The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Spiral Ascension

Two tiger demons suddenly appeared. They were strong and ferocious.

In simpler terms, they're ugly!

Compared with Bai Lian, they look like random NPC monsters.

Then, one of the tiger demons suddenly jumped onto the rock in front of him and shouted at Bai Lian, "Ignorant human! How dare you trespass into the territory of the two-headed dragon boss!?"

The other tiger demon held his hand to his chest and said, "You don't know how powerful we are. I don't think you have paid any attention to us!"

Bai Lian's heart became slightly nervous.

If her estimation is correct, the two tiger demons in front of her have reached the Golden Core Stage. Either one of them are stronger than her.

Although this place is far away from the Qiongming Peak, it is still under the jurisdiction of the Duxian Sect. How can there be two unregistered tiger demons here?

There is something suspicious about this!

Bai Lian doesn't have time to investigate this.

If there was only one tiger demon, she could deal with it using her speed. Once she reached the Qiongming Peak, even if her reputation was ruined, at least she could survive.

But there are two tiger demons in front of her.


This option does not exist.

Bai Lian was worried, but her face still looked calm. After all, pretending to be a Natural Saint is her day job.

Bai Lian spoke, "I'm a disciple of the Duxian Sect. How dare you threaten me here?"

"The Duxian Sect? So what?" A tiger demon puffed up his copper bell like eyes. "Since you dare to trespass into the territory of the two-headed dragon boss, you are ready to die!"

Bai Lian snorted coldly.

She knew that she shouldn't be flustered at this time, otherwise, the other party would attack her without hesitation.

If the system publishes a task at this time, she may be saved.

To Bai Lian's surprise, the two tiger demons didn't rush up immediately. They seemed to be worried about something.

Two tiger heads were put together, communicating in an inaudible voice.

Tiger A, "You attack from the front, I will cut her back!"

Tiger B, "You are faster than me. It is better for you to go to the front."

Tiger A, "Being fast won’t help. Your defense is stronger than mine. You should go ahead."

Tiger B, "Why don't we go together?"

Tiger A, "Let's go together."

The two tigers looked at each other. They spread out and started advancing towards Bai Lian from the left and right.


Bai Lian clenched her right fist. How can this system not work at a critical moment?

No, no!

She was in a hurry.

Is she going to be killed after being selected as a villain by the system?

Obviously, she hasn't done anything bad.

System, hurry and pop out!

Even if I'm going to die, I want to be killed by relevant characters in the game. It would be embarrassing to be killed by two demon NPCs!

Bai Lian was like an ice sculpture. Her eyes were calm, and the star in the corner of her eye emitted a mysterious light.

Alas, Bai Lian sighed.

The time has come.

She began to think about how to make her death more dignified.

However, this strange move scared the two tiger demons and they stopped. They looked at each other and saw the hesitation in each other's eyes.

After all, they are going to fight Bai Lian, the Natural Saint of the Duxian Sect!

On the surface, she had only reached Late Foundation Establishment stage. However, according to inside information, Bai Lian had already reached the Golden Core stage. There were even rumors that Bai Lian had broken through to the Nascent Soul stage. If they were not endowed with the power of the two-headed dragon boss, they wouldn't dare to take the task at all.

After a moment of hesitation, the two tiger demons continued to advance.

Bai Lian is a terrible person, but the two-headed dragon boss is even worse.

Bai Lian's eyes drifted a little. At this time, the little rabbit arched her arms twice and successfully attracted her attention.

Rabbit ~


Bai Lian's eyes gradually became brighter.

The identity of this rabbit is not simple. If she can make good use of it, she may still have a chance to get out of trouble.

Her eyes wandered between Task 1 and Task 2.

She could get the Jade Emperor Seal by selecting Task 1, but the problem was that she needed time to study it before she could use it. Obviously, the other party wouldn't give her time.

Then she can only choose Task 2. Let the little rabbit help by attracting an opponent's attention. In this way, she has a very low probability of successfully escaping.

Bai Lian decided to choose Task 2.

She lowered her head and said to the little rabbit, "Do you know you are wrong?"

The rabbit with watery eyes nodded hurriedly.

Although it is only a little rabbit, it knows that it can't provoke the human in front of it.

A Natural Saint.

The Nascent Soul Stage.

That bad woman's disciple.

Any identity of hers is terrible for it.

If it wasn't extremely hungry, it really wouldn't have gone to the Qiongming Peak's medicine garden.

"It's not a small debt to steal so many spiritual plants." Bai Lian lifted it and said, "All your debts should be paid with your body!"

[Task completed, task reward: Tai Xuan Zhen Yuan Pill]

The little rabbit looked up, startled.

Paid with my body? Am I going to be eaten?


The little rabbit chirped. If it hadn't been tied up by Bai Lian, it would have lifted its two paws to resist.

Bai Lian calmly pointed to one of the tigers and said, "See?"

The little rabbit nodded.

"One of them is yours."


The little rabbit was stunned.

Oh, so it won't be eaten. That's fine.

Bai Lian continued, "If you can stop it, I can help you cancel half of your debt."

The rabbit's eyes were bulging.

It understood. Bai Lian is ready to forgive, otherwise, she would not give her such a simple task.

The little rabbit silently calculated. If one is equal to half of the debt, then would two be equal to all of the debt?

"I'll untie you first. Don't try to escape."


The little rabbit shook its head.

When Bai Lian loosened its ears and tail, it shook its ears and easily dispersed the water ring that bound it.

You can break away from the water ring restraints by yourself?

Bai Lian was stunned.

It seems that the rabbit is much more powerful than she imagined. That means she has a greater chance of escaping.

"Good, let's go," Bai Lian said.

The little rabbit jumped forward a few steps.

The two tiger demons also heard their conversation. For a time, the two tiger demons were completely enraged.

They are not as powerful as Bai Lian, and it is normal for them to be looked down upon. In fact, they very much hoped that Bai Lian would continue to show them disregard, so that they could use the strength bestowed by the two-headed dragon boss to ambush her.

But now Bai Lian has let her captive demon beast fight against them. This is not disregard, but unadulterated contempt.


"How dare you humiliate us like this!"

All of a sudden, the “king” character on the foreheads of the two tiger demons glowed with blood, and the killing aura completely covered Bai Lian.

"Oh no!”

Bai Lian felt bad. It seemed that her scheme had been seen through.

It seems that she must run now!

Bai Lian shouted, "You first…"

Before she spoke, an evil wind suddenly blew in front of her, completely disrupting Bai Lian's rhythm.

The girl stared wide. She saw that the weak rabbit's body expanded like a balloon that was about to burst. It was quite funny.

Powerful winds whirled around the little rabbit. The hills were shrouded by the gray storm that suddenly covered the sky. Bai Lian could only see gray and temporarily lost her sense of direction.

The next moment, accompanied by a howl from the little rabbit, the storm filled with a terrible killing intent crashed into the two tiger demons.


It's too fast.

When the two tiger demons saw the storm, their bodies were already swept off the ground by the strong wind.

"How is that possible?"

One of the tiger demons held his head in horror.

It smelled a terrible odor from the little rabbit. His power was suppressed by the little rabbit's bloodline.

Why am I so surprised?

The tiger demon suddenly laughed miserably. The girl they are dealing with is that legendary Bai Lian!

She is a Natural Saint herself. How can the demon beast she keeps be an ordinary animal?

Unfortunately, he understood this all too late. He had no possibility to escape when he was already inside the storm.

He can only watch himself ascend and spiral into the sky helplessly, watching the knife-like wind cutting his body piece by piece.


The tiger demon's eyes became dim.

At this time, a strong desire suddenly arose in the bottom of his heart.

He can't just die in vain. He must spread the news of what happened here!

The tiger demon used his own soul as a sacrifice, attaching his last thought to a drop of his blood and shooting it into the distance——

[Bai Lian has reached the Nascent Soul Stage!]


The weak tiger demon exploded to pieces in the air above the mountain.

After a few breaths, the storm stopped.

Bai Lian looked at the deep ditch that had just been plowed, tens of miles long. Now she knew why she could get a top-grade magical tool if she punched the rabbit.

This system is so vicious!


The little rabbit jumped to Bai Lian as if to ask for credit.

"Well done." Bai Lian coughed softly. "You don't owe me anything now. You can go."

But the little rabbit didn't go. It shook its body twice and fell to the ground with a plop.

"Hey, are you all right?"

Bai Lian quickly squatted down to examine it.

The little rabbit's left ear bent down and scratched a few lines on the mud. Bai Lian looked over and found that it was a word: "Hungry".


Ok, ok. I'll let you eat as much as you want.

Bai Lian picked up the little rabbit and walked towards the medicine garden.