The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Yan Yue

A glimmer of light fell into Bai Lian's eyes.

She stopped by the stream.

Someone is coming.

Her face was still calm, calmer than before, because it was only two miles away from the Qiongming Peak. Even if someone wanted to harm her, it was illogical to choose such a disadvantageous place.

After a few breaths, several familiar figures appeared in front of Bai Lian.

Bai Lian, carrying a starving rabbit, saluted them.

"Elder Gaoyi!"

The leader was Gaoyi, the elder of the Cultivation Method Pavilion.

Gaoyi nodded softly. "Where did you go just now?"

Bai Lian suddenly laughed out loud.

He deserves to be praised as a "sincere elder" by the second younger martial sister. As soon as Gaoyi asked, new task options were published.

[Task 1: Lie about going out for a walk. (Reward: Foundation Establishment Pill)]

[Task 2: Hint to him that there are evil people who want to harm you! (Reward: An inferior-grade magic tool - Bone Nail)]

[Task 3: Just say what happened. (Reward: Medical Skill +2)]

Bai Lian is not stupid. She also knows that Gaoyi is a smart person. Talking too much may leave a bad impression on the other party.

At this time, as long as she simply tells her story, Gaoyi can quickly infer that someone in the Duxian Sect tried to murder her with the demon beasts.

Bai Lian nodded quietly.

The system is very bad, but if it suddenly disappears, she may have already died long ago.

Who would have thought that a cute rabbit has the strength to kill two Golden Core Stage beasts?

Without the task released by the system, she would have beaten the little rabbit at the first opportunity.

If the little rabbit was provoked and used that terrible magic on her, she would be killed instantly.

"Here's the thing…"

Bai Lian gave a general account of her experience just now. She only omitted her own chaotic thoughts.

[Task completed, Medical Skill +2]

The disciples behind Gaoyi couldn't help whispering.

"How did the tiger demons come near the Duxian Sect?"

"Are they crazy?"

"If it were me, I would never have spared the rabbit who ate in the medicine garden so easily! Alas, this is the gap between me and Martial Sister Bai Lian."

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, is a true female Bodhisattva!"

"Stupid, what kind of female Bodhisattva? She's clearly a saint!"

"Elder Gaoyi, there must be something strange about this!"

Gaoyi smiled noncommittally.

Then he asked for several details and stared at the dizzy little rabbit for a long time before Bai Lian left.

Bai Lian's face showed no signs of impatience.

Elder Gaoyi was very generous. In just a quarter of an hour, he contributed to her Chess Skill +3, Focus +2, Cooking Skill +1, and Light Skill +1!

Bai Lian was thrilled. She can't wait for Gaoyi to ask her more questions.

Even my master doesn’t spoil me so much!

Bai Lian thought so.

Towards the night, she left under the admiring look in other people's eyes.

"Follow." Gaoyi waved. "Let us go to the scene."

Several disciples immediately follow, but their minds had already drifted away. They wanted to tell their friends about tonight's experience immediately.


In the medicine garden.

Bai Lian pulled out a few Spirit Plants and stuffed them into the rabbit's mouth. After a few nibbles, the rabbit came back to life.

"After all, I am not a devil." Bai Lian put the rabbit on the ground and said, "Today you can eat as many as you can."


The rabbit's eyes lit up like emeralds.



Bai Lian rolled her eyes at it and reminded, "But you'd better take it easy. Although all the plants in the medicine garden are planted by me, they are still private property of the Qiongming Peak. If you mess up the medicine garden too much and make my Master dissatisfied, you'd better pray for her mercy."

That bad woman's fierce look flashed through the little rabbit's mind.



It nodded its head quickly. "Haw!"

"As long as you understood." Bai Lian nodded with satisfaction. "Take your time. I'm going to cultivate."

The little rabbit promised by Bai Lian rushed into the medicine garden without hesitation.

Looking at its jade-like ears, Bai Lian sighed.

"Then I'll call you Jade Rabbit."

After satisfying her desire to name others, Bai Lian came to the Forbidden Array of the Qiongming Peak.

Now she has two medical pills in her hand, the Refining Energy Pill and the Tai Xuan Zhen Yuan Pill.

The latter can be used to break through to the Golden Core Stage, which is currently unavailable to her. However, the former is a good thing. It can improve her cultivation base and purify spirit energy.

Bai Lian estimated that she could break through to the peak of the Foundation Establishment Stage by taking a Refining Energy Pill. But it would cause some special effects in the form of sounds and lightshow. If the leaders of the sect accidentally saw it, her disguise would be exposed.

But if she were in the Forbidden Array of the Qiongming Peak, she wouldn't have to worry about this.

The so-called Forbidden Array is actually a cave surrounded by dozens of magical spells and a magical circle. Even the sect leader's divine sense can't break through the Forbidden Array made by An Lan.

In An Lan's words, "Women always need a little private space!"

Since An Lan is rarely at the Qiongming Peak, Bai Lian took over the cave.

"Hu ~"

Bai Lian's right hand gently brushed the smooth stalagmites in the cave. In her view, were pools, stone platforms, stone walls, wooden beds, and cushions.

Everything can invoke old memories and make her blood boil.

This place was where Martial Sister Bai Lian in the game "bullied" her martial sisters!

Bai Lian sat down on the wooden bed.

When her index finger touched the bed board, she could not help but remember a girl tied to the bed.

That is her third martial sister.

Speaking of this, her third martial sister should have already been reborn at this point in time.

Bai Lian has no intention to take her back on her own initiative. She'd prefer to never see her third martial sister.

Her third martial sister didn't join the Duxian Sect before her rebirth, but in the game, she heard a lot of rumors about the scheming Senior Sister Bai Lian in her previous life.

She was very wary. If she comes to the Duxian Sect, she will certainly cause many troubles.

Bai Lian shook her head to dispel the strange pictures. She took out the Refining Energy Pill from the system's temporary storage space.

Open the bottle, swallow it, and finish it in one go.

When Bai Lian felt the medicine's energy spreading in her body, she immediately settled down and started cultivating.


That same night, the moonlight was bright on the Zhuyan Peak.

Under the enormous Blood Tree, the leader of the Zhuyan Peak, Fairy Yan Yue fiddled with the precious lyre inlaid with blood stones in front of her.

The melodious sound of the lyre suddenly became manic as her fingers lightly plucked it.

The disciples waiting beside her became nervous.

Although their master looks like a celestial immortal and has elegant manners, once she loses her temper, she will be as uncontrollable as a red-eyed bull.

And the portent of Fairy Yan Yue's rising anger is "Playing the lyre without rhyme"!


They guessed who would be punished today.

The disciples watched a person flying over from a distance. It was a senior sister who had been allowed to go down the mountain at will.

The elder martial sister stood in front of Yan Yue, and the sound of the music stopped.

Yan Yue opened her lips and asked, "How about it?"

"Master." The elder martial sister shook her head. "Younger Martial Sister Wen Ren Ya Le is still the same, sitting alone under the tree, not eating or drinking, saying nothing and not responding to other people's questions."

"That dolt!"

Yan Yue angrily raised the lyre in front of her, and then slapped it against her stomach to smash it.

Come on, come on!

The disciples held their breaths, this meant that their master's anger had risen to the second level.

Fortunately, the lyre has self-repair function. Otherwise, the Zhuyan Peak will spend a lot of spirit stones just on lyre repair every year.

Yan Yue asked, "Did you find out why?"

The elder martial sister nodded, "The only one who has had a conflict with Younger Martial Sister Wen Ren Ya Le recently is Bai Lian of the Qiongming Peak."

"Is it her?"

Yan Yue was stunned.

Bai Lian, An Lan's disciple?

An Lan.

Yan Yue got angrier when she recalled the name and punched the strange Blood Tree behind her.

The strange tree cried in pain, "Ouch!"

Her anger has risen to the third level, the disciples thought to themselves.

That tree is not an ordinary tree. It was planted by Yan Yue when she was young. After hundreds of years of companionship, it has become her best friend.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian? Bitch!" Yan Yue yelled, "Don't call her elder martial sister in the future, understand?"

The elder martial sister trembled and said, "I understand, master."

Yan Yue snorted coldly.

Wen Ren Ya Le is one of her favorite disciples.

"How dare you bully my disciple!" Yan Yue gritted her teeth and walked forward. "My disciple has been bullied. If I don't do anything, how can I continue to be her master!"

When she went out a few feet away, she suddenly turned around and asked, "By the way, didn’t An Lan leave the Qiongming Peak a few days ago?"

"Yes, she registered at the gate when she left."

"That's good!"

Yan Yue showed a strange smile on her face. An Lan was not here. It was time for her to show her skills!

"Wait here. I'll vent the anger for your martial sister."

Yan Yue's pace seemed to be much lighter.

The elder martial sister and the disciples looked at each other. Their Master is going to do bad things again.

If their master really went to teach Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian a lesson, when An Lan came back, their master would be beaten to death by An Lan!

"Should we notify the sect leader immediately?"

"No good. If master learns about it, she would definitely punish us severely."

"Blood Tree Patriarch, what should we do?"


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The Blood Tree was just beaten, it was very angry and didn't want to talk.

The Elder Martial Sister sighed, "I just hope master can be tolerant."