The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Master, Something Is Wrong With You!

Bai Lian was too good!

Looking at the girl who slowly sheathed her sword, Yan Yue was very excited.

She liked Bai Lian even more now. She just can't wait to snatch her from An Lan.

Yan Yue glanced at Xiao Jinse, who stood beside her, and clenched her fists excitedly. This beautiful girl was An Lan's second disciple.

An Lan, don't be greedy!

Yan Yue was dissatisfied.

It was clear An Lan wanted to take in another new disciple, so she disappeared at the beginning of the Immortality Promotion Meeting, and entrusted all the work to her eldest disciple, Bai Lian.

Picking up Xiao Jinse, repairing her Obsolete Spiritual Root, guiding her cultivation…


Was there ever such an irresponsible master?

Was Xiao Jinse An Lan's disciple or Bai Lian's disciple?

This woman was a typical example of scum!

Yan Yue wanted to punch An Lan's face to vent her anger.

Gradually, Yan Yue's eyes fell on Bai Lian, who was chatting with Wen Ren Ya Le.

This child…

From a young age, her Master was absent. Although she looked strong, she secretly suffered a lot in order to support the Qiongming Peak alone.

This was too cruel!

Yan Yue finally understood why Bai Lian was so calm at such a young age.

This was because everything was forced onto her by An Lan!


Yan Yue suddenly had the impulse to hold Bai Lian in her arms and tell her gently–

"Bai Lian, you don't have to work so hard. Come with me. I will treat you well."

But she couldn't.

At least not now.

Yan Yue knew that Bai Lian was very self-sufficient and independent. If she rashly said that, Bai Lian will certainly refuse her.

But Yan Yue had other methods.

"I will go to the sect leader to accuse An Lan of her evil deeds. I believe the sect leader and all the elders will understand my intention!"

Hehe hehe.

Yan Yue secretly laughed and unconsciously scolded An Lan in her heart.

At this moment, the disciple beside her was too nervous to say a word.

Master, something is wrong with you!

Why are you still thinking about bad things?

Alas, it would be great if the Blood Tree Patriarch was here. Unfortunately, the Blood Tree Patriarch was just a tree. It couldn’t walk.


On the top of the Yunluo peak.

The sect leader, Jue Yunzi looked up at the sky and sighed.

Here we go again!

Not long ago, he received a message from the deacon, saying that Yan Yue ran to the Qiongming Peak and pulled Bai Lian and An Lan's new disciple down the mountain.

This is bad.

"If this is not handled properly, the Duxian sect will have only four main peaks left!"

Jue Yunzi shivered.

If An Lan is provoked, it was possible that she would destroy the entire Zhuyan Peak.

"I have to stop younger Martial Sister Yan Yue."

Jue Yunzi rushed out of the hall before he even had time to wear his shoes. When he was going down the mountain, he suddenly remembered that he alone might not be able to stop his younger Martial Sister Yan Yue. He had no choice but to turn to gather Gaoyi and the others first.

"Sect leader, did something happen?"

"I'm afraid that something is going to happen."

Jue Yunzi said.

Gaoyi wondered, "Who is so bold as to make trouble for our Duxian sect?"

"An Lan."

"What? Younger Martial Sister An Lan?"

"Almost, almost."

When he learned that the destination of this trip was the Zhuyan Peak, Gaoyi immediately understood what Jue Yunzi meant.

After learning that Yan Yue angrily captured Bai Lian, Gaoyi immediately became as worried as Jue Yunzi.

From the day the former sect leader of the Duxian sect picked up An Lan from the outside, the Duxian sect had not been quiet for a year!

Thinking this, Jue Yunzi, Gaoyi and others had landed at the gate of the Yunluo peak.

"Sect leader and elders!"

The doorkeeper hurriedly saluted.

"All right, all right." Jue Yunzi said, "Where is your master now?"

The doorkeeper replied, "Master has gone to the meditation tree."


Jue Yunzi hurried away.

The meditation tree?

That was a place for punishing disciples who make mistakes.

Yan Yue, what do you want to do?!


Jue Yunzi didn't know what to say.

He was afraid that Yan Yue would hang Bai Lian up in her rage and beat her until she was all bloody.

Jue Yunzi felt a headache coming on as soon as he thought of this picture. If not for there being forbidden arrays everywhere in the Zhuyan Peak, he would have been able to go to the mediation tree in one step to stop Yan Yue.

However, it took Jue Yunzi more than a few minutes to climb the mountain.

Seeing that he had climbed to the end of the stone steps, Jue Yunzi shouted, "Younger Martial Sister Yan Yue!"

The shout was loud and clear.

"Sect leader?"

Yan Yue, who was quietly watching Bai Lian and Wen Ren Ya Le "close the distance" between them, slowly turned, and saw Jue Yunzi and others rush over to her.

"Where's Bai Lian?"

Jue Yunzi asked directly.

Yanyue stretched out her finger and said, "There she is."

She was pointing to the mediation tree.

Jue Yunzi looked in the direction of the tree afraid of seeing Bai Lian's bloody body. To his surprise, Bai Lian and Wen Ren Ya Le sat side by side on the stone bench. She didn't seem to be injured at all.


Yan Yue snorted, "Elder Martial Brother, did you think I would punish Bai Lian?"

Jue Yunzi and others looked embarrassedly at her, "Well…"

Yanyue said, "It's not because I'm afraid of An Lan, but I really like Bai Lian. I can't bear to punish her."

"Yes, yes, yes." Jue Yunzi quickly agreed with Yan Yue. He coughed softly, "Younger Martial Sister Yan Yue, I actually have something important to tell you this time."

He set up a Mute enchantment and told Yan Yue about Bai Lian's awakening holy body.

“She has a Tao Halo behind her feet when she walks!”


Yan Yue was frightened.

For a moment, she put her hand over her mouth.

Jue Yunzi said solemnly, "I believe Younger Martial Sister Yan Yue will not spread this secret, right?"

Yan Yue nodded her head hard.

Of course.

She wouldn’t tell anyone.

She was planning to turn Bai Lian into her own disciple. How could she do such a thing?

Jue Yunzi breathed a sigh of relief. In this way, Yan Yue would stop doing bad things to Bai Lian.

Congratulations, the Duxian sect had weathered this crisis!

When Jue Yunzi and others left, Xiao Jinse was relieved. Martial Sister Bai Lian should be safe now.

In fact, Wen Ren Ya Le, who was summoning up the courage to talk to Bai Lian, had the most intense reaction.

A few moments ago, the girl twisted uneasily with her fingers intertwined, "Martial Sister Bai Lian, you said that you like me very much in the Medical Pills Pavilion. In fact, I, I… I also like…"

Suddenly, the sentence "Younger Martial Sister Yan Yue" came from a distance. Wen Ren Ya Le's body shivered and she hurriedly said, "In fact, I also worship Martial Sister Bai Lian!"




Wen Ren Ya Le's face turned pale. How could the word "like" become "worship" when she said it?

Bai Lian silently looked at the new task options popping up in front of her.

The three options were confessing, encouraging Wen Ren Ya Le, and fooling around. The most important thing was that the task rewards for the three options were all skill points!

The system was playing a new trick.

Bai Lian gradually realized.

From an optimistic point of view, in this dangerous game world, this system was a crisis alarm in a sense. Doing tasks was equivalent to solving problems. The more difficult the problems, the more benefits could be obtained after solving them.

From this point of view, it was easy to understand that the rewards for the three tasks were all skill points—

Wen Ren Ya Le was no longer a direct threat to her.

The reason why it was limited to direct threats was that this was a world based on an R18 gal game. In gal games, beautiful female characters were always equal to trouble!

Bai Lian wouldn't want to teach these younger Martial Sisters if it wasn't for An Lan!

Bai Lian chose Task 2, encouraging Wen Ren Ya Le.

Of course, she didn't dare to confess.

The various death endings made Bai Lian wary.

"Younger Martial Sister Wen Ren Ya Le, cultivation is finding the truth. The truth of the true self. Constantly surpassing oneself is the essence of cultivation…"

Bai Lian's words made Wen Ren Ya Le dizzy. She didn't understand a word!

But she understood that Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian cared about her!

But she was so cruel to Martial Sister Bai Lian. She was really a bad woman!

She was not worthy of Martial Sister Bai Lian.

Wen Ren Ya Le decided to improve herself. One day, she would have the courage to say what she wanted to her.


"Master, Martial Sister Bai Lian has gone away." Wen Ren Ya Le said.

Yan Yue said, "Yes, she has gone away."

She kept her head down and her eyes followed Bai Lian's heels.

Wen Ren Ya Le had a strange look on her face. Why is my Master looking at Bai Lian's feet?


This was strange.

Wen Ren Ya Le could not help asking, "Master, why do you keep looking at Martial Sister Bai Lian's feet?"

Yan Yue blurted out, "They look good."


… Something's wrong!

Master, do you have a foot fetish?

Wen Ren Ya Le was shocked.

Yan Yue waved and said, "Go and do your own thing. I need to go out."

It's time to complain about An Lan in front of the sect leader!