The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Honest Elder!


"A group of idiots."

After scolding those who tried to challenge her dozens of times, Bai Lian found that she was almost at her destination.

Mountains and rivers, pavilions upon pavilions.

She turned to acknowledge Xiao Jinse.

But she only saw the little younger martial sister's eyes brighten up. "Elder martial sister, you really are a good person. If it were me, I would never be so generous!"


In fact, I also want to punch them to death!


Bai Lian's mouth opened and finally swallowed what she wanted to say.

More words meant more mistakes. She decided to be a stoic and beautiful ice girl for the time being.

Just before reaching the Cultivation Method Pavilion, Bai Lian saw a hulking muscular man dressed in a loose taoist robe, with a distinctive square face.

This is the elder of the Cultivation Method Pavilion, Gaoyi, whose nickname was Little Floating Cloud.

Speaking of nicknames, the fixed format of the nickname of the Duxian sect elders was "Little XX".

For example, "Little Jue Yun" and "Little Floating Cloud".

Bai Lian fantasized about her nickname—

Little Bai Lian, little Weirdo, little Scum…

With the addition of "little", it seems that even those rude words have inexplicably become "cute".

But when you think about it carefully, "little XX" is not as popular as "Heavenly Shura" and "Crazy Dragon War God".

Bai Lian stopped at the wooden bridge at the gate of the Cultivation Method Pavilion because Gaoyi was already calling her.

"Elder Gaoyi."

Bai Lian bowed slightly, and Xiao Jinse beside her followed her example.

Gaoyi smiled, nodded, pointed to Xiao Jinse, and said, "Is she the new apprentice of Younger Martial Sister An Lan?"

Xiao Jinse was embarrassed and didn't dare to say anything. Bai Lian answered for her, "That's right. Elder Gaoyi, I'll take my younger martial sister to the Cultivation Method Pavilion to choose a suitable cultivation method."

Gaoyi's eyes didn't stay on Xiao Jinse for too long.

Compared with the Natural Saint Bai Lian, no one else deserves attention!

"What can I do for you, Elder Gaoyi?"

Gaoyi gently stroked his chin. "I can't tell anyone else about this."

Is it so mysterious?

Hearing the speech, Xiao Jinse retreated to the side.

Gaoyi pinched his fingers to create a Tao spell circle so that outsiders couldn't eavesdrop their conversation.

Suddenly, he sighed and said, "Bai Lian, are you aware that you will experience a great disaster soon?"


Are you a scam fortune-teller?

Although she complained in her heart, Bai Lian felt a little guilty.

If she doesn’t handle the upcoming challenges well, she would experience a great disaster.

Could it be that Elder Gaoyi knows that she is actually a bungling oaf?

New task options popped out when Bai Lian thought.

[Task 1: Confess your real strength in a hurry. (Reward: Immovable Body)]

[Task 2: "Are you here to teach something?" (Reward: The Best Magic tool - Heavenly Flying Flag)]

[Task 3: Ask for advice modestly, "What do you mean, Elder Gaoyi?" (Reward: Soft Skill +2)]

Bai Lian smiled as she saw the options, and her liking for Gaoyi was automatically increased by 1.

Of course, she wouldn't choose Task 1 at this time. As for Task 2, Bai Lian dare not choose it too.

She arched her hands and said, "What do you mean, Elder Gaoyi?"

"Ha ha," Gaoyi laughed. "So calm, good! Bai Lian, don't worry, I'm just joking around. Let me ask you, has your holy body changed recently?"


New task options popped up in front of Bai Lian.

[Task 1: "I don't know!" (Reward: The Heavenly King's Spear Play)]

[Task 2: "I felt no change." (Reward: A middle-grade magic tool - Dragon Lock)]

[Task 3: Sigh, "I am worried about this." (Reward: Calligraphy +3)]

Looking at Gaoyi's smiling face, Bai Lian's heart pounded. It was the first time she had met such frequent task options. Gaoyi was clearly testing her!

Bai Lian said in anguish, "Something appeared a few days ago…"

She took a few steps in front of Gaoyi and showed off her Tao Halo Special Effects.

Gaoyi nodded. "Wonderful, wonderful!"

He raised his clenched right hand and unclenched it as Bai Lian stared.

Then, a blue star-like earring appeared in Gaoyi's hand. "This is what the sect leader asked me to bring you."

Why did the sect leader give me an earring?

Bai Lian looked at it suspiciously.

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Gaoyi explained, "It can help you hide the Tao Halo that you unconsciously emanate."

Bai Lian smiled.

Oh, a piece of free equipment. Only an idiot would refuse it.

"Do you know why Jiang Ning suddenly glimpsed the Tao?"

Bai Lian shook her head.

"That's because he saw your feet!" Gaoyi said seriously, "To be exact, it was the Tao halo you left when you walked. At that moment, he suddenly realized."


Gaoyi continued, "Jiang Ning and the others didn’t notice it, but it doesn't mean that no one else will. Once the news gets out, powerful people of the world will definitely come to study your feet. At that time, you'll be… sigh…"

Bai Lian looked bitter.

Can she not understand?

But she couldn't resist this shitty system.

As she imagined that scene, Bai Lian felt a chill.

It's scary.

Gaoyi said, "You are a smart girl. I don't need to remind you all the time. I will handle other matters, and you just need to remember one thing. It's a good habit to hide your true strength."

I understand!

Bai Lian nodded and said, "Thank you for your guidance and the sect leader's support."

Gaoyi smiled.

He was very satisfied with Bai Lian's whole performance. Younger Martial Sister An Lan was unreliable, but she found a good disciple!

When leaving, Gaoyi specially checked Bai Lian's cultivation base.

The later stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage?

Oh, I see.

Gaoyi sighed with emotion. He understood. Bai Lian had been hiding her strength for a long time, and the spell she used to hide her strength was so advanced that even he could not see through it.

"Yes, keep going." Gaoyi said, "I think you can surpass your master."

Bai Lian hurriedly said that she didn't dare to dream of it.

"There is no need to be so modest in front of me, ha ha."

Gaoyi's eyes were filled with appreciation. Why don't I have such an excellent disciple?

He waved his sleeve and flew away.

Bai Lian opened her mouth.

She's really not modest. She's obviously an honest person.

Surpass the Immortal Heavenly Lord?

Don't joke around!

"Elder martial sister."

Seeing Gaoyi leave, Xiao Jinse walked to Bai Lian. She looked at Bai Lian and seemed to want to know what had just happened.

Bai Lian said, "It wasn’t a big deal. Elder Gaoyi just asked me to hide my true strength, so as not to arouse the jealousy of others."

Xiao Jinse said, "Elder Gaoyi is really a sincere elder!"

I agree.

Although the process was a little dangerous, he gave me equipment and skill points. It was absolutely right to say that he was a sincere elder!


In the Cultivation Method Pavilion.

Bai Lian first helped Xiao Jinse choose a fire cultivation method according to the game scenario, and then brought her to the qualification test stand.

"Put your hands on it."


Xiao Jinse was very obedient.

After a few breaths, vague words began to appear on the column.

I just hope my second martial sister can cheer up as soon as possible!

Bai Lian's feelings were complicated.

While admiring the younger martial sisters' bodies, she also hoped to stay away from them as far away as possible. It was inevitable that she felt pity when she thought about their lives.

As she expected, the words "Inferior Fire-type Spiritual Root" finally emerged on the column.

Bai Lian touched Xiao Jinse's head, "Younger martial sister, as far as I know, the Spiritual Root can be upgraded. You don't need to feel sad about it. Master and I will try to help you upgrade your Spiritual Root."

Xiao Jinse looked up.

To Bai Lian's surprise, there was no sadness on her face, only some joy.

"Elder Martial Sister, compared to what it was before, I am very satisfied!"

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

There was no light in my world, only darkness. You brought me light. Even if the light is weak, I will try my best to embrace it.

That night, Bai Lian lay on her back in the cold pool.

She was tired.

Every month, she always allows for a few days of sentimentality.

Suddenly, a rustling sound came from outside the medicinal garden, and Bai Lian abruptly stood up.

That rabbit came again!