The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: My One Wish for You Is A Long Life

Bai Lian took a look at the system panel.

[Name: Bai Lian]

Gender: Female

Age: Eighteen

Spiritual root: Water-type Heavenly Spiritual Root

Cultivation base: The peak of the Foundation Establishment Stage

[Morality: none]

Now she began to think that the description of "Morality: none" was a little inappropriate.

I am a kind person, all I did was forced on me by the system!

[Self-analysis is a long process. Please continue to work hard to understand yourself]

Looking at the system prompt that popped up suddenly, Bai Lian's mood turned bad.


She decided to ignore what the system said.

Although the process was full of ups and downs, her strength improved a lot.

Basic skills:

[Hard Skill: 142]

[Soft skill: 141]

[Light Skill: 135 (35 extra points from Cloud Boots)]

[Focus: 151]

Each skill has increased by almost 60 points compared to the time when her memory was just restored.


[Music theory 2, Chess 3, Medicine 2, Painting 1, Calligraphy 3, Flower Arrangement 2, Tea Ceremony 3, Alchemy 2, Cooking 1, Forbidden Array 3, Talisman Making 1, Magic Tool Refining 1]

All the twelve skills have achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1. Although it is not an amazing achievement, it is enough to make Bai Lian feel happy.

She also has a new move named [Butterfly dance].

Bai Lian estimated that with her current strength, she could fight a Golden Core Stage cultivator if the cultivator doesn't have a magic tool.

She can even fight ten opponents like Jiang Ning without breathing hard!


Bai Lian feels that if she can survive under the dual persecution of the system and the world, her future will be bright.

She has the Tai Xuan Zhen Yuan Pill. As long as she finds a safe place, she can immediately overcome the Thunder Disaster of the Three Disasters Of Cultivators and reach the Golden Core Stage.

Including the skill points she would obtain from system tasks, it should even be possible to challenge a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator in about a year.

In that way, she would not disgrace her reputation as a Natural Saint.


It is a problem to survive!

Leaving the system alone, this world's will, the “game plot” is the most terrible thing she has to face.

After all, without conflict, the story of the game can't progress, can’t it?

The game creators of "The Battle of the Gods" were almost fanatical in adding a lot of crisis events.

In the most frightening bad ending, the Supreme Master who killed An Lan in her previous life popped in for a visit and sank the whole East Divine Land with a slap.

Of course, this is something that would happen many years later.

If Bai Lian doesn’t break through to the Golden Core Stage, she would die long before that. It's meaningless to care about it now.

She turned off the system panel.

I've been wandering around the protagonist every day, maybe some of that protagonist's luck rubbed off on me.

Bai Lian nodded silently.

The battle with the system will be a long and difficult battle. She hopes that she can still be alive in a thousand years.

Before, she had wanted to give up on treatment and just wait to die, but now she saw a glimpse of hope and felt she could survive.

Maybe I should try to challenge myself with some high-level tasks.

Xiao Jinse looked up and said slowly, "Senior Sister Bai Lian, you seem to be in a particularly good mood after seeing Senior Sister Wen Ren Ya Le?"

Xiao Jinse pursed her mouth when she mentioned the words "Wen Ren Ya Le".

She should have been happy that Martial Sister Bai Lian got through the crisis.


Xiao Jinse was really unhappy. She felt something was wrong.

Bai Lian was about to speak when she saw two new task options. Yes, there were only two.

[Task 1, "Yes, I had a good talk with Martial Sister Wen Ren Ya Le." (Reward: A top-grade magic tool - Happiness Lock)]

[Task 2, "I just thought of something joyous." (Reward: Light Skill+2)]

As if there was a basin of cold water poured on Bai Lian's high enthusiasm, she felt cold from the bottom of her heart. Is this the system's response to her declaration of war?

Bai Lian gnashed her teeth.

Choose Task 2.

Bai Lian turned around, smiled, and said to Xiao Jinse, "Younger Martial Sister, I just thought of something joyous."


Xiao Jinse asked, "Something joyous?"


Bai Lian reached out and touched Xiao Jinse's head.

Xiao Jinse's eyes closed slightly in pleasure, she also enjoyed the feeling of the accompanying cool air current on the back of her neck.

Bai Lian continued, "Younger Martial Sister, didn't I say that your Spiritual Root grade can be improved? Just now, I thought of a way."


Xiao Jinse looked at Bai Lian with unbelieving eyes.

Then she waved her hands in a panic, "No, Martial Sister Bai Lian, I'm not questioning you. But… it's really… this…"

Bai Lian touched Xiao Jinse's head again, "I know, it's really amazing, but actions speak louder than words. Let's do it now!"


Xiao Jinse nodded hard.

There was a light in her eyes. She thought it was the light from the star at the corner of Martial Sister Bai Lian's eye reaching into her heart.

Xiao Jinse was very satisfied that she could cultivate at all. How could she expect that her qualifications could be significantly improved?

Bai Lian smiled.

Speaking of it, master An Lan tore Xiao Jinse's "golden finger" to pieces, which really helped Bai Lian a lot. Otherwise, would it be so easy to gain Xiao Jinse’s trust ? She only had to help Xiao Jinse with the simple task of improving her Spiritual Root.

It's a bit cruel, but dear "golden finger", your death is very good for me!


On the wooden bed at the top of the Qiongming Peak.

Xiao Jinse was in only a close fitting silk chemise, tightly wrapping her body.

Bai Lian sat opposite her, holding a pile of grass in her right hand.

The most important one was the Lonely Dragon Grass.

It was the task reward Bai Lian obtained before and now it can be used to improve Xiao Jin's qualifications.

"Younger Martial Sister, I'll help you cultivate. You just need to do what I say."

"Yes.", Xiao Jinse nodded nervously.

Although she was in front of her most respected Senior Sister Bai Lian, she still felt timid.

How embarrassing.

"There will be a little burning pain. Just bear it."

Xiao Jinse nodded her head, "I am not afraid of pain."

Bai Lian looked at her with a smile, "If the master was here, it would be very easy. After all, this is my first time."

Xiao Jinse said, "I believe in Martial Sister Bai Lian."

There was no obstinacy in her eyes.

Bai Lian's heart warmed up.

Fortunately, the system only tries to make her into a villain, not turn someone else to one.

"Let's begin!" Bai Lian slowly reaches out to Xiao Jinse.


The moon was in the middle of the sky.

Looking at Xiao Jinse, who was lying on the wooden bed from exhaustion, Bai Lian smiled with relief.

She knew that the system would not miss this good opportunity, so she prepared beforehand the medical pills that help with meditation and successfully survived three tasks, obtaining Cooking +1, Focus +2, and Flower Arrangement +1.

But there was still a little problem in the middle.

Bai Lian's Spiritual Root is water-type and Xiao Jinse's is fire-type.

It is not easy for water and fire to blend.

In the end, Xiao Jinse's Spiritual Root grew into a fire-type middle-class Spiritual Root, and her cultivation base was promoted to the third stage of the Qi Refining Period.

Bai Lian pushed open the door and walked out of the room.

At this time, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in her sight.

"Little rabbit!"

The little rabbit sat upright near the gate leading to the yard. When it saw Bai Lian coming out, it jumped up happily.

It made a very human-like bow and rubbed against Bai Lian's skirt. Bai Lian was pleased and fed the rest of the herbs to the jade rabbit.

Compared with humans, the Jade Rabbit's mind is much simpler.

After eating and drinking, the Jade Rabbit reluctantly left.

Bai Lian sat down on the boulder at the top of the Qiongming Peak. She had just received a message that An Lan is coming back.

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