The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Bai Lian's Wonderful Plan to Be Safe

The third stage of the Qi Refining Period.

But this is only the beginning.

Xiao Jinse could feel that there was still residual energy from the medicine in her body. If she could refine this energy, her strength would increase further.

Feeling the subtle changes, the girl's face showed a happy smile.

When she was still in the Xiao family, she imagined her future countless times.

Maybe she will die on a rainy night where no one would mourn for her.

Maybe she will find a chance to escape from the Xiao family and live an ordinary life.

Maybe she will suddenly go on an adventure one day and become the pride of the East Divine Land.

But she never thought that someone would take care of her as if they were taking care of their daughter. This feeling, she had never even dreamed of, not in her sweetest dreams.

Now she felt it, from this woman who is like an angel!

Xiao Jinse put on a brand-new Taoist robe, moved gently and walked out of the yard.

Under a crooked tree, she saw Martial Sister Bai Lian sitting on the bluestone with her hands propped behind her.

In the soft moonlight, Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian seemed to be surrounded by a halo that was both real and unreal.

The term Saint in the cultivation world refers to those who are favored by the great Tao, while the so-called Natural Saint refers to those who are born to cultivate the great Tao.

His or her cultivation qualification may not be amazing, but he or she is proficient enough at cultivation to make an Immortal ashamed.

However, at this time, Xiao Jinse prefers to call Bai Lian with another term——

A person of perfect knowledge and perfect deeds!

Xiao Jinse could see that when Martial Sister Bai Lian repaired her Obsolete Spiritual Root and upgraded her Spiritual Root, her eyes were as deep as the stars and didn't contain any calculations.

How touching!

The girl sat down beside Bai Lian.

Bai Lian, who was already aware of the movement behind her, smiled and said, "Ah, you have woken up. It seems that your cultivation base has improved a lot."

After sitting in the cold cutting wind, she was now completely calm.

It was not easy, if she hadn't prepared the meditative medical pills in advance, she might have made big mistakes.

Xiao Jinse hurriedly said, "It was all because of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian! Without you, I wouldn't even be able to cultivate!"

"You should study your Spiritual Root carefully these days."

"I understand."

They fell into silence again.

Bai Lian was thinking about how to help Xiao Jinse find the second fire-type herb to improve her Spiritual Root level.

Xiao Jinse was struggling.

After half a day's deliberation, she still couldn't help asking, "Elder Martial Sister, why are you so kind to me?"

Not surprisingly, the task options popped up again.

[Task 1: "Because I like you, Martial Sister, let's become a couple!" (Reward: Your cultivation base breaks through to the middle stage of the Golden Core Stage)]

[Task 2: "Because you are my Martial Sister." (Reward: An Innocent Heart)]


Bai Lian pondered.


There is something wrong with the task.

She is absolutely convinced that if the system has the function of detecting favorability, Xiao Jinse's favorability has definitely reached the max level.

Even if she chose Task 1 and was rejected, she didn't think that it would affect the relationship between the two of them.

Task 2 is also problematic.

Obviously, it is a very common saying, but the reward is not skill points.

Did the system have a change of heart and decided to compensate her well?

Bai Lian doesn't believe that such a good thing will happen.

Since it is not to reward her, it means that the system is intensifying its persecution of her. Otherwise, it is impossible to give such strange task options.

In fact, since meeting Yan Yue, Bai Lian has found that the tasks of the system are different from those before.

She chose Task 2 when she came out for Xiao Jinse’s sake, which should have irritated Yan Yue, but in fact Yan Yue didn't say anything to her, and didn't look angry with her.

Then, when Yan Yue scolded her disciple and the system popped up the task options again, Bai Lian obtained a new spell [Butterfly dance] after completing the task.

Those two tasks have been completed very smoothly, now she thought that there must be a "conspiracy" here. Careful consideration determines success or failure!

Bai Lian secretly admired her analytical ability. She gently wiped the sweat from her forehead and decided to be more careful.

Choose Task 2.


After the selection, Bai Lian could not help but scold in her heart.

Now she really regrets her past.

Because when playing the game, she skipped over all the text and didn't know the characters' personalities at all, only their general life trajectory.

She regretted that she didn't listen to her elder—

"The most important part of an R18 gal game is the plot!"

Bai Lian looked calmly at the moon above her head and said, "Because you are my Martial Sister."

Sure enough.

Xiao Jinse expected that Martial Sister Bai Lian would answer like this, but she just wanted to hear it from Martial Sister Bai Lian herself.

[Task completed, an Innocent Heart has been delivered.]

With the Innocent Heart, Bai Lian could pretend to be calm in a more natural way, but she was not happy at all, because she didn't know when a new crisis would come.

Then a plan formed in her head and she hurriedly changed the topic, "Younger Martial Sister, the Immortality Promotion Meeting is coming to an end. A month later, a competition will be held among the new disciples. If you can win first place, it will be a good opportunity for you to show yourself!"

Bai Lian plans to use this competition to make Xiao Jinse regain the confidence of a protagonist!

After her second Martial Sister has completely adapted to the identity of a protagonist, she can start to adventure on her own. Then she no longer has to worry about the system.


Xiao Jinse's self-confidence was obviously insufficient, "But Elder Martial Sister, I have just started to cultivate. I'm afraid…"

"Nothing to be afraid of!" Bai Lian said firmly, "Younger Martial Sister, I am here!"

"Yes!". This sentence instantly calmed Xiao Jinse's restless heart.

Yes, Martial Sister Bai Lian is here. What am I afraid of?!

In order to live up to Martial Sister Bai Lian's high expectations, she must cultivate hard in the next month.

For the rest of the night, Xiao Jinse gently leaned on Bai Lian's shoulder and watched the moon quietly.


A few days later, An Lan, who had been wandering outside for ten days, came back.

She must have gotten the news somehow. As soon as she stepped through the gate of the Duxian sect, she rushed to the Zhuyan Peak to find trouble.

Bai Lian could hear the noise from afar.

Finally, the sect leader came forward, so that An Lan and Yan Yue wouldn't fight.

At the top of the Qiongming Peak, Xiao Jinse looked nervously at the winding stone steps. Soon, she will be able to meet her Master.