, and maybe there was an unpleasant smell.

From the corner of the room, Xiao Jinse looked mortified at Bai Lian.

Bai Lian said helplessly, "Let me help you."

She was afraid that if she looked at her any longer, the system would publish new tasks.

In Xiao Jinse's opinion, this is a slightly complaining "doting" look. However, she remembered that dream and was not happy at all.

While chanting a spell to clean Xiao Jinse's body, Bai Lian asked, "Younger Martial Sister, I saw you turned around in your sleep. Did you have a nightmare?"

Xiao Jinse hesitated for a long time before saying, "I dreamed that I worked tirelessly and diligently for a long long time, and yet at the end, my strength wasn’t close to yours at all, Martial Sister Bai Lian."


Isn't this the truth? How can it be considered a nightmare?

Comparing cultivation to long-distance running, Xiao Jinse is destined to be the leader among her peers.

By contrast, Bai Lian's cultivation qualifications can barely allow her to squeeze into the mid ranks. If Xiao Jinse can see her while cultivating hard, that would be strange!

Oh. She understood.

Bai Lian comforted Xiao Jinse with sincere words, "Younger Martial Sister, there is a saying in my hometown, ‘Dreams are the opposite of reality!’ "

Xiao Jinse's big eyes twinkled. She knew Martial Sister Bai Lian would comfort her.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, how nice you are.

After washing, Xiao Jinse mentioned the ceremony of Greeting the Teacher in the evening.

Bai Lian waved her hand and said, "Younger Martial Sister, you don't have to be nervous, just go through the motions."


Xiao Jinse sighed, "Master doesn't care about me. It doesn't matter if I'm not very formal."

Bai Lian shook her head, "Younger Martial Sister, you don't have to be so self-abased. Master actually attaches great importance to you, otherwise, she wouldn't tear the…"

Then Bai Lian shut up.

It's better not to let the second Martial Sister know that her Shifu had torn apart her "golden finger".

Xiao Jinse looked at Bai Lian with a puzzled face. What did Master tear?

Bai Lian sighed, "Never mind. Our Master is just a little…"

Bai Lian closed her mouth again and swallowed the word "Tsundere".

What appeared before her was the task options that had just jumped out.

[Task 1: Tell the truth. (Reward: An inferior-grade magic tool - Vulcan Fan)]

[Task 2: Praise An Lan. (Reward: Starlight Meteorite Iron)]

[Task 3: Switch topics. (Reward: Painting +2)]

Bai Lian found that she almost said the wrong words.

If she said that her Shifu is a "Tsundere", she would definitely be beaten to death!

After a moment of hesitation, Bai Lian chose Task 2.

Because the subject was An Lan, doing this, she would probably be spanked.

However, it's the Starlight Meteorite Iron! It's totally worth it!

Bai Lian coughed softly and said, "Our Master is kind-hearted, beautiful, and smart… In short, our Master attaches great importance to you."

[Task completed, task reward: Starlight Meteorite Iron]

Xiao Jinse was stunned by what Bai Lian said. What does this have to do with Master’s great attention to her?

After a little thought, the girl understood.

Because Martial Sister Bai Lian really can't think of any reason. She can only make up such a paragraph to comfort her!

Thinking of this, Xiao Jinse became more and more aggrieved.


Bai Lian quickly cut off the topic, "Younger Martial Sister, in fact, I came to you for other purposes."

She handed a piece of paper to Xiao Jinse.

Xiao Jinse took the paper and said, "Schedule?"

"That's right!" Bai Lian went to the window and turned her back to her younger Martial Sister. "This is the cultivation course I have made for you."

Many of the new recruits recruited by the Duxian sect have already started cultivating. How can the inexperienced second Martial Sister defeat them without some special training?

There are thirty days in a month.

In addition to the main course, there will also be side dishes such as selecting appropriate weapons.

In the timetable formulated by Bai Lian, the Second Martial Sister would consolidate her cultivation base for the first ten days, accumulate practical experience in the middle ten days, and continue to improve her cultivation base in the last ten days.

Xiao Jinse pointed to the white paper and asked, "Martial Sister Bai Lian, what is this 'Tao Halo Insight' lesson at night?"

Bai Lian said mysteriously, "You will understand when the time comes!"

She had thought of it.

These protagonists are the best at insight.

Jiang Ning could understand something at the sight of her Tao Halo. Can't her younger Martial Sister have the same insight?

As long as Xiao Jinse could understand anything from the Tao Halo, her strength would advance by leaps and bounds. It won't be a big deal to win the newcomer competition then.

Xiao Jinse, "…"


After nightfall.

Under the guidance of Bai Lian, Xiao Jinse came to the Qiongming Peak's forbidden array with anxiety.

As Bai Lian said, the process of Greeting the Teacher is extremely simple.

An Lan, who was happily eating watermelons, smiled and said, "You just cultivate with Martial Sister Bai Lian in the future."

"Yes, master!" Xiao Jinse quickly replied.

Then, An Lan waved, "Jinse, you step back first. I have something to say to your elder Martial Sister."


Why that again?

Xiao Jinse was confused, but she didn't dare to disobey An Lan.

Outside the Forbidden Array, she looked up at the clear night sky. She unconsciously imagined what Master and Martial Sister Bai Lian were doing inside.

Half a quarter of an hour later, Xiao Jinse was awakened by the sound of footsteps behind her.

So fast! Was the first thought that crossed her mind.

She turned and smiled, "Martial Sister Bai Lian."

This time, Martial Sister Bai Lian's face was normal.

Bai Lian said, "I've kept you waiting. Let's start tutoring tonight."


Xiao Jinse immediately agreed, as this meant that she could spend the whole night alone with Martial Sister Bai Lian.

She walked to Bai Lian with her head down. They walked side by side and walked along the stone steps to the top of the mountain.

Smelling the faint fragrance coming from her side, Xiao Jinse was dizzy, almost drunk. If the steps had no end, would she be able to stay with Martial Sister Bai Lian like this?


An Lan came out of the Forbidden Array.

She stood where she was for a long time, but at last she followed Bai Lian and Xiao Jinse quietly.

Night tutorial?

She was curious!

Soon An Lan came close to the window and used a spell to hide.

Under the flickering candle fire, Bai Lian pointed to the chair and said to Xiao Jinse, "Sit down!"

After Xiao Jinse sat down in confusion, she carefully took off the earring hanging on her right ear and took off her boots.

A pair of jade-like bare feet lightly stepped on the wooden floor. Bai Lian said frankly, "Younger Martial Sister, watch it!"

Xiao Jinse was a little shy, "Watch? What should I watch?"

She suddenly remembered that when Martial Sister Bai Lian left the Zhuyan Peak, Master Yan Yue stared at Martial Sister Bai Lian's feet.

Bai Lian said, "Look at my feet, more accurately my heels!"


Is she going to do bad things?

An Lan blinked outside the window.

She fished in the air and pulled out a piece of yellow watermelon.

She subconsciously nibbled at the melon and saw Bai Lian walking around the room.

An Lan and Xiao Jinse found something wrong at the same time.

"This is a…"

Faint runes fluctuated where Bai Lian walked.

"Tao Halo!”

An Lan's eyes widened.

She has no time to pay attention to what Bai Lian said to Xiao Jinse. It turns out that the night tutorial is Tao Halo insight!

Even if she was once the Immortal Heavenly Lord, it was not easy to find a Tao Halo.

An Lan's breathing became quick.

She also wants to join the night tutorial!

But… She is Bai Lian's master!

Well, the view from the window is pretty good. It's also quite fine for her to stay here.

An Lan made up her mind to stay here in the evenings.

Just then, there was a clicking noise outside the house.


Bai Lian stopped.

She put on her earrings again and opened the door.

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