The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: At the First Sight of Bai Lian!

Select Task 3.

Although Bai Lian had made up her mind, she still had to first deal with this watermelon addicted "young girl".

Bai Lian clasped her hands and bowed slightly, "…Master, just leave it to me. I will successfully bring my martial sister back to the sect!"


An Lan answered lightly.

[Task completed. Task reward: Soft Skill +1]

The reward distribution was quite timely.

While Bai Lian was stunned, the nickname that made Bai Lian's chest hurt floated out of An Lan's mouth, "Little Bai Lian."


The game producers are so malicious!

Her name, Bai Lian, meaning "white lotus", can also be explained as "toy girl".

[Son of a b*tch, if I get back to Earth, I'll teach you a lesson with my fists!]

Bai Lian scolded secretly in her heart.

An Lan smiled and said, "Although you will have a younger martial sister soon, you can rest assured that you are still my favorite disciple!"

Bai Lian squeezed out a smile, "Thank you, master."

She would rather An Lan treat her like air, so that she could easily slip away from the Duxian Sect.

"Master, then I'll take my leave–"

Bai Lian was interrupted by An Lan, "Don't be in a hurry, take this with you."

A small wooden plate was thrown to her, and Bai Lian hurriedly caught it.

The square wooden plate engraved with cloud patterns, had a large "An" in the middle and "Qiongming Peak, Duxian Sect" in the lower right corner.

Bai Lian looked at An Lan suspiciously.

"This is not an ordinary identity plate," An Lan said, "I put a spell on it, so you don't have to worry about getting lost."


Bai Lian's face suddenly turned green.

Is this a tracking device?

She thought of finding a place to quietly throw away the wooden plate. When An Lan noticed, she would have already been thousands of miles away.

That's it.

Suddenly, three new options appeared in front of Bai Lian's eyes.

[Task 1: Loudly accuse An Lan: old woman, don't you trust me? (Reward: your cultivation base will breakthrough to the Qi Transformation stage)]

[Task 2: Find a place to quietly throw away the wooden plate (Reward: Mysterious Water Spirit Body)]

[Task 3: Put away the wooden plate (Reward: Hard Skill +1)]


The previous task rewarded Soft Skill +1. Now it has become a Hard Skill. Is this the so-called carrot and stick?

Bai Lian looked at An Lan's bright smile without expression.

It's super-amazing that her cultivation base can be upgraded to the Qi Transformation Stage, but the problem is, An Lan has reached the Fusion Stage. She will probably be beaten to death as soon as she upgraded her realm.

The reward for the second task is also very attractive.

The Mysterious Water Spirit Body could increase her cultivation speed by at least three times.


She dare not take the risk.

The task reward system of the Battle of the Gods is very reasonable. The better the reward, the more difficult the task, and the greater the risk.

Run away?

Bai Lian is sure that wherever she throws the wooden plate and wherever she runs away, she will be caught by An Lan. It's hard to say what will happen next.


Ok, I won't run away!

Bai Lian quietly put away the wooden plate and said, "Master, you are so kind to me!"

An Lan sighed, "After all, you are my favorite disciple!"

After speaking, she took a mouthful of watermelon.

Bai Lian stared at An Lan's tiny squinting eyes. She suspected that An Lan had noticed her thoughts.

A moment later, she said goodbye and turned away.

"It tastes good."

An Lan, the “girl" lying on her side threw the watermelon rind away and then reached for a new one.

There was nothing.

An Lan was surprised, "Hmm?"

There was no more watermelon on the bluestone.

An Lan sat up and looked at Bai Lian's back.

Speaking of, it has been three years since she accepted Bai Lian as her disciple. Obviously, Bai Lian still had the feel of death all over her body, but she survived tenaciously, which had made An Lan more and more interested in Bai Lian.

An Lan crossed her hands and looked serious.

Now, she just wanted to eat watermelons!


The Duxian Sect might not be the top cultivation sect in the East Divine Land, but it is well-known in the whole of the East Divine Land because there have been two ascensions in the history of the sect.

After the ceremony, a large group of people poured into the small town in front of the mountain of the Duxian Sect.

Just for the sake of maintaining order, those outer disciples were busy.

"If it hadn't been for spirit stones, I wouldn't have taken this thankless task."

Besides the huge monument, several outer disciples gathered together and talked nonsense.

As they chatted, someone's face flushed and started to pant.

Hoo hoo~

Someone asked with concern, "Are you all right?"

The outside disciple pointed to something in the distance, "It's Martial Sister Bai Lian, it's Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

"What? Martial Sister Bai Lian?"

For a moment, all the disciples nearby turned their eyes to the direction pointed by the outside disciple.

On the stone steps shrouded in clouds, a young girl wearing an ice blue dress and a jade hairpin slowly flew.

The white boots seemed to blend into the clouds as they moved.

She looked so elegant as if she was the moon covered by light clouds.

The beauty of the girl's face is unforgettable, but the most intriguing thing is the ★ sign in the corner of her eye.

"I heard she's called a Natural Saint!"

"I'm so stupid, really. Someone told me that Martial Sister Bai Lian was the reincarnation of an immortal, but I didn't believe it!"

"Alas, mom, I'm in love."

"Do you know anything about Martial Sister Bai Lian?"

"As long as Martial Sister Bai Lian grows up smoothly, the Duxian Sect will have the chance to become the overlord of the East Divine Land, right?"

"The Duxian Sect, the Duxian Sect, it's Martial Sister Bai Lian's Duxian Sect!"

"Why do you think Martial Sister Bai Lian joined us? It is reasonable to say that the Yaochi Holy Mountain and the Wushan Holy Palace are the most suitable sects for Martial Sister Bai Lian."

"Hush, how can you guess a saint's heart? Do you want to die?"

These words reached Bai Lian's ears.

It's getting worse and worse!

She reached out and touched the ★ under her right eye. She wasn't born with it, but it was imprinted by An Lan.

The reason is that An Lan has a pair of yin-yang fish patterns under the corners of her own eyes. She thought it would be better to put a star under her disciple's eyes, so she did it.

Then somehow, this ★ became a sign of a Natural Saint in other people's eyes. Even if Bai Lian was just boiling water on the Qiongming Peak, people would say that she was accepting the blessing of heaven.

Idiots. Who spread these rumors?

It was these inexplicable rumors that made Bai Lian suffer a lot in the late stage of the game.

A Natural Saint?

Then how strong are you compared to us, The Reincarnation of the Ancient Emperor, The Ancient Taoist Incarnate, and The Sun Sage?!

Let's have a fight!

(╬ ̄皿 ̄)=○

Bai Lian was killed by these geniuses in several routes of the game.

Bai Lian really wants to take down the head of the rumormonger and make it a night pot.

Before recovering her memory, she also considered explaining it to others. She secretly told people that her talent was not brilliant, but the feedback she received was cruel.

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Someone said, "I see. Martial Sister Bai Lian doesn't want to make us feel upset!"

Others said, "Which bastard slandered Martial Sister Bai Lian? I will kill him!"

I’m not cursed, right? Why am I always targeted?

Bai Lian murmured, and her face became sad.

Then a beautiful girl stopped in front of her, "Martial Sister Bai Lian, where are you going?"

Bai Lian, whose face was as cold as ice, turned around.

It's Wen Ren Ya Le of the Zhuyan Peak. This girl seems to have a wind and thunder type variant Spiritual Root. Unlike her, she is a real genius!

In fact, Wen Ren Ya Le started cultivating earlier than Bai Lian, but An Lan's reputation was much higher than her master's, so she also respected Bai Lian very much.

Bai Lian is not only the Martial Sister of the Qiongming Peak, but also the Martial Sister of the whole Duxian Sect.

She said faintly, "I was ordered by my master to go down the mountain for business."

Hearing this, Wen Ren Ya Le smiled and said, "Then, I'll wish Martial Sister Bai Lian a pleasant journey."


Bai Lian hummed casually.

She just wants to stay away from these real geniuses. Don't come here, you bad women!

Seeing Bai Lian go away, Wen Ren Ya Le's eyes became sullen.

As soon as she approached, Bai Lian showed a look of "disgust" before she spoke.

Clearly, she just wanted to be close to Bai Lian, but she was humiliated over and over again…

Don't look down upon me!

Even if you're a Natural Saint, so what?

Wen Ren Ya Le was enraged.

Let's wait and see!


Bai Lian left the Duxian Sect.

She held the newly bought map in her hand.

The place marked with a red tick on the map is the destination of the trip——

Wutan State, Xiao Family.